Approaching Our Blessed Hope :: By Daymond Duck

China and its Social Credit Score Requirement

The Blessed Hope of Christians is steadily approaching (Titus 2:13), and could be much closer than many people think.

Below are three major reasons why this might be true.

First, on Mar. 6, 2018, it was reported that China is testing a program that requires every citizen to have a National ID number and a Social Credit Score.

Every citizen will be tracked, and their Social Credit Score will go up or down based on what groups they belong to, what they buy, what they read, the websites they browse, what others say about them, etc.

A high Social Credit Score means a person is a good citizen.

A low Social Credit Score means the person is not a good citizen.

People with high Social Credit Scores will be rewarded by letting them have better jobs, live in better houses, send their children to better schools, etc.

People with low Social Credit Scores will be given low-paying jobs, poorer housing, their children will be sent to poorer schools, etc.

How much a person earns, what they can buy and sell, etc., will be based on their loyalty to the government.

China implemented the Social Credit Score system, and millions of Chinese citizens have already been blacklisted from flying, riding trains, living in certain areas, etc.

On June 18, 2019, Facebook revealed its plans to implement a new cryptocurrency called the Libra in 2020 (Facebook originally planned to call it “Globalcoin”).

The Libra (Globalcoin or Facebook coin) appears to be a major step toward the creation of a one-world trackable economic system.

The Libra’s value will be attached to several major national currencies to try to keep it stable.

To give the Libra credibility and acceptance, Facebook has brought in 27 (and is seeking 100) investor partners that use the Internet such as Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, eBay,, stripe, etc., to back this venture.

Think about it: a global information system (the Internet), a global social-media system (Facebook), and global financial institutions (Visa, Mastercard, etc.) are being integrated into a one-world tracking system.

Almost everything that is known about a person (that person’s location, contacts, finances, buying and selling records, face scans, where all of the world’s wealth and goods are, all electronic communications records, texts, e-mails, etc.) will be in one database and available to one central authority.

Facebook can develop a Social Credit Score system like the one used in China.

As if this isn’t ominous enough, some experts are predicting that all jobs will be eliminated by robots in the future (but people will still need income).

At that point, people will be paid with a currency (such as Libra); the amount they receive can be increased or decreased based upon their Social Credit Score (such as a Facebook Social Credit Score); every transaction will be conducted electronically (so they can be tracked); and compliance with certain criteria will be put into law (such as the proposed Equality Act: accept LGBTQ, speak well of Islam, don’t mention or worship Jesus, etc., or you will be prosecuted for offending people).

It seems less than coincidental that this is happening when Israel is 71 years old and the UN wants a world government by 2030.

Second, in Feb. 2018 the Jewish Sanhedrin minted a coin (or medallion) to honor king Cyrus for his contribution to the building of the Second Temple and to honor Pres. Trump for recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Proceeds from the sale of the coin are used to train priests to serve at the Temple and, if needed, to help pay for the rebuilding of the next Temple.

On June 18, 2019, it was reported that the Jewish Sanhedrin has plans for minting another coin.

This coin is to honor King David in preparation for the coming Davidic Dynasty (remember that Jesus is a Descendant of King David, and He is coming back to establish an earthly kingdom).

It is also a reminder that, in addition to rebuilding the Temple, the Jews must re-establish the Davidic Dynasty.

The name of King David, a crown, and a verse of Scripture written in three languages (Hebrew, Arabic and English) are on the coin.

The verse reads, “So David bought the threshing floor and the oxen for fifty shekalim of silver” (II Sam. 24:24).

The three languages are a reminder to Jewish, Arabic and English-speaking people that the Bible says Israel bought the Temple Mount.

According to the Sanhedrin, there is a debate about whether the Temple will be rebuilt before the Messiah appears or when He appears.

But either way, the Sanhedrin believes that the Jews should start rebuilding the Temple as soon as possible.

Anyway, the Sanhedrin believes the Temple must be rebuilt and a descendent of King David must come to reign in Israel.

Third, this week, the U.S. came within a few minutes of an attack on Iran.

A U.S. attack on Iran could (I said could) have led to other wars such as an attack on Israel, the destruction of Damascus, the Battle of Gog and Magog, etc.

Some prophecy teachers believe these are Tribulation-Period events, but I believe they are pre-Trib events.

Thankfully, these things may have been delayed, but they haven’t been cancelled (God’s Word must be fulfilled, but that is only going to happen on His schedule).

Anyway, if an attack upon Iran had started these end-of-the-age events this week, they would have come upon the world like a snare.

Most people would have been caught eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, going about their daily business as if nothing very significant is going on, etc., in the Middle East.

For whatever it is worth, in late April 2019, Israel hand delivered information to Pres. Trump about Iranian plans to attack U.S. bases and ships in the Middle East.

U.S. Sec. of State Mike Pompeo warned Iran that the death of U.S. troops would be met with an attack on Iranian troops on Iranian soil.

When Iran shot down an unmanned drone, Pres. Trump asked the U.S. military to recommend a proportional response.

One military recommendation was to attack several sites in Iran.

After he approved the attack, Pres. Trump learned that approximately 150 Iranian troops might be killed.

He decided that killing 150 Iranian troops for destroying an unmanned drone was an excessive response, not a proportional response.

He was told that if he killed Iranian troops, Iran might use it as an excuse to kill U.S. troops, and that could start a war that would get a lot of people killed.

He called off the original attack, ordered severe sanctions on Iran’s leaders, and a virus attack on the computers at Iran’s command and control center for its rocket and missile systems (FYI: Iran said the virus attack didn’t work).

Put another way: Pres. Trump retaliated against Iran for shooting down the U.S. drone, but he selected a plan that will not kill Iranian troops because he didn’t want to give Iran an excuse to launch an attack that will kill U.S. troops.

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