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At a time when I should begin slowing down, God has seen fit to make my life even more hectic. I’ve always been a fighter for the underdog, and I suspect that’s why God’s given me more to do.

I’m not usually one to pray for guidance when I have enough information about a given matter because God has given us his written word as a guide, along with common sense (which isn’t so common anymore); and on top of that, we believers have the Holy Spirit’s help to understand the more complex things in life and in scripture. Who could ask for more? And so, I pray about other things and give thanks throughout the day as we should. “Giving praise and thanks without ceasing” (1 Thess 5:16-18).

In any case, my repertoire keeps expanding and is becoming more challenging every day, as my Jewish friend Stanley keeps writing me as if I am helping him understand things even his Rabbi doesn’t know. Knowing that Stanley is an Orthodox Jew, I, for the most part, refer to the Old Testament when sharing scripture with him. The time may come when God Himself will open Stanley’s eyes to the Truth, even if He must appear to him in a dream or vision as stated in Joel 2:28-29. I, for one, know that we can’t box God into our perception of reality.

I offered to let the young homosexual I’ve been witnessing to sell some of my artwork on commission. He just got back to me to let me know he was ready to begin this coming Saturday. I am convinced this is God’s doing, and I will continue to share scripture and pray with him. Hopefully, we will see a breakthrough and I won’t have to attempt exorcism. (Besides, I’m not sure I have that much faith.) Read on to hear what he has to say about his condition.


The young man wrote the following back after I inquired about him calling himself weird:

“Hi, Only my parents and brothers live here; my grandmother lives in South America. But yeah, I’m staying at my parent’s house. Now I’m looking for a place of my own and trying to save money. Yeah, I’ve always kind of struggled with my confidence; being gay has been really hard. I suffered with some bullying too in my life. Moving into a totally different country when I was 13 was kinda hard too. I’ve been seeing a therapist for many years now; I’ve been told a few times I’m kinda weird, so it probably got stuck in my head, lol.”

I will follow up on this young man by sharing verses of salvation and encouragement.

Today I had lunch at a snazzy place this atheist writer insisted we meet (I’m glad he paid the exorbitant bill). He’s the writer of world history I met at the Social Security office. We hit it off right away since I was wearing my “Writer cap” at the time. It never fails to get attention. Since his third and last wife had just passed away, he was there doing some paperwork. I figured he was still grieving and lonely; so, since we both write, I thought I’d like to get to know him better. In retrospect, I know now that this was another divine appointment with a person who had to hear the Gospel.

In any case, we ordered – made some small talk; and when the order arrived, I bowed my head and said grace openly, thanking God for the beautiful day, the meal and my having met this newfound friend – Larry, who also bowed his head in response. I don’t like to beat around the bush or to acquiesce to another’s belief system, and I’m not politically correct either. I make no apologies for what I know to be true.

As we continued to converse about books, movies and family life, I couldn’t help but notice he was wearing a heavy gold necklace and a gold ring on each hand – one set with a beautiful jade stone as well as a Rolex watch.

Although Larry was somewhat older than I and looked it, he still possessed a very keen mind. He had owned a big advertising agency in Dallas and finally retired here in Naples.

I began telling him about my being a Christian writer. Then I gave him my testimony, to which he listened intently.

He tried to defend Islam but I told him I had done extensive research on Muhammad; and I began to explain to him how this cult came about, beginning with the birth of Ishmael by Abraham’s handmaiden and how Sara had finally conceived and had a son named Isaac, and how that Ishmael would be the father of many nations who would eventually become brother fighting brother even to the death. (Sunni and Shia Muslims.)

Larry listened as I went on to explain the Muslim faith and how it came into being through the seizure afflicted Muhammad at Medina; and I couldn’t help but notice Larry’s introspection, as he had nothing to add or to justify his erroneous belief.

To change the subject, Larry then went on to say that President Trump was a troublemaker; but after I told him of the crime committed by Obama and the Clinton’s, he confessed that our entire political system had become corrupt with bribery, graft and all forms of corruption. When he continued to vilify Trump without cause, I reminded him that it was Obama who had brought 30,000 unvetted Somalis into our country and settled them in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where they eventually were able to vote one of their own (the vociferous anti-Christian, anti-American, anti-Jew (Ilhan Omar) into the House of Representatives. As of this writing, it’s my understanding that there was a resolution to dismiss this radical interloper for voicing her hatred for America and Israel.

Surprisingly, Larry didn’t know any of this about Muslims, even though he was a visiting professor at some University up north and supposedly a very well-read writer and intellect. My thoughts on that were, “If you haven’t read scripture, then you haven’t read anything.”

After Larry paid the bill of his own volition, I thanked him; and he said, “You can buy next time.” I replied, “Have you ever eaten at Mc Donald’s?” We both laughed, and he said, “Yes, of course.”

So, it seems we got off on sound footing.


I just finished reading Mark Levin’s new book Unfreedom of the Press, a good read – confirming what we should already know.


Jim Towers

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