The Unthinkable: When Those You Love Are Left Behind By Jan Markell

What do you imagine when you envision the post-Rapture, “left behind”, scenario? Chaos, tumult, anarchy, lawlessness, and confusion, perhaps? A few will figure out what just happened. Perhaps one billion people will vanish—and all at the same time.

Many of those left behind will have been pestered by loved ones to make a decision for Christ—to turn their lives around. Maybe they will have been witnessed to hundreds of times and they blew everyone off.

The regret some will feel will be literally overwhelming.

Then there are the serious and rather offensive online products being peddled right now. One website asks you to send them $14.95 and they will send e-mails to anyone you ask them to once you’ve been taken in the Rapture of the Church.

This outfit will apprise friends, co-workers, family members and skeptics who have been left behind, about what just happened! Other websites promise to take care of your pets if you’ll send them a few dollars.

The problem is these outfits are run by unbelievers and atheists who are secretly laughing at you and also laughing all the way to the bank.

Many of those left behind will be in “strong delusion” and will just believe lies (II Thess. 2:11). Does this mean they are too far gone to even be saved during the Tribulation? Some would say yes. These folks will be glad their evangelical pest friends are gone. Good riddance.

But is any heart really too hardened that God cannot break through to it?<

Find the product here for $30 + S/H

Others who are left behind will want answers! They will not be too proud to start inquiring and to reflect back on the words of those who warned them.

Left behind will be some nominal churchgoers, occasional Bible readers, and people who have been proud of their “good works”. They were sure these things were good fire insurance.

The Bible says an untold number will vanish in the twinkling of an eye. The scenario is not like a lengthy illness where you prepare for the inevitable!

Most of these left behind folks will have started out their day like any other day. Their routine was familiar. It’s just that this day had a twist to it they weren’t expecting. Now what do they do?

The impact of this ordeal will be staggering. Consider those who actually realize the wrath that is to come because you told them about it. But most of those left behind will be in a state of confusion. They just won’t know what to do.

Life won’t be the same. The economy won’t be the same. Some world leaders will be gone. Key people in their lives suddenly have vanished. The Seal, Bowl, and Trumpet judgments will be staggering. Getting real answers may be the most difficult. A tyrant will rise and he’s called the Antichrist. He’ll promise to restore order out of chaos!

Let me introduce you to The Rapture Kit produced by the “I Am a Watchman Ministry.” The Rapture Kit resource is designed to aid believers in actively reaching out to individuals who are not yet saved and may be left behind at the Rapture of the Church just prior to the Tribulation.

It contains hours of videos, books, a Bible, and much more. This is a wonderful tool to tap into now as it will be a life-saver in the post-Rapture world. All content is on a small flash drive.

The Rapture Kit—which has taken a year to produce—includes:

·     A Bible

·     A digital folder with more than 120 pages of important information (information on how to be saved, what has happened, what to expect, and how to prepare for what is to come)

·     8 books (on the topics of prophecy, geopolitics, the Christian walk, and being a Watchman for the Lord)

·     12 video teachings (on prophecy, how to be saved, apologetics/reasons for faith, and living out your faith)

·     A two-part audio teaching on why and how to share your faith

·     An illustrated storybook for children

·     Several spiritual tracts from World Missionary Press

·     A 50-minute video presentation noting what the Rapture is, what has happened, and what to do now.

Plug the flash drive into a computer and access all of the above.

Two of the Watchmen and producers of the product were on air with me recently. Many appreciated the product and hundreds of my listeners have tapped into it.

Other believers, sadly, have made snide comments, when, in fact, the post-rapture time will be the most serious time in the history of the world.

The Rapture Kit tries to offer reassurance and most of all, salvation, for God is the God of second, third, and fourth chances. The Tribulation is a time of great judgment, indeed, but also a time of evangelistic harvest never seen before in the history of the world.

And you can be a part of that by checking out The Rapture Kit. Learn more about the “I Am a Watchman Ministry” here.