Is War on the Horizon? :: By Daymond Duck

The events of this week could indicate that a storm is on the horizon.

Israel is being attacked almost every day, and it looks like the situation is going to get more intense after the upcoming Israeli elections (three days from the writing of this article) and the release of Pres. Trump’s “Deal of the Century” (at some point shortly after the election).

First, concerning the attacks on Israel: on Sept. 8, 2019, Israel’s Foreign Minister said Israel is very close to a military campaign in the Gaza Strip.

Four days later, Prime Min. Netanyahu said Israel has plans in place for a strike on Gaza.

The next day, Mr. Netanyahu said a war could break out at any moment.

It appears that Israel has finally decided that negotiating with the terrorists is worthless, and the only remaining choice is to send in the military to wipe out the terrorists.

It is important to understand that a war in Gaza could spread to other nations.

Second, concerning the upcoming Israeli elections, polls show the race is very tight.

Prime Min. Netanyahu has responded by promising, if elected, to immediately extend Israeli sovereignty to the Jordan Valley and the north Dead Sea region.

Critics say Netanyahu made this promise to win the election, but God is in control, and it is possible that He made the election tight because He knew that Netanyahu would promise to annex more of the Promised Land.

Jesus said the Fig Tree will put forth leaves (grow; Matt. 24:32) so Israel must extend her borders.

If Netanyahu is elected, Israel’s enemies are likely to start a war to stop him, so it is not unreasonable to expect trouble.

Third, also concerning the upcoming election, there is a small political party in Israel called Jewish Power (or Jewish Strength).

Early polls revealed that Jewish Power wouldn’t get enough votes to win anything, but the group came out in favor of rebuilding the Temple, and all of the major polls suddenly started showing them winning at least four seats in the 120-member Knesset.

The election is so tight that Jewish Power’s four seats could decide who heads up the next government.

The candidate that gets the most votes will probably have to make concessions on religious issues to get the support of Jewish Power.

Without concessions, the winning candidate is not likely to be Prime Minister.

This could have a major impact on fulfilling prophecy, expanding Israel’s borders, rebuilding the Temple, resuming the animal sacrifices, war, etc.

Fourth, before Netanyahu promised to immediately extend Israeli sovereignty to the Jordan Valley and the north Dead Sea region if elected, he consulted with the Trump administration.

In essence, he was told that annexing the Jordan Valley and the north Dead Sea region will not impact Pres. Trump’s peace proposal.

This signals that Trump’s Deal of the Century will recommend that those areas be kept under Israeli sovereignty.

All of this is just speculation, but this is something that is real: expanding the borders of Israel and rebuilding the Temple have become issues in this election.

World leaders (the UN, EU and some Muslim leaders) do not like this, and they are saying they will not recognize it.

Several Arab leaders (Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Jordan) are calling it an act of aggression.

Fifth, as this article is being written, there is breaking news that the two largest oil facilities in Saudi Arabia have been attacked.

There are reports of several loud explosions and a huge fire.

This is another reason to ask, “Is war on the horizon?”

If it is, this world could change very fast.

Keep looking up.

Prophecy Plus Ministries, Inc.
Daymond & Rachel Duck