Mass Murder and Suicide :: By Jim Towers

As a person who follows trends and Christian behavior in these final days before the rapture, I would be remiss if I didn’t elaborate on the mass murder and suicides occurring in our country and beyond in these troublesome times with the world spinning out of control very rapidly now.

While radical Muslims are killing Christians in other parts of the world, we Americans are killing one another in our own country, sometimes on a grand scale. Some of these killers are mentally challenged young men with a hateful agenda, as in the case of the shooting in El Paso, Texas, recently. This young man just wanted to kill Mexicans, or so he says. Then there was a follow-up mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio. Next came a mass shooting in Garfield Park in Chicago, and this is a place where gun control is in force. Over the weekend, four people were shot dead and forty wounded by gunfire as well.

Every day now, people are being killed because of their faith in Christ in other countries, so much so that hardly anyone notices anymore.

Satan has a way of making people act out their hate, misunderstanding and/or anger with a killing spree. On top of that, today with all the confusion in society and within the church, many young people find no reason for being and are committing suicide by the droves; and it all boils down to our overt Godlessness in a secular money- and sex-driven society.

It has been recommended – make that insisted – by the left that all guns should be confiscated from all citizens. It seems that they think guns kill people on their own, but it is people who kill people by any and all means; and if our guns were to be confiscated, there would be no way to protect our family and friends should the government decide to herd them into concentration camps or to kill them.

Believe it or not, Jesus told His Apostles to “Sell your cloak and buy a sword,” and we all know what a sword is used for – to protect oneself. There are just too many tyrants in government to believe giving them our guns would placate them. Such was the Nazi regime, and so American citizens are arming themselves to the teeth in anticipation of another mass shooting, and who can blame them?

Satan has us running scared, yet few people give credence to his existence or the Word of God that spells these things out in detail; many people think of the Bible as fairytales, and so they discount it. Thus, we have become ignorant of the warnings contained therein, and we fail to get our lives in order. The word of God says, “My people perish for lack of knowledge.”

On another front, Jeffrey Epstein, the consummate pedophile, hung himself with a bedsheet while being held in jail to face judgment. What a coincidence to have someone who had the goods on so many powerful people and who could blackmail them with secret recordings of their salacious behavior at any time. This seems to be the modus–operandi of these perverts – blackmail.

There will, by all rights, be many others among those implicated in high crimes and misdemeanors, as there is yet another investigation going on in the justice department among FBI agents and political leaders. This could bring about yet more suicides by people who can’t or won’t admit guilt against the youth of American society.

Even the Boy Scouts of America is coming under investigation for such crimes. Pedophilia has taken root in all parts of our society, but these perverts will ultimately have to answer for their folly. God would say to such, “Be sure your sins will find you out.”

On the other extreme, even when we lie against our neighbor, we will have to give account for it, since God looks at it as character assassination (murder) – as in the rift in our church caused by a few ungodly men or women masquerading as Christians. We’ve been warned about such men as “having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof.” I’ve almost decided to stick it out with my divided church, but it will be hard to reconcile my differences with men inclined to treat the church as a corporation rather than a place of worship and loving one another.

I know this all sounds pretty harsh for those who have only dabbled in the scriptures; but if we are to believe some loftier scripture verses, then we must believe all of scripture – as it is stated therein: “Every word of God proves true,” no matter who questions them, and the people that murder and promote murder will have to answer for their evil deeds before the throne of God.

On another more uplifting note:

I just finished watching the fully restored classic movie “The Ten Commandments” by Cecil B. DeMille, and the color and sound are crisp and clear and better than the original which I saw as a youngster in Lansing, Michigan. I, of course, found it at the public library – my favorite haunt besides my mission station – the Naples Pier.

If a young person were to view this cinematic masterpiece, it might open their mind to believe the truth of the scriptures, and especially in the findings of archeologists that prove that the Exodus did really happen. Images are powerful and stories can be exciting, especially in this context.

Viewing this wonderful movie again served to remind me of the enormity of God and His provision as well as the laws He imposed upon us for our own good. It also made me aware of His infinite power and prompted me to think about how that (unless we’ve been redeemed by the blood of Christ) we must give account to the Almighty at the Great White Throne Judgment.


Jim Towers

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