Love of Many Waxing Cold: Part 3 :: By Candy Austin

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28 KJV).

I knew I could not finish my ‘Love of Many Waxing Cold’ series without sharing the Vision of the Rapture the LORD gave me during an agonizing time in 2012 when the love of many started to wax cold. The Bible says that GOD causes all things to work together for the good of those who love HIM. In hindsight, I now see how the Vision, although puzzling at the time to me, was about the Rapture. That, along with the heart-wrenching experiences from 2012, ultimately led to my ‘finally pulling my head out of the sand’ about the Last Days in early 2015.

I remember feeling ‘disenchanted’ with everything I thought I knew, when the HOLY SPIRIT started leading me into all TRUTH. It was an uneasy thing to acknowledge that life as we knew it was not as it really appeared in our world. That most of what we were taught in school about the planet, the dinosaurs, world history, and our current politics was either not ‘totally accurate’ or not even true! Even though it was disheartening to have the ‘rose-colored glasses taken off for the first time’… I did not want to put my head back into the sand… I now had a ‘voracious appetite’ for the TRUTH!

I was grateful to finally have “eyes to see and ears to hear.” Since 2015, I have been on a Journey with the HOLY SPIRIT leading me into all TRUTH. I am so grateful one of the sites I was led to was Rapture Ready… which has been a comfort and a solace at many times and in many ways… just to know that we are ‘not alone’ in these disturbing and distressing times.

For those who have recently taken their rose-colored glasses off, or who have divinely stumbled upon this site, or who have also finally taken their heads out of the sand… this is for you. Welcome to the Last Days where up is down, down is up, right is left, left is right, where there is no longer ‘black or white’ (absolutes of ‘right or wrong’); it is now a blend of grey (blend of no absolutes). We are now in the Age and Time the Prophet Isaiah spoke of where bad will be called good and good will be called bad.

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20).

Link to my YouTube Ministry Channel (All For Christ) in Voice and Sign Language, sharing a 13-minute clip about a year ago on the 2012 Vision of the Rapture the LORD gave me:  Vision shared here.

At the time I did not understand all the details of the Vision, but over the years and growing in Bible Prophecy, I began to put the puzzle pieces together and saw how the Vision lined up with GOD’S WORD. I have never had a Vision before or since that made such an impression on my mind and heart like this one did. I am thankful for such an encouragement from the LORD.

I hope this series of the Love of Many Waxing Cold has been an encouragement to those going through the same phenomena in these Last Days. It is beyond words to fully explain how it feels to live every day with a broken and shattered heart thousands of times over. If it was not for my relationship with JESUS CHRIST, ABBA FATHER, the help of the HOLY SPIRIT, and HIS WORD… I would not have been able to get through the last several years.

“The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit” (Psalm 34:18).

“I had fainted, unless I had believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living” (Psalm 27:13).

“Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort” (2 Corinthians 1:3).

HIS WORD is a Healing Balm to my Soul; ABBA is my Refuge; JESUS is my Hiding Place; the HOLY SPIRIT is my Comforter. I do not see how people can live without GOD minute by minute, hour by hour, much less on a daily basis in this Evil, Senseless, Fallen World.  I do not see how anyone would choose to walk away from the Only Source of Light, Truth, Life, Joy, and Peace.

Sadly, the answer to why the love of many have waxed cold is because the enemy, the devil, namely Satan blinds the minds of those who are perishing so that they cannot see the glorious light of the Gospel. Also, know that we are not really wrestling with ‘flesh and blood’ but with principalities, powers, and wickedness in high places. Once again, the MOST we can do for our Prodigals and Lost Loved Ones is to Pray, Pray, Pray without ceasing for them!

Maranatha (Come Quickly LORD JESUS)!

“In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them” (2 Corinthians 4:4).

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” (Ephesians 6:12).

“Pray without ceasing. In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you” (1 Thessalonians 5:17-18).


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