Hallelujah!! :: By Jim Towers

Do you remember I wrote about a young man I had started witnessing to who was into the homosexual lifestyle? Well he got saved today after receiving Christ into his life.

This thirty-one-year-old man had been ostracized and bullied all his life because of being effeminate. This brought on phobias and anxiety so much so that he takes medication and has a female therapist who tells him he must learn to love himself – just the way he is. She, by the way, worships Buddha, Jesus and some other entity and has a mural on the wall of her office depicting all three entities.

Today the young man came to see me about helping me set up a tent at a local art show where I hope to sell my artwork (I’ve participated in this “hobby” for years). I told him I had a book to give him, and so he came right over. We made small talk about art, and then we moved on to more serious matters. All the time he knew where I was coming from; and because I had already tilled the soil – as it were. Today I thought I would just plant more seed, but God had other plans.

We sat in my makeshift studio; and after making sure he wasn’t pressed for time, I began to explain the Jesus promise book to him. It had been on the shelf for some time now as I had already committed most of it to memory. Benny had tried to read the Bible but couldn’t make heads or tails of it. (That’s why I thought to give him these Bible verses to read on his own for now.) Then I explained to him that in order to understand the Bible, one would need to have received Christ into his life to be able to read and understand the words in it with spiritual eyes through the help of the Holy Spirit.

I could sense his desperation, and he was very open to what I had to say. After probing into his life, I knew that the Gospel was the only answer to his emotional and spiritual well-being. He spoke of his sleepless nights, anxiety and low self-esteem. I told him that God could give him hope and freedom from guilt and forgiveness of sin, and on top of all that – a peace that surpasses all understanding. I could see his eyes beginning to water up with a glimpse of hope.

After explaining the Gospel in a caring way, I asked if he wanted to receive Jesus Christ into his life; and low and behold, just after a moment of careful thought, he said yes. Then I asked him to repeat the words after me in his own way. “God forgive me,… I receive Jesus Christ into my heart and life to change me and give me hope of eternal life…. After that short prayer, I explained how he should be baptized by immersion to show his sincerity toward God; but then I thought – but where can he be baptized since my church is undergoing a tremendous polarizing struggle right now.

Then it happened; a still small voice said to me to ask him if he’d like to be baptized right now (or was that just my imagination?) In any case, I knew it was the right thing to do. (I had baptized my own younger sister a few years ago after leading her to Christ – when she thought she had cancer.) Benny again said yes, then I said, “follow me” and led him to the lanai. “I’ve got an extra pair of swimming trunks hanging on the pegs alongside the pool.” And so, I baptized him in the swimming pool in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. After talking a bit more while in the pool, I left him to be alone with his thoughts and changed into dry clothes; but as I happened to peer out the lanai doors, I saw him sitting on the pool deck gazing heavenward contemplating, praying or meditating. Already he was beginning to feel peace.

Before leaving I showed Benny my old banged, taped up and highlighted Bible explaining the Old Testament and the New Testament and pointing out what the prophets said about Jesus three thousand years before he was even born. I was quoting scripture verbatim particularly from the book of John. “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning and there was nothing made that was made without Him. In Him was life and… But as many as believed on Him – to them was given the right to become the sons of God.” He was thirsty for every word; but not wanting to overload him, I bid him farewell and told him to call me anytime he had questions concerning the Christian faith.

Sunday after voting No to the pastor nominee (a “Woke” person with little experience), I went to lunch at a sit-down restaurant; and being famished, I asked the server to please bring the biscuits and gravy right away. This the server did as I asked, and I thanked the frail, hollow-eyed young man profusely while looking at his name tag to thank him by name. The name tag read “Genesis.” Reading it aloud, I asked, “Do you know what Genesis means in the Bible?” He said, “No, I’ve never read the Bible.”

“It means the beginning of everything.”

“Really?… I never knew that.”

Wow, I thought as he walked away. How could a person not know that?

So today I stopped by Hobby Lobby to get material for the upcoming art show; and low and behold – a Christian bookstand! I found what I was looking for – a Bible for Genesis. A red-letter edition with a beautiful purple leather cover.

On my way back home, I stopped at the restaurant and, looking around, I didn’t see him, so I asked a waitress if she knew Genesis. She replied yes but she’s not here today. She’ll be here tomorrow. SHE??…. Genesis was a girl! In any case, I intend to stop by and give her the Bible and show her the name Genesis on the very first page.

Jesus said, “Only those who throw their lives away for my sake…will truly know what it means to live.”

How true Lord – how true.


Jim Towers

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