25 Nov 2019

A Time of Unprecedented Darkness Everywhere

“For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil” (John 3:17-19).


Thanksgiving Travel Forecast 2019: Winter Storm Could Cause Severe Disruption for 55 Million People Across Central U.S. Major winter storm forecast for Central US region, including Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Minneapolis and Great Lakes, with the potential to spread further south and east, causing travel chaos on the busiest day of the year for Thanksgiving holiday commuters.

Coming Polar Vortex: Warming? Cooling? Both. Warmer than average some places; colder than average in others. From the article: Forecast models suggest major stratospheric warming event might develop in December, possibly initiating collapse sequence of the polar vortex. Main cooling effects are expected across Eurasia and US. “This might have important implications for weather in late December and the rest of the winter.” A collapsed vortex always greatly increases chances for winter weather towards Europe and the continental US; a lot depends on how the existing pressure pattern looks when effects from the stratosphere come crashing down on us.

Extreme weather, including strong winds, heavy rain and snow affected parts of central Europe, including Austria, Switzerland and Italy this week, causing floods, landslides and notable avalanches. Similar weather, with widespread heavy rain and snow, extreme in places, expected to continue affecting the continent at least over the next 2 weeks. In Austria, a man died and two people were injured. Related to the extreme rainfall event across the SE France and western Alps this weekend, intense snowfall will be ongoing over the higher mountains across NW Italy (W Alps). Models hint up to over 150 cm (nearly 5 feet) of fresh snow until Sunday morning, an extreme amount of snow in just 36 hours. Such snowfall will significantly enhance avalanche danger in the region.

In Australia, a bad storm brought giant hailstones Queensland. This video shows just how bad it was.

In Australia, over a dozen temperature records were broken November 20 in South Australia as bushfires continue to create catastrophic conditions all over the state, with blazes still burning at emergency levels. Over 100 schools have been closed, electricity firms have cut power to thousands, and residents in high-risk regions were prompted to evacuate.

In New Zealand, two severe weather events battered Canterbury over the past 3 days: a severe hailstorm in Timaru on November 20 and a destructive tornado that ripped through Christchurch on November 18. Farmers salvaged spared crops, with fears that as much as 80% was lost.

Two cyclones affected Luzon, Philippines. Typhoon “Ramon” (Kalmaegi) affected northern and central Luzon (Philippines), 13,342 people have been displaced; 21,103 affected. At least 11 roads and 11 bridges were closed. Tropical Cyclone Sarah (Fung-wong) didn’t make landfall, but its trough brought rain and gusty winds to parts of Northern Luzon.

In Italy, a powerful tornado hit Grosseto on November 17, causing significant damage.

In Central African Republic, over 10,000 homes destroyed; already impoverished neighborhoods are under water due to flooding caused by heavy rain. 57,000 people affected.

In Somalia, already ravaged by drought, 273,000 people have been left displaced due to severe flooding. In extremely poor parts of Somalia, there is now no electricity or safe drinking water. Livestock have been lost; agricultural production has been decimated.

Nigeria’s northeastern states Borno and Adamawa are facing worst floods in seven years which have destroyed homes, livelihoods, and affected about 300,000 people so far. Stranded populations are short of food; those who can afford it are paying high sums to be transported to other areas, putting lives at risk while crossing the river or traveling to safety.


A 6.3 off the coast of Mexico on Nov. 19; 6.3 off the coast of Russia on Nov.20; 6.1 shook the border area between Thailand and Laos on Nov.20; 6.1 off the coast of Indonesia. There were quakes close to 6.0 in the Philippines, in Argentina, and off the coast of New Zealand.


In Indonesia, ashes from Mt Merapi’s eruption disappeared but authorities advised residents to remain on alert about rain at the crater that can trigger deadly cold lava and debris flows into the rivers at the base of the mountain.


Colorado school district closes it schools (over 40 of them) due to ‘unprecedented spread’ of contagious stomach bug. Mesa County Valley School District 51, 14th largest in Colorado with over 22,000 students, closed schools until after Thanksgiving break due to the highly contagious illness.

For the second time this year, the CDC is advising Americans not to eat romaine lettuce grown in the Salinas, Calif., region due to E. coli outbreak. Most romaine lettuce products are labeled as to where they were grown; if not , don’t eat it. There have been 40 reported cases of E. coli across 16 states. 28 have been hospitalized and 5 developed kidney failure. No common grower, supplier, distributor, or brand of romaine lettuce has been identified. The illnesses started Sept. 24; cases have been reported through Nov. 10. Wisconsin, Ohio, California, Idaho, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, New Jersey, Virginia and Washington.

Dirty water problem in America. We’ve heard of the water problem in Flint, Michigan, that finally became a worldwide story. In Newark, New Jersey, some residents have gone nearly two years since they could turn on faucets to drink water, cook, or brush their teeth. Culprit: Lead-coated pipes that have begun seeping poisons into homes and schools in a scattering of neighborhoods. People in low-income, majority-minority cities and in small, rural white communities in Appalachia and Midwest are suffering every time they turn on the faucet. Contaminants that harm American’s health are in tap water in every state in the nation.

A deadly superbug fungus continues to spread around the world and has now been reported in 14 US states. Candida auris is often resistant to antifungal drugs used to treat Candida infections and is difficult to recognize with standard lab methods.

“According to reports from CDC and WHO and news media” there’s a concerning measles outbreak in various places around the world. Latest report says 5,000 have died of it in the Congo.

According to LifeWay Research study, half of pastors Say the Opioid Epidemic Has Hit Their Church.

Another plague case in China. A case of bubonic plague, the disease linked to Black Death, was reported in Mongolia. The patient ate a wild rabbit which might have caused the plague. This comes after two people were diagnosed with pneumonic plague in Mongolia last week. Authorities say there’s no connection between the cases. A Mongolian couple died earlier this year after eating raw marmot meat, believed to cause good health in the region.

Animal Epidemics

Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease Has Killed Hundreds, Possibly Thousands of Deer in Iowa. It has already killed at least 1,800 whitetails this year alone and has officials seriously concerned.

In South Korea, mass pig slaughter stains river blood-red. South Korean authorities slaughtered 47,000 pigs to try to halt spread of African Swine Fever. The pigs were stacked in a truck at a burial site near a tributary of the Imjin River; after heavy rains, the blood seeped into the water source. Authorities dismissed concerns that the blood could cause spread of the swine fever to other at-risk animals. The Ministry of Environment said it would check the affected region to make sure drinking water wasn’t contaminated. African swine fever is highly contagious and incurable; it has been sweeping across Asia and Europe, devastating hog farmers.


Sweden is deporting a Christian girl back to Iran whose family will kill her if she returns. Midia Moloudpoor from Iran fled to Sweden because her family wanted her to marry her cousin at age 15. She is a Christian, and her family has threatened to kill her if she returns. Journalist Peter Imanuelsen pointed out that Sweden didn’t deport six radicals whom security services deemed a threat to security, yet they deport this 19-year old Christian. Imanuelsen raises awareness of Sweden’s cruelty towards Christian refugees. Sweden has received millions of Muslim immigrants over the past few years, but has consistently deported Christian refugees.

Hollywood Loves To Mock Christianity. “It’s not only acceptable, but cheered on by those who are the masters of their own domain and have no room for the one true God. But they’re now taking the blasphemy to a whole new level… When God is rejected and truth is redefined, just about anything goes.

“Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts” (2 Peter 3:1).


Video: Rabid Anti-Semitism in York, Canada. Reservists on Duty, Israel’s IDF reserve soldiers who go around the world telling the truth about serving in the IDF, were invited by the organization Herut Canada to York University to speak. They were “welcomed” by hundreds of anti-Israel activists who tried to disrupt the event, and they even assaulted a few Jewish students. “Intifada, Intifada, go back to the ovens,” were what Jewish and pro-Israel students had to endure.

The EU-directed policy requiring member states to label products made in Israeli settlements is intended to harm Israel.

A pro-Israel organization has exposed identities of top Wikipedia editors who use the online encyclopedia to promote anti-Israel bias and causes.


“Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand” (Ephesians 6:11-13).

A Children’s Book of Demons, billed as a “playful guide,” teaches them how to summon demons for personal benefit. It’s carried by major booksellers such as Barnes & Noble, Walmart, and Target. Amazon sells it as well, even though it banned a work critical of Islam and one geared toward elimination of unwanted same-sex attraction.

Democrat candidate for president, Pete Buttigieg Says Scripture Cannot Be Taken Literally and the Bible Supports His Pro-Abortion Views. That’s also how he defends his same-sex marriage.

Methodist University Hires Muslim Chaplain: In Winchester, Virginia: Shenandoah University believes Christianity and Islam are equally valid and students will benefit from spiritual guidance of both, so they hired a Muslim chaplain. From the article: “This signifies that Christianity means nothing to them. Spiritual relativism masked by desire for ‘diversity’ is leading people to hell. The university is using tithes of Methodists to deny students the gospel of Christ, instead, pointing them to a false religion.”


Tim Keller is at it again. His Redeemer Church is calling for more same-sex intimacy in churches. Keller is founding pastor of the influential Redeemer enterprise and co-founder of The Gospel Coalition (TGC), an organization that aims to move Evangelicals away from biblical values and conservative thinking.

“For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ” (2 Corinthians 11:13).

If you weren’t convinced that something is off with Kanye West’s supposed conversion to Christ, recent events should cause you concern. Read about them at this link. Some defend him by saying he’s a “baby Christian,” but mixing God with the devil should raise all kinds of alarms. Remember the deceiving times in which we live.

“Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world” (1 John 4:1).

Chick-Fil-A caved to LGBTQ agenda, will stop donating to Christian charities they rant against. Chick-fil-A President and Chief Operating Officer Tim Tassopoulos announced the chain will make significant changes in charities it donates to. He says, “as we go into new markets, we need to be clear about who we are.” It will no longer support organizations such as Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Salvation Army, and Paul Anderson Youth Home. The Salvation Army helps people in need no matter who they are. But that’s not good enough for LGBT activists who are determined to remove everything Christian. Already, GLAAD, one of the nation’s largest gay advocacy organizations, is greeting Chick-Fil-A’s divestment from Christian charities with tepid praise and further demands, including an “unequivocal” denunciation of the brand’s history and values.

Chick-fil-A Put an Obama and Hillary Supporter in Charge. Franklin Graham called Dan Cathy out of concern on its recent actions, then came out in continued support of Chick-fil-A after the phone call. However, he’s been provided with proof that it’s supporting the leftist agenda (which he says he’ll evaluate and respond to). Brethren, we see churches that “claim” to be Christian embracing unbiblical causes. What makes one think Chick-fil-A is immune from it? We’re in the very last days before Christ’s return. Such things are prophesied to occur. Put your trust in God, not man! That includes preachers of high esteem who are not exempt from error. Put no man or organization on a pedestal.

“For do I now persuade men, or God? or do I seek to please men? for if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ” (Galatians 1:10).

Vatican youth seminary scandal grows with new abuse claims. A scandal over alleged sexual molestation and abuse at the Vatican’s youth seminary is growing, with more former papal altar boys alleging inappropriate behavior by priests inside Vatican walls.

The Vatican released a statement against Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria, saying it won’t help the ‘peace’ process and that it will bring regional instability. We shouldn’t be surprised since Francis recognized a “Palestinian” state a while back.

Marxist, global government and global religion pushing pope (Rev. 13 & 17) who also worships creation over the Creator (Romans 1:25), wants to declare a “new” sin. He’s encouraged “Mother Earth” worship ever since he usurped the papal throne from Benedict with help from fellow Marxists. He’s strongly considering adding “ecological sin” to the Catholic Church’s official teachings (doctrines of men – Matthew 15:9).

Vatican blending world’s religions under guise of peace aka “brotherhood of man.” Francis received various Muslim leaders last Friday. It said the purpose was to help achieve objectives contained in the Document on the “Human Brotherhood for World Peace and Common Living Together.” William Kilpatrick, professor at Boston College who writes on religious and cultural issues, said, “It’s unlikely that Muslim parties will stick to their end of the bargain. [The agreement is] geared to obfuscating the dangerous differences while emphasizing surface similarities between Christianity and Islam. That the pope seems to propose the Quran as a way of salvation, is that not cause for worry?”

More pushing for the one-world religion: Buddhists are among those welcoming Pope Francis in Thailand and Japan. From the article:While the pontiff is expected to reach out to the small Catholic populations in the two countries, visits to the Buddhist-majority nations highlight the pope’s continued emphasis on dialogue across religious divides as a path to ‘peace’ in the world.”


FBI Lawyer Kevin Clinesmith Who Sent Anti-Trump ‘Resistance’ Text Message Also Altered Russia Probe Documents. A report is set to be released Dec. 9. President Trump said release of Dept of Justice Inspector General Horowitz’s report on allegations of Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant abuse to be released on Dec. 9 will be “historic.” “Then you have John Durham’s report shortly thereafter – the U.S. attorney – and he’s already announced it’s criminal,” he added.

New Abedin Emails Reveal Hillary State Dept Gave Special Access to Top Clinton Foundation Donors
Judicial Watch released new State Dept documents, including previously unreleased email exchanges in which Hillary’s top aide Huma provided influential Clinton Foundation donors special access to her when she was secretary of state.

Nancy Pelosi’s so-called prayers. From the article: Pelosi, a Catholic who unabashedly advocates abortion, tosses the terms “prayer” and “prayerful” around almost as frequently as she and her Democrat colleagues screech “Impeach,” presents herself as “heartbroken and prayerful” as Dems move forward with their impeachment ‘inquiry’ that many call a “sham”… In a permanent “heartbroken and prayerful” state, Pelosi passed leadership of the Impeachment ‘Inquiry’ over to Adam Schiff. The devil’s the Father of Lies, but Schiff runs a pretty close second… Pelosi would have us believe she prays for rather than preys on President Trump.

“Massive Pay-For-Play” Soros-Ukraine Scheme Facilitated by US Diplomats. “The anti-corruption bureau is a contradiction,” Rudy Giuliani said, regarding Ukraine’s National Anti-Corruption Bureau which Joe Biden helped establish when he was the Obama administration’s point-man on Ukraine. Giuliani says US diplomats have been acting to further interests of George Soros in Ukraine in a “massive pay-for-play” scheme which included falsifying evidence against President Trump.

The rule of law has collapsed in America. Democrats allow the guilty go free while the innocent are persecuted and silenced. A few of many examples: rigged jury decision to incarcerate 67-year-old Roger Stone for misstating memories; the jury was rigged with over 90% supporters of Hillary Clinton. FBI director (traitor Comey) openly allowed Hillary to destroy evidence, obstruct justice and get away with high-level crimes. Former president Obama illegally laundered billions through international banks in order to fly pallets of cash to Iran. Julian Assange rots in custody for exposing dark secrets. Adam Schiff (Dem-CA) holds secret trials with secret transcripts, coaching witnesses to say what he wants while editing secret transcripts to make those witnesses appear to say what they never said. The treasonous media runs with every lie Schiff tells, having long abandoned any shred of journalistic integrity or basic human decency.

Soros Linked to Whistleblower Report: Former US Attorney Finds Proof Buried in Footnotes. Former U.S. Attorney Joe diGenova and his barrister wife Victoria Toensing dropped a bombshell claim regarding the Trump-Ukraine whistleblower fraud. “Soros’ dirty money is all over this story from day one and all over Ukraine, and he still has embedded people at the State Department.”

Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch Admits Having No Knowledge of Trump Criminal Activity. She admitted she has no knowledge of President Trump accepting bribes nor of him being involved in any criminal activity.

In Salem, Oregon, a judge forbid ICE from arresting wanted “immigrants” inside or near the state’s courthouses unless they receive warrants from a judge. ICE has turned to courthouses to arrest immigrants who qualify for deportation because local policies have prevented county jails and state prisons from cooperating to allow wanted individuals to be transferred to the custody of immigration officials. “It’s ironic that elected officials want to see policies in place to keep ICE out of courthouses, while caring little for laws enacted by Congress to keep criminal aliens out of our country.”

In Israel, where they also have a “deep state,” the attempt to overthrow Prime Minister Netanyahu has officially begun. He’s been indicted on so-called bribery and corruption charges.


In Kansas, 12-Year Old Girl Facing Felony Charges For “Finger Gun.” A student asked the girl if she could kill five people in the class, who would they be? The girl pointed her finger and thumb like a pistol and pointed to four students, then herself. She was handcuffed and arrested, and faces felony charges. Columnist Toriano Porter pointed out that two kids in the same school district were found to have brought real guns to school yet aren’t facing felony charges.

Joy Behar of “The View,” expressed support of openly gay Democrat presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, saying he is “in a very traditional marriage.”

“Eco-Friendly $34 Toilet Paper ‘With A Conscience’? Actress Gwyneth Paltrow is known for bizarre health advice. Her company Goop, in its holiday guide, promotes “essential bamboo toilet paper” at $34 for the pack, advertised as a toilet roll “with a conscience.” Goop has drawn criticism by showcasing expensive products and promoting medically and scientifically impossible treatments, many with harmful consequences. Yet the company says negative publicity has drawn more supporters.


Nearly 80,000 immigrants approved for the DACA program, which shields those who came to the country illegally as minors (not all were really minors) from deportation, have an arrest record, including for violent or sexual offenses.


Muslim AK-47s and Bombings Turn Sweden Into War Zone. And the Muslim gangs are spreading into Copenhagen, Denmark. To the Muslim gangs, they’re just territories to seize and control. Europe’s open infrastructure and rejection of national and regional borders has worsened the problem. From the mass flow of migrants from Muslim countries to the ease with which Muslim gang members move between European countries, the lack of border security has made the conquest of Europe easy. A warning of worse to come.


Some silicone masks are now so realistic they can easily be mistaken for real faces. Hyper-realistic masks are made from flexible materials such as silicone and are designed to imitate real human faces down to every detail. In a study by Universities of York and Kyoto, researchers asked participants to look at photos and choose the real human face. They were wrong 20% of the time. Dr. Jet Sanders, who worked on the study while a student, said: “Failure to detect synthetic faces may have important implications for security.


In these “evil is called good” days, a jury in San Francisco, California, voted for evil. Pro-life colleagues who went undercover to expose sinister practices of Planned Parenthood have been forced by a jury to pay $870,000 to Planned Parenthood for exposing the evil. A list of all 14 videos and what is exposed in them is at this link.

New Film ‘Doctrines of Demons’ Exposes Satanic Inspiration for Abortion. There’s a terrifying Satanic element behind abortion, and Created Equal deserves credit for fleshing it out in this video.

Mothers Murdering Their Newborn Babies in Fits of Rage. In researching a case in the news this week, research I saw others that show this latest one is just a sampling of mothers who commit similar actions. Camille Wasinger-Konrad, 26, received life in prison Friday without possibility of parole. After giving birth in her bedroom, she covered the baby’s mouth and nose to stop her from crying or waking anyone, then carried the baby to the back deck and threw her over the fence into a neighbor’s yard. Neighbors found the dead baby on their deck that night.


Be very careful whom you trust to babysit your children. This example from last month is one of many. Michael Brandon Bryan, 37, of Cove City, North Carolina, was captured in West Virginia. He raped a 5-year-old child he was babysitting. His girlfriend is charged with aiding him in his attempt to flee.

Children On The Front Lines: 10 Terrifying Examples Of LGBT Indoctrination. From Prophecy News Watch: Stories from around the world are so numerous that we can’t keep up with them.  At the above link are 10 of the most recent headline examples.

Anthony Lane, English teacher at Willis High School in Texas, defended the school’s decision to invite an adult male entertainer who performs at strip clubs to spend the day with school children. He lashed out at concerned parents who complained about the school’s decision, accusing them of subscribing to misguided, bigoted and archaic beliefs. Lane said, “I believe raising a child is the responsibility of the community, and parents should not have final say.”

In Illinois, the board of Cook County’s District 211 voted to allow gender-confused students at Palatine High School to use the bathroom and locker room that corresponds to their “gender identity.”

For the first time, the U.S. Census Bureau released estimates of same-sex couples in its annual America’s Families and Living Arrangements tables package. There are about a million same-sex couple households. In addition, 191,000 children live with same-sex parents.

In Colorado, Steamboat Springs High School parents are upset at a teacher who assigned sexually explicit material which contained vulgar language and passages about sexting with minors.

Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv (self-titled transgender activist) is at it again! He harasses young girls, fetishizing their menstruation (and his own imaginary periods), crusades against estheticians who refuse to wax his male parts, plus other scandals. In the latest, his previously failed attempt to host a topless swimming event for adults and minors may have found some success. According to Yaniv, Skinnydippers Recreation Club hosts a monthly nude swim in Surrey, and children attend free. It’s already creepy that nudists gather at a public pool, let alone with children, but creepiness will surge with Yaniv there. He’s the embodiment of the LGBT movement’s trojan horse. As long as sexual “inclusivity” is social dogma, predators/perverts are free to sneak in and demand acceptance.

East Tennessee’s dark secret: Families sell children for sex. “An alarming epidemic plagues East Tennessee… Children as young as 3 years old have been sold for sex by their own parents and family members. Adults have also fallen victim to human trafficking. Experts say the most vulnerable are children in foster care or group homes, children or adults with a history of physical or sexual abuse, runaways, people with special needs, and anyone with a weakness or vulnerability that can be exposed or exploited. “Traffickers promise a high-paying job, loving relationship, new and exciting opportunities, then use physical and psychological violence to control them.”

Wealthy Orange County, California, is a Hotbed for Human Traffickers: Worldwide, 4.8 million people, mostly women and children, are stolen and sold as sex slaves to the highest bidder each year. In Orange County, the problem is massive. Over 80% of human trafficking victims are shipped there due to the wealthy population. The director of 26 Seconds, a documentary series on sex trafficking said of each location she’s visited, which includes Thailand, Iraq, Cambodia, India, East Africa, and Mexico – Orange County is the worst for trafficking victims. She said, “I’ve been most afraid in Orange County — tough pimps and lots of guns.”

Hillsborough County, Florida, deputies arrest over 100 in human trafficking sting. The investigation ran from June through the start of November.

ACLU Claims a Man Can Get Periods and Get Pregnant. “There’s no one way to be a man,” the American Civil Liberties Union tweeted on International Men’s Day. “Men who get their periods are men. Men who get pregnant and give birth are men,” the group added.

What Ends Up Happening to Children Who Gender Transition, Then Change Their Mind? “A study of “transgenders” of all ages showed “39% of respondents experienced serious psychological distress in the month prior to completing the survey,” and 40% had attempted suicide in their lifetime. Minors are experimented on who cannot give meaningful consent. That alone should give us pause.”

LISTEN; LISTEN! You’re not born this way. Story of a man who regretted his “sex change.” This is also a story of redemption in Christ. God calls on every one of us because He doesn’t desire that any should perish (2 Peter 3:9). That’s why He came and died in our place for our sins. But we have to listen to His call. If He keeps getting rejected, He will eventually give a person up to their sins (Romans 1:18-32). Jeffrey finally listened. God’s Word says a person is not born this way (Genesis 5:2). But He will save all who turn to Him in sincerity and create a change in them (Philippians 1:6).


This is just a sample of nations with government protests going on. Actually, I can’t think of one nation that isn’t in chaos for one reason or another.

France: Yellow vest protests: More than 100 arrested as violence returns to Paris. Police in Paris arrested more than 100 people as protests to mark the first anniversary of the anti-government yellow vest movement turned violent.

Iran: Islamic Regime Fires Upon Unarmed Protestors Against the Regime. Iranians are suffering tremendously economically while Shiite Iran invests billions in military programs to take over the Middle East and supports their proxy Shiite forces to destroy Israel. Gas prices were raised by 50%, and protestors have burned down the central bank.

Lebanon, protests continue. They’re lashing out at the terrorist group Hezbollah over economic woes.

Hong Kong, protests continue. Protesters are being fired upon with tear gas and rubber bullets and arrested while trying to run from a Hong Kong university campus surrounded by police. At least 116 people have been injured and taken to hospital. If arrested, they could face ten years in prison. Some are in hiding in the campus, with no food or water.

Bolivia: The coca-growing (source of cocaine) socialist President Evo Morales, accused of election fraud, stepped down and fled to Mexico. His supporters are protesting for his return. Violent clashes between security forces and coca growers have left a number of people dead. Residents report food and gas shortages due to protesters who have crippled highways, isolating population centers from farms.

In Columbia, the mayor of the capital, Bogotá, imposed a curfew in response to renewed anti-government protests. The popularity of Duque’s right-wing government — a key US ally — has been on the wane since his election 18 months ago as it deals with hosting 1.4 million refugees from neighboring Venezuela’s economic meltdown as well as the complex fallout of a 2016 peace deal with left-wing FARC rebels and rampant drug trafficking.

Czechoslovakia: Anti-government protesters mark anniversary of revolution. At least 200,000 people have protested against the Czech government. Demonstrators call for PM Babis to resign over allegations of fraud. It’s alleged that Babis used EU subsidies for his private business.


ISRAEL RETALIATES: 11 killed, mostly Iranians, as Israel strikes over 20 Iranian, Syrian regime targets. Israel’s IDF struck targets in Damascus, west of Damascus and Syrian Golan Heights. The strikes were one of the largest. Main goal: Iranian targets; secondary goal: Syria’s air-to-ground missile batteries. Israeli defense minister said “the rules have changed: Anyone who shoots at Israel during the day will not sleep at night… Our message to Iran’s leaders is simple: You are no longer immune. Wherever you stretch your tentacles, we will hack them off. The IDF will continue to protect Israeli citizens.”

China is selling AI-enhanced killer drones to the Middle East. The thought of killer robots is awful enough. But what happens when their lethality is added to the volatile conditions in the Middle East? “It’s a massacre in the making.”


Jordan’s King Abdullah says relations with Israel are at their worst. Calls for two-state solution. He said, “We hope Israel will be able to determine its future in the coming weeks or coming months.” He added, “If we won’t be able to solve the Israeli-‘Palestinian’ issue, Israel cannot really become a part of the Middle East.”


Still at a stalemate: Gantz can’t form a government either, and Liberman says his Party won’t support Netanyahu or Gantz. Yet, he still hopes a third election can be avoided??

Who is Gideon Moshe Sa’ar? Member of the Knesset Gideon Sa’ar enjoys popularity among Lukid’s voter base and says he could build a coalition.

“A time of unprecedented darkness.” For the first time in Israel’s history, the mandate to form a governing coalition is in the hands of the Knesset. If 60 lawmakers sign support for a fellow MK to form a coalition within the next 21 days, that person will be tasked with doing so and gets 14 days to swear in a government. If not, the country goes to the polls again. “This is a time of unprecedented darkness in the history of the State of Israel,” Rivlin said. Indeed it is… everywhere.


The days are darkening, but take heart all you who are in Christ. That means we’re getting closer to Christ’s return for us! As the United States prepares to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, let us remember to whom we owe all thanks and praise. “Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise: be thankful unto Him, and bless His name” (Psalm 100:4).

“But let us, who are of the day, be sober, putting on the breastplate of faith and love; and for an helmet, the hope of salvation. For God hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ, Who died for us, that, whether we wake or sleep, we should live together with him. Wherefore comfort yourselves together, and edify one another, even as also ye do” (1 Thessalonians 5:8-11).

Amen. Come, Lord Jesus!