Ten Minutes Till Doomsday :: By Jim Towers

Persia was complicit in the murdering of Jews by Hitler by supporting his actions and by suggesting ways and means to do so. Today, Persia is known as Iran.

On June 21 of this year, the President of the United States called off a pre-emptive strike on Iran in the final 10 minutes of preparation to do so. With all the players in place, president Trump called off the doomsday strike.

I refer to this strike as doomsday because Russia would most probably become involved after an attack on their good friend and ally Iran. This action would set off World War Three.

Iran has been a tormentor to both the United States and Israel, often calling for our annihilation and the annihilation of Israel. Most Christians know that Iran is comprised of the very same bloodline of the people who held the Israelites captive in the Old Testament.

In any case, Iran recently downed a drone after damaging two oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz, more than likely – by the command of Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei.

After years of threats of war with us and Israel, the downing of an American spy drone in skies over the Strait of Hormuz near the Persian Gulf, coupled with the bombing of the oil tankers, was thought to be an act of war by Iran.

This act finally set off a chain of events whereby our military and John Bolton, among others, had finally had enough.

All systems were go.

Then, as President Trump tells it, “I stopped the action because it was disproportionate in the cost of lives to the cost of a drone.” How right he was. Nevertheless, Iran will probably continue to taunt us, and most certainly, they will continue to enrich uranium for weapons of war.

Most people don’t know that Iran is a Muslim country with ties to other Islamic nations. Still though, because they are for the most part Shiite while only ten percent are Sunni Muslims, and Sunni Muslims comprise the majority in Saudi Arabia, the two countries are at odds with one another even though they both claim to worship Allah and his messenger Muhammad.

Given the backdrop to the Islamic (Muslim) faith, we can only assume that this religion is faulty, and their only purpose for being is to promote the worship of Allah through intimidation, fear and deadly force.

As a matter of fact, radical Muslim factions have built a network of training camps right here in the United States. (Yes, close to forty of them exist throughout the country.) The CIA and FBI know this, but because of restraints imposed upon them through misconstrued or antiquated laws, they can’t do anything until these people actually commit a crime. Most of these training camps are private properties, bought and paid for by terrorist factions.

Years ago, when I lived in Miami, I came to know a group who bought into a Dunkin Donuts store. I distinctly remember a small group of men in Middle Eastern garb standing in the small parking lot in front of the place, congratulating themselves on the acquisition of the franchise. It was an odd sight to see these people straight from the movie “Lawrence of Arabia.” All that was needed were the camels;  they drove Mercedes and Cadillacs.

As time went on, I got to know them individually and even went for a ride with one of the young men to an Arab store in North Miami. He was a fun-loving guy, and (as is my habit) I attempted to share Christ with him. He acknowledged that Jesus was a good man and prophet, but I undoubtedly shared scripture with him, and I never knew if it took root – God’s word never returns to Him void.

After 9/11 I never saw them again. They seemed to know who was responsible for the downing of the twin towers, maybe not personally, but word may have been out in their community of friends and /or acquaintances. I don’t know. Remember, the perpetrators were at one time in Ft. Lauderdale and Miami taking flying lessons.

For those of you who are still living under a rock, a Russian war ship accompanied by a couple of others docked in Havana Harbor a few days ago. If they had nefarious intents in mind, they were in the ideal position to launch an EMP attack from this – the closest place to be able to launch a missile. Cuba is only 100 miles from the United States. This is the closest they will ever be able to get to us, that is, until after the EMP does it diabolical work.

The point I’m trying to make is that you never know who lives, works and makes plans among us. But we can’t live a paranoid life over something that may well be happening behind the scenes in our country even though it’s only natural to be suspicious, through a process called self-preservation.

You can live fearlessly – but you can’t have that fearlessness unless you possess the Holy Spirit; and you can’t have the Holy Spirit without receiving Jesus Christ.

Although I witness and love all my “Friends” on the fishing pier in Naples, today, for the first time – as I was leaving, I turned back and – facing the crowd of about forty men, women and children (who were all now facing me for some unknown reason) – I said, “Jesus is coming back soon.” People just froze in their tracks; no one made a move, and you could have heard a pin drop.

I’m sure some of them will think about the crazy guy who warned them openly – during their fearful and sleepless nights.

I would urge all believers to get their lives in order, prepare, and “Look up, for your redemption draws near.”


Jim Towers

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