The Declaration of Tyranny :: By Daniel Payne

We in the United States of America are at a crossroad. The direction we choose to take will determine either a soon future of continuous but dwindling freedom or total tyranny.

Make no mistake, the devil does exist and he wants total control. The worst tyrant the world has ever seen will soon arise seemingly from nowhere, and he will catch the world completely off guard.

Satan has long been prophesied to have a date with total tyranny in the person of the Antichrist at a time appointed by Almighty God. The devil has been working toward his allotted reign for thousands of years. The good news is—as Satan will soon discover—Almighty God is in total control and He will permanently defeat Satan at the end of the age.

However, in the short term, if Satan wants to control everyone, then he needs to take away their independence. America has long been defined as the place where independence can be achieved through hard work.

As of now in the United States of America, the able-bodied majority still remain capable of working and providing their own sustenance.

If the majority can feed themselves, then they’re less likely to yield to illogical requirements which would take away many of their personal freedoms and privacy. Satan is well aware of this, and he’s been working on a subtle plan that extorts human greed for his ultimate diabolical purpose.

The devil has been slowly whittling away at the financial freedom of average Americans for decades. Again, he’s well familiar with the old adage, “Never bite the hand that feeds you.” He has often used socialism/communism over the centuries as a means to take away freedom and gain more control over national majorities.

The most obvious and effective way Satan has been working toward his goal of implementing total tyranny in America is by driving the average American toward socialism. In order to achieve this, the average American must be led into impossible personal financial situations.

If America votes for the extremists in the next election who are touting their own grand version of socialism, the final nail will be hammered into America’s coffin of independence.

As most of us will admit, greed is a sin present within all human beings to be nurtured or deprived based upon the will of each individual. In short, most of us usually want more. Even though we may want something more, we can still choose to be content with what we have.

If we are born-again believers, then we can choose to be content with what the Lord has provided for us on a daily basis. However, for those who do not follow the will of God, greed can become a powerful and destructive weapon.

For those in the upper echelons of power, their greed has become a means to our end. We need to look no further than the rising cost of living a basic life, compared with stagnant wage growth.

For an eye-opening look, let’s compare historical median new home sales prices with median household incomes in a few examples:

In 1984 median U.S. household annual income was approximately $50,000 [2] while the median new home sale price was approximately $80,000.

In 1994 median U.S. household annual income was approximately $52,500 [2] while the median new home sale price was approximately $130,000.

In 2004 median U.S. household annual income was approximately $57,000 [2] while the median new home sale price was approximately $220,000.

In 2014 median U.S. household annual income was approximately $55,000 [2] while the median new home sale price was approximately $290,000.

And as of July 2019, the most current data available shows median U.S. household annual income is approximately $61,000, while the median new home sale price is approximately $320,000.

As you can see, the average cost of buying a new home has far surpassed average income. Costs of other essentials such as food, utilities, automobiles, etc., also follow similar trends when compared with income levels.

No wonder there’s so much debt among the current generations which still have to work, eat, sleep, and provide for their families. Wow!

Most of the current younger generation did not have the opportunity to purchase a home or an automobile at a reasonable price, when compared to their income, and then remain in that home or keep that car with the goal of paying it off.

By now, you have likely realized how Satan is driving the average hard-working American toward an impossible financial situation. What happens if or when all of that debt incurred by average Americans trying to live a nominal life is called in?

Did the average American still have a choice over the past twenty or so years not to incur certain debts? In most cases the answer is yes. However, average Americans are still human, and humans make mistakes, including financial mistakes, even while their intentions may not have risen to the pinnacle of greed in the highest places.

In other cases, many Americans may have incurred housing debts noncongruent with greed, and instead, based solely upon circumstances beyond their control. Here’s an example of how prices may have played a role in limiting the purchasing power of average Americans to have the capital necessary to provide for adequate housing, vehicles, utilities, clothing, food, etc., without accruing unreasonable debt:

Average Cost of a New Car

1930 $600.00

1940 $850.00

1950 $1,510.00

1960 $2,600.00

1970 $3,450.00

1980 $7,200.00

1990 $16,950.00

2008 $27,958

2013 $31,352 [3]

Average Cost of a Loaf of Bread

1930 9 cents

1940 10 cents

1950 12 cents

1960 22 cents

1970 25 cents

1980 50 cents

1990 70 cents

2008 $2.79

2013 $1.98 [3]

Average Cost 1 lb Hamburger Meat

1930 12 cents

1940 20 cents

1950 30 cents

1960 45 cents

1970 70 cents

1980 99 cents

1990 89 cents

2009 $3.99

2013 $4.68 [3]

And none of the statistics above have factored in the rising costs of healthcare and education. Also, refer to the average income in congruence with cost of living essentials such as housing and food.

There’s no need to adjust for inflation when looking at the raw data—it speaks for itself. All of us over a certain age are fully aware of our income compared to our cost of living.

Wealth isn’t increasing; it’s debt disguised as wealth that’s increasing.

There’s way too much stuff to buy and way too much credit to buy it with. It will be a dark day when the debt is called in.

But wait, there’s “hope” on the horizon for the average American burdened by such debt – a new socialist government that promises to alleviate certain debts in exchange for certain freedoms.

This will ultimately lead to total dependence on the government for everything, including healthcare via a universal income for all. This will then remove the incentive to achieve independence through hard work because total dependence will be the new American way.

With an American populace totally dependent on the government for their own livelihoods, they will then have no choice but to succumb to total tyranny.

[1] Median and Average Sales Prices of New Homes Sold in the United States

[2] Real Median Household Income in the United States

[3] Comparison of Prices Over 70 Years