Tribulation Coming :: By Daymond Duck

Before I get into the current events, I have been contacted by several people asking if I have sent them an e-mail, and the answer is “no.”

I don’t understand these things, and someone may be hacking into my e-mail; so please don’t open any suspicious looking e-mails from me.

Current events continue to point to the soon arrival of the Tribulation Period, and here are some examples.

First, the rider on the black horse in the book of Revelation is famine and economic collapse (Rev. 6:5-6).

This rider is carrying a pair of scales to weigh food.

A quart of wheat will cost the equivalent of one day’s wages, so many people will be forced to buy cheaper food (a quart of barley instead of a quart of wheat).

In late Oct. 2019, it was reported that pork is a favorite meal in China, but swine fever has killed millions of pigs; and it has now been discovered that humans can get swine fever from eating pork.

The death of millions of pigs has caused the price of pork to more than double in the past year, so pork is now a luxury food in China.

Many of the Chinese are now eating cheaper food such as dogs and rabbits.

Second, drug abuse will be a major sin during the Tribulation Period, and people will refuse to repent (the KJV Bible calls it sorceries, but the original Greek word is pharmakeia from which we get the word pharmacy or drugs; Rev. 9:21).

Anyway, in late Oct. 2019, one of the leading candidates seeking the nomination for president of the U.S. promised to issue an executive order to legalize marijuana nationwide during the first 100 days of his presidency.

Third, Natural disasters will increase in frequency and intensity at the end of the age.

On Oct. 20, 2019, nine tornadoes passed through northern Texas, causing an estimated two billion dollars in destruction; and that may go up.

Officials are calling this the most expensive tornado damage in the history of the state (the worst ever).

Fourth, on Oct. 23, 2019, about 800 men from the Tribe of Levi gathered near the Hulda Gate in the wall around Jerusalem to sing Psalms that Levites sang at the Temple during Old Testament times.

Some wore clothing and some blew on silver trumpets that have been made for use at a rebuilt Temple.

Other musicians from the Tribe of Levi participated in the singing.

One song says, “I will lift up my eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help” (Psa. 121:1).

Fifth, concerning the signs of His Coming, Jesus said, “There shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring” (Luke 21:25).

The “distress of nations with perplexity” is clear.

The “sea and waves roaring” is interpreted two ways: 1) Some interpret it to mean an increase in tropical storms and hurricanes stirring up the waves in the ocean, and 2) Seas are a symbol of people in the Bible, so some interpret it to mean people demonstrating, rioting in many nations, etc.

Anyway, on Oct. 22, 2019, Worthy News reported that there have been large demonstrations in the following nations this year: Lebanon, Chile, Spain, Haiti, Iraq, Sudan, Russia, Egypt, Uganda, Indonesia, Ukraine, Peru, Hong Kong, Zimbabwe, Colombia, France, Turkey, Venezuela, the Netherlands, Ethiopia, Brazil, Malawi, Algeria and Ecuador, among other places.

Sixth, God told Daniel there will be an increase in knowledge at the end of the age (Dan. 12:4).

On Oct. 24, 2019, Google announced that it has created a quantum computer that took 3 minutes and 20 seconds to solve a problem that the world’s fastest computers require 10,000 years to solve.

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