Sneaky Marxism :: By Bill Wilson

Lurking in the dark shadows of the next presidential election are a host of Democratic Party candidates who are of the Marxist brand. They seem to be publicly trying to out-socialist the other—something that concerns the immediate past president. The former president warned the stable of socialist candidates at a fundraiser of leftist donors that they cannot force the agenda too publicly and expect to win. He said that the universe of voters “are not driven by the same views reflected on certain left-leaning Twitter feeds or the activist wing of our party.”

Translated: “If you are going to advance the Marxist agenda, you need to be sneaky about it like I was.”

Think about the condition of this country today.

The New York Times reported that the former president told the leftists: “I don’t think we should be deluded into thinking that the resistance to certain approaches to things is simply because voters haven’t heard a bold enough proposal and if they hear something as bold as possible then immediately that’s going to activate them.”

In other words, you have to sell this socialist agenda in small bits and pieces, using words that can be interpreted positively by both liberals and moderates, while the Marxists know full well what is meant. By the same token, you need to lose words that tend to promote the socialist revolution against the Constitutional Republic. Use words like tax reform instead of raising taxes, for example.

The former president was a master at telling Americans exactly what he was going to do by using words that made them think it was a good thing.

Arab Spring, for example, was a movement of democracy rather than an overthrow of stable Middle Eastern governments by his terrorist organization of choice, Muslim Brotherhood.

“If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor” instead of “mandated socialist healthcare” where the government will determine what, if any care, you receive, and force you pay twice as much for the privilege.

Speaking out against “non-traditional” marriage was labeled hate speech to justify preventing people from exercising their religious freedom by quoting scripture from the Holy Bible about marriage and homosexuality.

Get the picture? Sneaky Marxism.

Moreover, he, Hillary Clinton and former Attorney General Eric Holder populated the deep state, the State Department and the Department of Justice with like-minded, Marxist-leaning minions that are at the very center of today’s ongoing coup against this country.

The Communist Manifesto says, “But communism abolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religion, and all morality, instead of constituting them on a new basis.”

Exodus 20:3 says, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”

When government replaces God, bad things happen.

The former president knows that Americans are not yet ready to accept Marxism, so sneaky Marxism—like he did it—is his winning recipe and good advice to his fellow Democrats.

America needs to wake up, especially the “Church.”