Amazing :: By Daymond Duck

While considering the events of the last few days, it occurred to me that we have an amazing God, an amazing Bible, and we are living in amazing times.

First, God promised to bless those that bless Israel and to curse those that curse Israel (Gen. 12:3).

On Nov. 18, 2019, the Trump administration issued a new document that says Jewish civilian settlements in Judea and Samaria are not illegal.

Two days later, the impeachment charges seemed to be collapsing, and his poll numbers were going up.

Two recent polls even show a sharp rise for Pres. Trump among blacks and Hispanics.

Second, God said no weapon formed against Israel will prosper (Isa. 54:17).

On Nov. 19, 2019, before daybreak, Iran launched four powerful missiles toward Israel from Syria despite the fact that Israel has warned Syria not to let others (Iran, Hezbollah, etc.) attack Israel from Syrian territory.

Israel’s Iron Dome system shot down the Iranian missiles, and the attack failed.

That night, Israeli jets fired dozens of missiles at Iranian headquarters buildings, warehouses and military bases in Syria.

When Syria tried to shoot down Israel’s jets, Israel attacked Syria’s missiles.

There were reports of massive destruction of Iranian and Syrian assets.

Third, between Iran’s early morning attack and Israel’s late-night response, Israel held a cabinet meeting at which Israel’s new Defense Minister, an orthodox Jew, read a blessing for Israel.

His blessing was to the Father in Heaven, Rock and Redeemer of Israel (sounds like Jesus).

He called the establishment of Israel the beginning of Messiah’s promise to gather all of the Jews back into the Promised Land.

He asked God to quickly send the Messiah, the son of David, the agent of God’s vindication to redeem those that are waiting for His deliverance.

He acknowledged that the Lord God of Israel is king and His dominion is absolute.

Fourth, going back to Pres. Trump’s document that says Jewish civilian settlements in Judea and Samaria are legal, Pres. Trump has also recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, moved the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, closed the PA office in Washington, cut off funding to the PA, and recognized the Golan Heights as sovereign Israeli territory.

What will Pres. Trump do next (approve construction of the Temple, succeed in passing the “Deal of the Century,” or what)?

It definitely looks like God is using Pres. Trump to speed up Bible prophecy.

Understand these three things: 1) The UN, EU, Arabs and others are calling for the Palestinians to get most or all of Judea and Samaria (the two-state solution) for a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital; 2) Palestinian radicals are calling for a Jew-free state (a state with no Jews in Judea and Samaria); and 3) According to Jesus, there will be Jews in Judea when the Antichrist defiles the rebuilt Temple at the middle of the Tribulation Period (Matt. 24:16).

Pres. Trump has just stated that it is legal for Jews to live in Judea.

Jesus also said, “Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh: So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors. Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled” (Matt. 24:32-34).

Under Pres. Trump, the Fig Tree is tender (young) and putting forth leaves (expanding its borders), and the continuance of Jews in Judea is setting the stage for people to flee into the mountains (probably Petra) where they will be supernaturally protected for three and one-half years.

Fifth, the Antichrist will come out of the EU; and that doomed group of nations decided to issue a joint statement condemning the U.S. for saying it is not illegal for Jews to settle in Judea and Samaria.

Issuing a joint statement requires the approval of all 28 nations in the EU.

Hungary said it would vote against the EU joint statement, and that killed the EU condemnation of the U.S.

The EU dropped the idea of a joint statement, but went on to say that Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria are illegal under international law.

Pres. Trump blessed Israel, and God blessed the U.S. (blocked the condemnation).

Sixth, Prime Min. Netanyahu thanked the U.S. and said, “This policy reflects an historical truth – that the Jewish people are not foreign colonialists in Judea and Samaria. In fact, we are called Jews because we are the people of Judea.”

He added that those that deny Israel’s legal right to settle in Judea and Samaria “deny truth, history and the reality on the ground.”

It was reported that he intends to speed up the process of annexing the Jordan Valley, and the Arab League has called an emergency meeting for Nov. 24, 2019, to discuss the situation.

Seventh, more than 200 rabbis, including the Chief Rabbis of Israel, sent a letter to Pres. Trump thanking him for acknowledging that Israelis have a right to live in Judea and Samaria.

They told him the prophet Jeremiah said the Jews would return to Samaria and plant vineyards there (Jer. 31:4, 22).

They said our generation is seeing Jeremiah’s prophecies fulfilled word for word.

These Jewish rabbis are aware of something that many church members and leaders choose to be willingly ignorant about (God is fulfilling every jot and tittle of Bible prophecy).

Eighth, God said Russia and her allies will ascend like a cloud to cover the land when they attack Israel (Ezek. 38:9).

On Nov. 17, 2019, it was reported that Russia has moved troops and equipment into Syria to transform a small air base into a large military air base that can accommodate lots of fighter jets and freight.

Ninth, multitudes will be persecuted and killed during the Tribulation Period.

On Nov. 18, 2019, it was reported that some globalists and the UN want to combat climate change by reducing the population of the earth.

U.S. politicians that want to replace capitalism with a socialist government don’t recognize the danger they are putting America in.

Tenth, previous articles have mentioned that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Florida Emergency Management Director Jared Moskowitz visited Israel in May of this year.

Fox News reported that they went to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem where they wrote a prayer on a piece of paper and inserted it in a crack in the Wailing Wall.

The 2019 hurricane season in the U.S. will be over on Nov. 30 and, up to now, no hurricane has struck Florida.

Eleventh, the end of the Church Age will be marked by a departing from the faith.

According to Pope Francis, those that speak out against homosexual tendencies are part of a culture of hate.

It amazes me that someone this Biblically inept can become and remain the Pope.

Prophecy Plus Ministries, Inc.
Daymond & Rachel Duck