9 Dec 2019

A World Ripe for Judgment

“Their feet run to evil, and they make haste to shed innocent blood: their thoughts are thoughts of iniquity; wasting and destruction are in their paths. The way of peace they know not; and there is no judgment in their goings: they have made them crooked paths: whosoever goeth therein shall not know peace” (Isaiah 59:7-8).


Winter Storm Brought Snow to at Least 30 US States. Its mix of cold, wind, snow, sleet and rain shuttered schools, blocked hundreds of miles of highways, scuttered scores of flights and was linked to multiple deaths over the holiday weekend in Missouri, Arizona and South Dakota. Bob Oravec, meteorologist with NWS, described the storm as “very long-lasting” and said it was rare for a storm to have that kind of staying power.

Torrential rain once again battered southern France Dec. 1, resulting in deadly floods that killed 5 people, including 3 emergency workers killed after their helicopter crashed. The event occurred a week after devastating floods in the region also killed five.

In the UK, severe weather warnings have been issued with torrential rain set to hit as temperatures plunge in the days to come. Also see Storm Atiyah heads toward Ireland and the UK as of this writing.

Three hurricanes – tropical cyclones they’re called in that part of the world – are spinning in the western Indian Ocean (Pawan, Belna and Ambali) as a phenomenon similar to a strong El Niño keeps waters warm near Africa (Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD). Another strong climate pattern has assisted these cyclones: the Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO) is sweeping eastward across the Indian Ocean. The MJO is an atmospheric disturbance of clouds, rain, wind and pressure in the tropics that propagates eastward around the globe over a period of 30 to 60 days.

Tropical Cyclone Belna (Cat 2) is intensifying as of this writing and is expected to reach intense tropical cyclone status before making landfall over Madagascar.

Tropical Storm Pawan currently lies 470 km south-southeast of Yemen. As Pawan turns, it is expected to intensify and make landfall in Somalia. Strong winds, storm surges and heavy rainfall are expected to cause flooding and trigger landslides, resulting in casualties and damages to crops livelihoods, livestock, infrastructure and housing that have already been drastically affected of late.

Tropical cyclone Ambali (Cat 1) has lost wind strength and was moving southwest with maximum sustained winds of 70 kt (130 km/h). It is forecasted to further weaken and reach Reunion Island and Mauritius by the end of this weekend.

Typhoon “Kammuri” (Tisoy)strongest to hit the Philippines this year– has produced the coldest cloud-top temperature on record. Kammuri left a trail of destruction prior to its exit, killing at least 10, displacing over 200,000. It made landfall Dec. 2 as an equivalent of a Category 4 hurricane.

In East Africa, at least 280 people have died; over 2.8 million affected by unusually heavy rains, landslides, and severe flooding due to extreme weather driven by this exceptionally strong Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD). An incredible downpour delivered two years of rain in one day in Djibouti as East Africa continues to suffer astonishing downpours which began in October. Rainfall from Oct. to mid-Nov. has been 300% above average in the Horn of Africa region. At least 47 dead or missing after new wave of landslides hit Uganda Dec.3. At least 38 died after heavy rains caused landslides in Burundi Dec. 4.

Save the Children’s new analysis shows over 1,200 people have lost their lives across East and Southern Africa so far this year in natural disasters such as cyclones, floods, and landslides.

In India, Jammu and Kashmir received extreme amounts of precipitation during Oct. and Nov.; 171% above usual. Kashmir also saw its heaviest November snow in four decades. The capital, Srinagar, had 685% higher than normal precipitation.


Mega blaze in Australia. Nearly 2,000 firefighters are battling blazes across New South Wales. Five fires merged into one ‘mega blaze’ bigger than Sidney, with one fireman saying there “is nothing they can do to stop the advancement of the fire at this stage other than protect life and property.” Over 100 fires burning, including the mega blaze, is 3,000 hectares (7,413 acres) in size as of this writing. This season’s bushfire emergency has caused “some of the highest air pollution ever seen in NSW.”


The US has had a lot of small earthquake activity in diverse places this week, some in multiple swarms.

France has six small seismic tremors between Friday and Saturday.

Several quakes between 5.0 and 6.0 occurred off the coasts in diverse places this week.


New Jersey Dept of Health says there’s over 140 confirmed cases of a deadly drug-resistant fungus in the state. As of Sept. 30, 141 cases of Candida auris, which causes serious infections in patients with ventilators, primarily in long-term acute hospitals or nursing homes.

Europe overflows with cocaine. European countries have become so saturated with cocaine that the region has become a hub for exporting the drug to markets such as Australia, Turkey and Russia. Record levels of production of the drug in South America and new smuggling routes opening up into the continent means Europe is now a transit area for cocaine export.


Three North Carolina caretakers were arrested and charged with assaulting an individual with a disability after they were found running an elderly fight club between their patients with dementia.

In England, three men in their 20’s were stabbed or hacked to death in a little over 12 hours as London’s street killings approached the highest number in a decade. One was stabbed to death in Knightsbridge; another in Deptford. In Hackney, one was hacked to death by a machete-wielding gang.


Mikey Weinstein and his Freedom from Religion Organization hate God. For the past 20 years, military members have been able to wear dog tags with Bible verses. But it could end due to this group’s complaint. Soon after, each military branch pulled or threatened to pull trademark licenses issued to Kenny Vaughan from Shields of Strength. “You are not authorized to put biblical verses on your Army products,” Army Trademark Licensing Program director, Paul Jensen, wrote to Vaughan. “For example, Joshua 1:9. Please remove ALL biblical references from all of your Army products.” Vaughan was “speechless” since it was the military that initially approached him with the Bible-verse idea.

A prominent former Alabama youth evangelist, Acton Bowen, pleaded guilty Monday to 28 counts of sexually abusing six boys between the ages of 12 and 16.

In Nepal, Hindu worshippers beheaded very many thousands of buffalo as a sacrifice to one of their very many worshiped gods and goddesses, thought to be the world’s largest animal sacrifice event, held every five years. Pigeons, goats, chickens and other animals were also slaughtered during the mass gathering, known as one of the “world’s bloodiest.” They believe their Hindu goddess Gadhimai will bring prosperity.

One world religion promotion: US House Rep. Ilhan Omar Read an Islamic Prayer at a Catholic Church “multi-faith” prayer service. In attendance: Raja Krishnamoorti, Rep. Shalala, Nancy Pelosi and over two dozen other members of Congress, followed by celebration events.” My note: this article makes the same mistake most articles make when giving the meaning of Allahu Akbar or, as in this case, Alhamdullilah. Neither of these say the word “God.” Neither has any connection to the only One true God of the Bible. Allahu Akbar means “Allah is greater.” Alhamdullilah means “praise be to Allah.” Islam’s god is not God!

Pope Francis, has again attacked “religious fundamentalism,” calling it a “scourge.” Fundamentalists believe their religion is the true religion. And although the term “fundamentalist” is now sometimes used to refer to other religions, from the beginning it’s always been a Christian term. Christian fundamentalists believe the Bible is literally true, believes Jesus Christ died for our sins and rose again, and is coming back.

In Pope Francis’ trip to Thailand, he met with its supreme Buddhist patriarch at its Bangkok temple in front of a 150-year-old gold statue of Buddha.

“HORNS LIKE A LAMB, SPEAKS LIKE A DRAGON” (REV. 13). On Thursday, Francis, the one-world government and one-world false religion pushing Marxist pope, dared to trash the global populist people’s movements and compared President Trump to King Herod who slaughtered all the baby boys in Bethlehem. He railed against border walls, yet Vatican City is surrounded by massive walls! Also read Revelation 17 & 18 and “Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities” (Rev.18:4-5).


Kentucky Supreme Court tosses suit against Christian who refused to make LGBT pride shirts. It’s not enough for LGBTQ activists that he has served them and even employed them. They want to destroy all Christian businesses. This unconstitutional suit has been going on for years, just like others. Even if the Christian wins the suit, the LGBTQ activists don’t stop. The goal is to keep suing until a Christian business is bankrupt.

In Burkino Faso, a nation that has long prided itself on religious tolerance, Muslim terrorists stormed the church, killing adults and children. Burkina Faso has seen a rise in terrorism in recent years from Islamic groups that go by what Islam’s Qur’an tells them to do to non-Muslims, especially Christians and Jews, and to take over the world for Islam.


Good news: A new treatment developed by Tel Aviv University could induce destruction of pancreatic cancer cells, eradicating them by up to 90% after two weeks of daily injections of a small molecule known as PJ34. Pancreatic cancer is one of the hardest cancers to treat. Most people who are diagnosed with the disease do not even live five years afterward. One wonders how many Israel haters with pancreatic cancer will apply for this treatment. Surely all will, just like all Israel haters use tons of Israeli products while pretending they don’t. To avoid using products invented by Israelis, one would have to go back to the dark ages!

Italian politician Fabio Tuiach said he was offended after a Holocaust survivor noted that Jesus was Jewish. He said, “As a devout Catholic, I was confused and also a little offended by the fact that she said that Jesus was Jewish.” Looks like Fabio ought to try something different, such as picking up a Bible and reading it!

Incredibly, last week, hundreds of mostly leftist Israelis took part in the 72nd International Day of Solidarity with the ‘Palestinian’ people, established by the UN to commemorate so-called expulsion of 700,000 ‘Palestinians’ during the short 1948 war. Yet, those so-called ‘Palestinians’ left, not because the Israelis forced them to, but because the Arabs told them to leave until they defeated the Israelis (which they weren’t able to do). At this gathering, the secular Jews criticized the religious Jews. However, both groups support a ‘Palestinian’ state and/or dismantling of the state of Israel. Spokespersons from both Jewish groups invoked the name of the Muslim false god Allah in their claims.

Gaza Solidarity Rally in Times Square, New York: We Will Start an Intifada in Every Classroom, College Campus. Blind hate against Israel was displayed at the BDS pro-‘Palestinian’ rally. The coalition of supposed peace groups make their position clear: They stand with terrorists. They didn’t call for an end to violence. They endorsed it as a means to eliminate Israel. “One, two, three, four … Occupation no more,” they chanted. “Five, six, seven, eight. Smash the settler Zionist state.” Even those who didn’t outright call for violence still called for a world free of Israel’s existence. One of those speakers was Michael Letwin of a group called Jews for the Palestinian Right of Return. If all those descendants of the ones who left in 1948 were to return, Israel would be overrun, and they know it.

In Aalst, a Belgian town that sparked outrage for featuring an antisemitic float in its renowned annual carnival, has decided to renounce their UN cultural heritage status after dealing with accusations of anti-Semitism. The mayor, Christoph D’Haese, also said it is “unavoidable” that Jews will be mocked again in the 2020 edition. “Aalst will always remain the capital of mockery and satire,” he said, denying that the town is anti-Semitic. Last year was not the first or even the second time the event was accused of harboring antisemitism. I have an article on this subject and Carnival in general, and will be posting it soon.


In California, Feds clear farmer to plow his field, then slap him with millions in fines for doing so. LaPant is not alone. Many property owners across the country long have been victims of confusing, labyrinthine laws and regulations that govern farming. Navigating these rules is difficult at the best of times, but becomes impossible when controlling agencies fail to speak with a single voice or act consistently within a single statute.

The UN Climate Summit Opened With “Point Of No Return” Climate Scaremongering. With ongoing mass protests and upheavals in some dozen countries from Chile to Peru to Catalonia to Paris (Yellow Vests) to Lebanon to Hong Kong to Iraq and more…now is a worse and more fragile time than ever for politicians to attempt to shove down radical green initiatives on their populations. The global goblin Google giant has joined 70 other companies and union leaders to call on the US to stay in the preposterous Paris Agreement. But up to now, Trump’s not buying into the bogusness.

UN Crying ‘Climate Crisis’ as the Means to Interfere In 2020 Elections? The U.N. chief claims “recent scientific data shows levels of heat-trapping gases have hit a record high, reaching levels not seen for at least 3 million years [pffft!] when sea levels were 10-20 meters (33-66 feet) higher than today.” These people at the UN don’t have a clue what they’re talking about and/or they’re deliberately lying.


From LifeNews: It takes a special kind of wickedness and delusion to be a mother and adamantly support abortion. Once you’ve been blessed with the gift of conceiving, growing, and nurturing a child and cannot deny its humanity in the womb, what kind of monster must you be to turn around and say that you, or anyone else, should have the right to have another baby poisoned in the womb or torn apart with forceps? As stunning as it may be, there are many mothers like this, some of which are now proudly demonstrating their cognitive dissonance with blasphemous t-shirts that “thank God for abortion.” 

Elizabeth Warren vows to wear Planned Parenthood scarf to presidential inauguration if she wins. Elizabeth (Fauxchahontas Lieawatha Spewing Bull) Warren told a crowd during a campaign stop that she intends to signal her solidarity with abortion-on-demand by wearing a pink scarf on inauguration day, should she become the next President of the United States.

Excerpt From LifeNews: With the exit of Kamala Harris from the Democrat presidential race, America has been given a reprieve (unless she runs for VP) from an utterly amoral and narcissistic politician who’ll do anything to get to the top. She’s ruthlessly ambitious: she took Planned Parenthood cash to fund her senate campaign, and while California Attorney General she ordered a raid on the home of pro-life journalists who investigated the abortion giant. She also began prosecuting them.

Harris was the candidate that worried me most, but that isn’t saying much. All top-tier Democrat presidential candidates have stated they’ll fund Planned Parenthood, force taxpayers to fund abortions in the US and abroad, and codify abortion through all 9 months of pregnancy into federal law to ensure Roe v. Wade will live to kill another day, even if the Supreme Court decides to overturn the ruling. Pete Buttigieg even suggested Christians should embrace abortion until birth. He did this by twisting Scripture to support his position.

A California judge dropped six of the 15 bogus charges against Daleiden and Merritt, but ruled that there’s sufficient evidence to support nine counts of breaking California’s anti-eavesdropping law during their undercover investigations of Planned Parenthood’s trafficking of aborted baby body parts, which resulted in shocking videos that alarmed Americans nationwide. The bad news for the pro-life undercover journalists is that their case will proceed to criminal trial in San Francisco Superior Court.


Robert Powell, husband of Democrat Debbie Mucarsel (who is in impeachment hearings against Trump) reportedly was paid $700,000 from firms connected to a Ukrainian oligarch, Igor Kolomoisky, who has allegedly been “accused of ordering contract killings.” The Left uses the tactic of projection. They create confusion by blaming the other party for what they themselves are actually guilty of.

While the country is being distracted by the Democrats’ bogus impeachment agenda, House Democrats passed a bill to fight Voter ID laws nationwide, the so-called Voting Rights Advancement Act of 2019, on a mostly party-line vote.

Dem Leftist Traitors in Government: Open investigations of FBI employees by the Justice Dept’s Inspector General have about doubled in recent years and, as far as available records go, there have never been so many investigations of this kind. As of Sept. 30, there were 104 “open criminal or administrative investigations of alleged misconduct related to FBI employees.”

The Marxist-Socialist-Communist cousins at work to crush America. Communist China interferes with our electoral process, steals our national defense secrets, undermines our economy and suppresses their own population; Pope Francis endorses sins against Earth; Congress ignores the Constitution; and deeply embedded agents in the U.S. Justice and Intelligence Departments are laboring to “initiate the destruction of the Republic.”

Israel scolded six new European members of the INSTEX barter mechanism meant to circumvent US sanctions on Iran. “While the Iranian regime is killing its own people, European countries rush to support that very murderous regime,” Netanyahu charged. Israel’s Foreign Ministry said “Belgium, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden could not have picked worse timing. The hundreds of innocent Iranians murdered during the latest round of protests are rolling in their graves.”


Apple’s flagship iPhone 11 Pro tracks users’ locations even when they have set it not to.

The FBI’s Portland field office is warning of security issues with smart TV’s, and offered cyber security tips. Some models include built-in cameras that can be used for video chatting with friends and family, and some can let the TV recognize who’s watching and suggest programming based on their past preferences. But hackers may be able to access those TVs through the internet, allowing them to spy through the camera and microphone, change channels, adjust volume and play “inappropriate videos.”

Google and its subsidiary, YouTube, have taken down over 300 video ads from President Trump’s reelection campaign, claiming they violate company policy. Google and YouTube’s actions have raised more questions about big tech’s role in the 2020 election. Conservative groups like PragerU and Live Action have complained that the platform has unfairly suppressed many of their videos. Meanwhile, Facebook has come under fire for its fact-checking process.

“Shadow Banning” Is Now Written into Twitter Platform’s New Terms. Critics have accused Twitter of censorship for quite some time now.  But this time, it’s official. The company has admitted they’ll attempt to silence those who are critical of the ruling class. The new terms will take effect in January 2020 and will intentionally “limit visibility” of some users. Expect conservatives, those who dissent from the official narrative, to be the ones censored. Yet, get this: Twitter is on a slippery slope with its new terms of service regarding child sexploitation. Read about that in the “Days of Lot” section next.


In a Yakima, Washington Walmart, a 12-year-old boy was molested in the bathroom. The boy was washing his hands when 29-year-old Michael Murr offered to zip up his pants. The boy told police he did not have a zipper on his pants, but Murr reached inside of his boxer briefs anyway. The boy pushed Murr away and ran out of the bathroom. After his arrest, Murr admitted to putting his hands inside of the boy’s pants, saying he wanted to touch the boy’s private parts. Murr is a registered sex offender who has a previous conviction of 1st Degree Child Molestation.

Cosmopolitan UK Features First “Non-Female” on Their Cover in 35 Years…Donning A Dress. Queer Eye personality, Jonathan Van Ness, has made “history” as the first “non-female” to grace the magazine’s cover in 35 years. He identifies as “non-binary” and is also HIV positive.

Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire… These be they who separate themselves, sensual, having not the Spirit. But ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost, keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life. And of some have compassion, making a difference: And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh. Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy, To the only wise God our Saviour, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen” (See Jude 1).

Twitter’s new terms of service will ban conservative views, yet it’s on a slippery slope regarding child sexploitation. “Discussions related to child sexual exploitation as a phenomenon or attraction towards minors are permitted.” The new rule adds gray legalistic language that such content is allowed “provided they don’t promote or glorify child sexual exploitation in any way.” Despite their qualifier, Twitter stated it will allow nude depictions of children as long as it’s “artistic.” “Artistic depictions of nude minors in a non-sexualized context or setting may be permitted in a limited number of scenarios e.g., works by internationally renowned artists that feature minors,” states Twitter’s new rule.

Dr. James Cantor, a homosexual and advocate for pedophiles that he refers to as “minor-attracted persons,” pushed for the change. Last year, Cantor co-signed a letter to Twitter’s Director of Trust and Safety John Starr, urging Twitter to allow pedophiles access to its network and the ability to discuss their attraction to children on the massive social media platform. Cantor was one of several academics that signed the letter, which refers to “Virtuous Pedophiles” and asked that they be allowed to network on Twitter. The pedophile advocates claimed that if these (so-called) virtuous pedophiles aren’t allowed to network on Twitter, they’ll sexually abuse children.

In the UK, Children as young as five could be taught about LGBT issues in every subject under plans proposed by a campaign group. Some examples: Use the gay rainbow to teach children colors. Math: “How many biscuits are left at Fatima and Shanika’s wedding?” “Design a dress for Bailey, a boy who dreams of being a girl and is the main character in a picture book called 10,000 Dresses.” It comes just a week after a judge permanently banned parents from demonstrating against LGBT education outside a primary school in Birmingham. The Dept for Education and city council welcomed the judge’s decision.

Director J.J. Abrams says the upcoming Star Wars film “Rise of Skywalker” will show LGBTQ representation.

LGBTQ Group Calls on Hallmark Channel to Broadcast a “Gay Christmas.” From Todd Starnes: You won’t find “I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus” on the Hallmark Channel this year and that’s a mighty big problem for some folks in the LGBT community. The family-friendly television network is under fire from activists for a lack of diversity in their Christmas programming. Specifically, they want Hallmark to don some gay apparel. Hallmark’s CEO responded by saying, “We’re open to really any type of movie of any type of relationship in any space.”

My note: This really shouldn’t surprise people since Hallmark has for a number of years supported the LGBTQ agenda in their greeting cards, ads for greeting cards, and their website. See here and here and here and here and here and here.


This week, a video is making the rounds of Dem presidential candidate Joe Biden talking about a pool named in his honor. He glances at the children as he relates to a crowd about children at a pool rubbing his curly hairy legs to make them straight, then watch them curl up again. Wonder who gave them that idea? In that same speech, he said he loves kids jumping onto his lap. From what we’ve already seen of Biden’s behavior with children, it should cause great concern. And he’s not any better in his behavior with women.

In another video, Andrew Yang, who supports the “all kinds of gender agenda,” did something very inappropriate with kneeling men to celebrate the opening of his campaign office as his campaign manager watched uncomfortably and tried to stop him. As he did so, he announced that he’s a full-service presidential candidate. What kind of message is he trying to send?


In Mexico, near the Texas Border, 21 people died in a shootout between law enforcement and suspected drug cartel members. Several major Democrat candidates say they favor decriminalizing the penalty for crossing the border, including Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker and Bernie Sanders. Let that sink in.


6 Saudis Detained After Pensacola Flight School Shooting, Including 3 Who Filmed the Attack. Three people are dead and eight injured. The shooter, Mohammed Alshamrani, was one of 852 Saudi nationals in the US training under the Pentagon’s security cooperation agreement with Saudi Arabia. Barely two hours before a Saudi aviation student went on a deadly shooting spree at Naval Air Station Pensacola, tweets purportedly written by the suspect railed against the US and Israel.

How soon this nation forgot about 9/11! Here’s a stark reminder for the sheeple who willingly allow themselves to be deceived.

An associate of Usman Khan, the London Bridge killer,  was arrested as security agencies scrambled to stamp out the threat of copycat attacks. Nazam Hussain, 34, was held in a police raid on his home on Saturday on suspicion of preparing terrorist acts.


In France, police arrest scores amid strike over pension reform. Paris police fired tear gas at demonstrators Thursday as the Eiffel Tower shut down, France’s high-speed trains came to a standstill and hundreds of thousands marched nationwide in a strike over the government’s plan to overhaul the retirement system. At least 90 people were arrested in Paris by evening as the protests wound down. 65,000 people took to the streets of Paris, and over 800,000 nationwide in often-tense demonstrations aimed at forcing President Emmanuel Macron to abandon pension reform.

As the truth is trickling out of Iran, it appears the regime could have murdered over a thousand Iranian citizens since the protests over high gasoline prices swept more than 160 Iranian cities and towns starting in the middle of November.


Over the last month, an elongated unidentified object, which reminded some of a cigarette or a snake, has been spotted in several US states, and even Scotland.


Israel’s IDF fighter jets and attack helicopters on Saturday night struck a number of Hamas terror targets, among them a Hamas military camp and its components which included warehouses, offices and sentry positions. In addition, a military post belonging to the Hamas naval force in the northern Gaza Strip was also destroyed. The attacks came in retaliation for the rocket attacks toward Israeli territory earlier in the evening. “The IDF holds the Hamas terror organization responsible for events transpiring in the Gaza Strip and emanating from it. Hamas will bear the consequences for actions against Israeli civilians,” said the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit in a statement.

Britain, France and Germany, in a rare rebuke of Iran, accused Iran of developing ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads. Yet, these very countries want to stick with Obama’s bogus nuclear deal with Iran, as if that has stopped or will stop this murderous regime from its Islamic goal. They are willfully ignorant.

The Trump administration is considering a significant expansion of the U.S. military in the Middle East to counter Iran, including dozens more ships, other military hardware and as many as 14,000 additional troops.

The US seized Iranian guided missile parts headed to Yemen. A U.S. Navy warship seized advanced missile parts believed to be linked to Iran from a boat it stopped in the Arabian Sea.

Iran Is Secretly Moving Missiles Into Iraq, U.S. Officials Say.  Iran has used the continuing chaos in Iraq to build up a hidden arsenal of short-range ballistic missiles in Iraq, part of a widening effort to try to intimidate the Middle East and assert its power, according to American intelligence and military officials.

Iranian Gen. Allahnoor Noorollahi warns that Iran’s missile arsenals are aimed at 21 American military bases in the Middle East and that Iran is prepared for “the greatest war against the greatest enemy.” He also said Iran had the ability to raze Haifa and Tel Aviv to the ground.

Explosion strikes Iranian weapons depot in Syria. Israel is working to stop Iranian belligerence throughout the Middle East, Netanyahu said Wednesday at the start of his meeting with US Secretary of State Pompeo in Lisbon. He made the statement hours after Arab news outlets reported an explosion in an Iranian weapons depot on the Syria-Iraq border, but he declined to answer questions on the matter.

Iran announced an upcoming joint naval exercise with Russia and China. The head of the Iranian navy says military maneuvers will start in the Indian Ocean on Dec. 27. He calls for China to collaborate on production of warships.

A senior adviser to Turkish President Erdoğan said it was “not possible” for the Islamic world to give up on Jerusalem, and called for the creation of an Islamic “army for Palestine.”

Israeli military officials say a year after uncovering a network of cross-border Hezbollah tunnels, the Lebanese militant group has beefed up its presence along the volatile frontier. Neither the destruction of the tunnels nor Hezbollah’s recent domestic problems have weakened the group’s desire to prepare for renewed conflict with Israel.

The U.S. military believes an unarmed American drone reported lost in Libya last month was shot down by Russian air defenses. Such a shootdown would underscore Russia’s increasingly muscular role in the energy-rich nation, where Russian mercenaries are reportedly intervening on behalf of east Libya-based commander Khalifa Haftar in Libya’s civil war. (As the Bible says, Libya will participate in the Ezekiel invasion of Israel.)

An unnamed former senior officer from the Israeli Air Force told The Jerusalem Post that the lack of a government in Israel may be opening a window of opportunity for the country’s adversaries to take advantage. “It’s a severe threat to the homeland, and there will be images that have never ever been seen in the past,” he said. He said the main damage will be to infrastructure. “Israel will not be [at] zero at the end of the conflict. All of us should be prepared for the day after, which will be different in terms of what we see, but the State of Israel won’t be gone,” he said. “We have to protect life and strategic sites and that can be done. Infrastructure can be rebuilt.”

The Jerusalem Post is speculating in the article at this link how the Israeli-Iran war might begin. But God tells us in His Word exactly how it’s going to end. God personally ends it…very quickly and extraordinarily! It likely begins in Syria (Isaiah 17) then involves Russia, Iran, Turkey, Libya, Sudan, etc. (Ezekiel 38-39). The millions of birds of prey that fly over Israel (as they do annually) will feast themselves on the bodies of those who dare to come against Israel to destroy her and take a spoil. The beasts of the field will feast as well.


A 30-year-old prophecy from Rabbi Schneerson, known as Rebbe, an influential rabbi who died in 1994, stated that Netanyahu will have a fight on his hands for power, but that God is on his side and “he will come out of it and hopefully be able to hand his keys over to Moshiach (the Messiah), and we’ll have the complete and true Redemption.” The problem with this is that most religious Jews aren’t looking for the true Messiah Jesus. Also, Schneerson promoted what his sect refers to as Noahide Laws, as do his followers today. One of those laws this group falsely claims to have come from Noah calls for the beheading of non-Jews who refuse to follow these laws.


The US Democrat-controlled House on Friday approved a two-state resolution in an implicit rebuke of President Trump. They recorded opposition to any peace plan put forth by the Trump administration that doesn’t expressly call for an independent “Palestinian state” living side-by-side with a Jewish state of Israel. Only 5 Republicans backed the measure in the 226-183 vote.


We can see the prophesied last days events getting closer to fulfillment by the day. People had better wise up and turn to Christ while they still can. Time is running out. We’re at the end of this 70-80-year (Psalm 90:10) generation:

“For, behold, in those days, and in that time, when I shall bring again the captivity of Judah and Jerusalem (return them to their land), I will also gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat, and will plead with them there for my people and for my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and parted my land. Put ye in the sickle, for the harvest is ripe: come, get you down; for the press is full, the fats overflow; for their wickedness is great. Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision: for the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision” (Joel 3: 1-2, 13-14).

“Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled” (See Matthew 24).