He Is, He Was, He Is To Come :: By Sally Law

He Was The Alpha

He has always been, before the foundations of earth were laid, calling forth life by the power of His voice. There are 951 translations of His sacred name. His first recorded name, “Elohim,” is transliterated from Hebrew: אלהים, meaning God.

YAHWEH Elohim, in Hebrew is translated: God Almighty.

The oldest book in the Bible, Job, says he made everything in the heavenly realm; the moon, stars, and constellations. This sacred book also proclaims that God hung the earth upon—nothing.

“He spreads out the northern skies over empty space; He suspends the earth over nothing” (Job 26:7).

His greatness and mastery have been told and retold, displayed for all to see.

He created mankind and womankind, every species of nature, all animals that dwell on the earth and the vast array of sea creatures. The mountains and hills He shares, along with the lilies of the valley. Fresh springs, rains and snow, He sends, graciously watering the earth.

He warms us with the bright heat of a star, the celestial sun, and cools us with the wind.

He Is Our Redeemer

He desires fellowship with His creation. The created world knows who He is. The trees of the field clap their hands with joy; the rocks proclaim His majesty day after day. Some of mankind and womankind struggle with this for some reason, rejecting the perfect gift of love, remaining in sin. A remedy is offered, God’s healing ointment for the wounded through His Son, Jesus the Christ.

Jesus loves, saves and heals. He is all that we need.

God’s Son gave His life for you, and for me. He rose from the grave to give us new resurrected life in Him.

He Is to Come: The Bridegroom

Jesus is coming again. I believe it is soon, and with Him, a new order of things for a thousand years. The ones who will be glad to see Him are those with welcoming, open hearts of faith and belief. He is to come.

“I know my redeemer lives, and He will stand on the earth in the latter days,” said Job. A man who saw with prophetic eyes to the end of days. I believe him, a wise man who knew his God and Redeemer.


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Notes: The Book of Job was written second millennium BCE and is believed by many Bible scholars and historians to be the oldest book of the Bible. Job also has a vision of the latter days and records it in his writings.

Iyov 19:25-27 Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)

For Ani yadati Goeli chai (I know that my Redeemer liveth), and that he shall stand up at Acharon (at the Last) upon aphar (dust, the earth); And though after my ohr (skin) has been thus destroyed, yet from my basar I shall see Eloah; Whom I shall see for myself, and mine eyes shall behold and no other; my heart faints within me.”

Sally Law

Spring, 2019