Christian Movie: Part 2 :: By Jim Towers

I just received my first response to my previous article, one in which my reader says (in essence) that we should be like sheep quietly bleating – awaiting our own slaughter while being politically correct.

Now I know as well as you do that some of this is true. I think it refers to each individual person to the extent that we can endure; but can we stand idly by while our fellowmen and brothers and sisters in Christ are being attacked wholesale in our communities and in other countries? Do we quietly await (with bated breath) our anticipated persecution and even death by extremists and never lift a finger simply because of our faith in Christ?

King David and Joshua didn’t just stand by and let others run roughshod over them and their people. As a matter of fact, a fearful and politically correct Joshua was told by God to get up off his knees and to face the enemy. “Get up! Why do you lie thus on your face (praying)?”

What did Jesus mean when he said to sell their cloak and buy a sword? You don’t bear a weapon for decoration but for confrontation in protecting your family and friends. Such is the hero in my film – which is, albeit, a work of fiction.

As many of you know, I don’t ascribe to reading fiction and prefer true stories on film as well; nevertheless, I found it necessary to write this story to bring to the fore what many Christians, patriots and right-thinking people (having been cowed) are thinking – but are afraid to say openly.

It is said that the pen is mightier than the sword, but I also believe that movies can also be mightier than the actual sword of battle, causing those who saw and heard the story to ponder or think about what they experienced through this wonderful medium invented by Jewish men.

As a child, I often read comic books; and one of my favorite heroes was the Lone Ranger who always did the right thing without hoopla and fanfare, and just rode off into the sunset.

Soon after, he came to life on television – the show being directed by Charles Livingston whom I later worked with on stage as a Jewish playboy doctor in a play called “Take my Wife”! He encouraged me to pursue acting as a career, which I did – but that’s another story I’ve written about in my (as yet to be published) 248-page manuscript “Miracles, Signs and Wonders.”

In this film, the story deals with up-to-the-minute issues that plague our nation such as Pedophilia, cults, drug peddlers, criminality, terrorism, and church apathy; and it exposes political corruption openly as well, often referring to scripture such as,

“No greater love has this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” This is said while Martin is thought to be dead.

“It is better to be tied to a millstone and thrown in the deepest sea than to offend one of these little ones.” When Martin confronts a pedophile priest.

Synopsis/ Outline

In this Evangelical movie, Martin is a single, handsome and well-built 33-year-old Captain in the United States Special Forces. He is a gregarious Christian – well read, articulate and patriotic. Our hero also loves learning, and he can often be found at the Public library in his “off time.”

This former military warrior comes to the rescue of everyday men, women and children, confronting thugs, gang members, pedophiles and terrorists – all without fanfare or the ability to fly – except by plane. (He holds a pilot’s license.)


While riding a horse along with his men in the war in mountainous Afghanistan, an incoming grenade lands in the midst of his twelve-man company. Jumping onto the grenade to protect his men from harm, he is severely injured and is pronounced dead after being airlifted out of harm’s way, but he manages to survive after having a near-death experience (NDE.)

During this moment in time, Martin cries out, “I don’t want to die; … I have yet to marry and have a son…. A voice (GOD) replies, “You will not die…You shall live to fight the evil that has taken over your country.”

After many surgeries, he is finally sent back to the states to complete his recovery in Miami/Naples. Now he must endure painful but ardent physical therapy – as he struggles to regain strength to his injured body and limbs. After a year, he recovers fully when an Angel posing as a mysterious doctor gives him a stem-cell concoction through injection. (“Entertaining an angel unaware?”)

We can often find Martin working out at a local gym as he recovers.

The treatment the mysterious doctor has given him has increased the young warrior’s strength, speed and adroitness tenfold. When in trouble, his eyes focus on his surroundings – seeing things that others often miss, which also gives him the ability of reading body language in-depth. (Christians refer to this ability as “Spiritual Discernment.”)

Martin makes his home in Miami, Florida, and treads the mean streets of Miami and South Beach.

What makes this hero different than any other movie hero – is that he is well read, and he quotes the Bible along with other meaningful sayings, which makes this film biblically informative as well as entertaining – in aiming at the younger crowd.

Young people need someone to look up to in our turbulent and sinful country. Martin could just be the hero they are looking for.


Jim Towers

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