The Makings of The Coup :: By Bill Wilson

In February 2017, The Daily Jot reported about the genesis of a coup. My ministry partner of 26 years, William Agbeti, has been through six coups d’état in Ghana spanning from 1966 through 1981. Only one failed. I asked him to analyze the factors of those coups and compare them with the current situation in America to see if there were similarities. He said, “All the FACTORS that play out for coups d’état are currently PRESENT in the US. Most of these FACTORS are oftentimes masterminded. The stage is being set for perhaps America’s first coup d’état.”

Agbeti went on to identify the various indicators already in place that may contribute to an overthrow of the US government in some form or another.

Agbeti says, “Coup makers in Ghana belonged to one, part, or all of the following categories of persons: disgruntled leaders; power-drunk individuals; stooges fronting for organized criminals; over-ambitious adventurers; ex-heads of state with unfinished agendas; opposition members who have created a shadow government; die-hard individuals with sympathetic ears to foreign powers desirous of entrenching and superimposing their interests (or way of life) on a nation.

“Master minds – employing state oppression as an excuse, using mainstream mass media, institutions, and instigating groups of people to pour out into the streets to create well-organized mass revolts – easily paved the way for successful coups. These master minds belonged to shadow governments with hidden agendas.”

While the Mueller report did not specifically point to a coup in progress by the Democratic Party leadership, the deep state within the bowels of government, and Republicans who oppose President Donald Trump – there is no doubt of a blatant effort to overthrow a duly elected president.

This ongoing coup attempt shows no signs of slowing despite the exonerations of the Mueller Special Counsel report.

The news media, though partially repentant and at first admitting it got it wrong, today continues to cover the coup-makers in the Democratic Party as if they had some magical pixie-dust to undo what Mueller submitted and make real all their wildest hate-filled dreams of Trump.

Christ said in Matthew 24:4, “Take heed that no man deceive you.”

Do not be deceived. Agbeti, says, “The whole probe thing looks like the well-known tactics that coup makers employ: key accusation(s) they level against a ruling party happen to be the most feared practices they themselves are involved in and want to cover up. Once they accuse the ruling party of such practices, then the likelihood of being accused of the same practice is totally wiped out. With this approach, they never let the issue rest! That will be too dangerous for them!”

Agbeti has reported on and studied coups and counter coups. He thinks America is looking into the face of an ongoing coup attempt by the Marxist left. I believe him.

Have a blessed and powerful day,

The Daily Jot Staff