Where There is No Will :: By Dr. Thomas J. Miranda

Today we are faced with many serious problems: debt, immigration, endless wars, to name a few. One of the reasons we experience these problems is that we do not possess the will to solve them! Our legislators like to wring their hands over the immigration problem but have no courage to stop the flow of immigrants.

Our debt problems continue to plague the country while our legislators wring their hands; but they turn a blind eye to solving the problem which requires courage and a backbone, neither of which is a value possessed by legislators.

Thanks to the sainted Ted Kennedy, we are now mired in a hopeless immigration crisis on our Southern Border, a problem that grows worse each day. The reason we continue to experience the problem is that we do not have the will to solve the problem.

The Left in this country fight this President over building a wall on the Southern Border. Their argument is that walls are not effective. Tell that to the East Germans who were forced to live behind the Berlin Wall! I remember going behind the Berlin Wall… it was not a pretty experience. The people there were downtrodden and appeared to have lost all hope. The wall was effective as only three people tried to escape, costing them their lives.

In America we have lost the will to enforce our laws, and allow shrill voices to silence any calls for strict law enforcement. Protection of a nation’s borders is a fundamental requirement. The Romans learned that the hard way when they allowed uncontrolled immigration, which signaled the end of that great empire.

The current situation at our Southern Border will never be resolved until we act like a strong nation. We cannot allow the hordes who are flooding the border access to our country. The idea of giving largesse to illegals is moronic. Those people should be sent back to Mexico or wherever they came from since they have no legal rights to any of our benefits. Why are we required to provide food and health care to invaders who do not respect our borders? Perhaps the need for more votes that comes with illegal immigration is sufficient justification for letting them in!

Unfortunately, while we have a great President in Donald Trump, the forces fighting him appear to be gaining ground. The Democrat Party projects an image of an enemy who opposes his every move based upon their hatred of him and not what is good for our country.

We need to take drastic action. It is unfortunate that we have not used a simple tool to stop this nonsense: LEAD! It is amazing how the use of this heavy metal can stop so much of this abuse. A few well-placed bullets can have a remarkable effect in restoring the sanctity of our borders.

Unless and until we have the will to defend our borders and take action to do so, we shall continue our slide into the ash heap of history.