Unregenerates :: By Jim Towers

The doors to mental institutions have been flung open, and we are fast becoming a country of lunatics. Culture is diminishing to mindlessness. Our cultural leaders are liars and criminals, and our religious leaders are becoming complacent and/or complicit in today’s degenerating society – the unregenerate.

Modern-day art and fashion are also being greatly influenced by the unregenerate, and soon our country and the world at large will become a living nightmare for those who will be left behind to face the seven-year tribulation period the Bible speaks of. Thank God we “born again” Christians will be gone due to the rapture of the church – just before tribulation hits the fan.

Van Gogh had to paint the way he did with dabs and touches of just the right hues to compose a painting. Cutting his ear off – he made that clear. Modern art began with Picasso (an artist who was an excellent painter in his youth); with his mix of discombobulated body parts floating in space, painted in vibrant primary colors, he led the way for others to follow suit. Soon, a frustrated and mentally disturbed artist named Pollack began spilling paint directly from the can onto canvas spread out on the floor and began calling it art. His benefactor, a wealthy woman who was a “socialite,” became romantically enthralled with him and promoted his “art work” – if you can call it that.

Whatever happened to the likes of Michelangelo, Titian, Rembrandt, Caravaggio and Degas?

Today, anything goes, and anyone can pick up a brush to paint the images in his head on canvas. A certain young man (obviously on drugs) is following suit with ugly if not demonic renderings of child-like “paintings” that people are paying big money for.

We all know art is subjective, but come on! To sit in an art museum and ponder a piece of art while trying to appear cultured is not only silly but foolish. The Bible warns us that, in the last days, “They will say good is bad, and bad is good.” Elephants are also getting into the act with their “Works of art” as well and making money for their trainers. Even toddlers are getting into the act, their parents selling their so-called paintings for hundreds of dollars.

As for fashion, silly and effeminate men tell women (and now men as well) what to wear while they make money hand over fist – fueling their drug and sex orgies in New York, Miami, San Francisco and LA – and laughing all the way to the bank.

We see them everywhere – torn at the knees jeans that we know were manufactured that way to make us believe the wearers are waifs or of the working class. It’s just a matter of time until the manufacturers open a huge hole in the seat of women’s jeans to expose the gullible women’s derrieres.  Sex sells.

Women everywhere are already vying to see who can expose the most flesh, never stopping to consider the state of their decaying souls.

In the world of fashion, men are paraded on “catwalks,” displaying the latest modern trends which consist of women’s apparel and high heels. They even wear lipstick and eye shadow.

Seeing men in this display of debauchery, it makes a real man’s stomach churn in disgust. All of this is a joke played out on mankind by Lucifer and his homosexual minions – Satan must be laughing his evil head off.

Speaking of fashion, does anyone remember the story of the emperor’s clothes? Of how wanting to have the best of everything, the emperor wanted a suit of clothes – fit for a king. The shrewd tailor made him a set of invisible clothes that made him the laughing stock of his countrymen. Such is the case today – except that no one is laughing, and many want to belong to the “in crowd.”

We’ve reached the tipping point, and already we are seeing this demonic horde taking over the world with their sometimes silly or divisive ideas and inventions. This, while foolish rhetoric spews from their vile lips.

Manmade beauty is being replaced by ugliness in many quarters of our beloved country. Satan is using atheists and the unregenerate to confuse, confound, and divide in their direct attempt to destroy Christianity and rightful living.

We are fast becoming a crazed people in love with everything that’s ugly – ugly art, ugly apparel, – ugly music, ugly language – no social skills – lies – hate – drugs, ugly films, and corruption, plus an ugly religion (Catholic) filled with pedophiles.

The same can be said in political circles. Corrupt politicians are trying to cover their treasonous acts while good men are dying in trying to expose them. So much so that we are becoming immune with their scandalous, criminal behavior and the lies they tell – while they continue to walk freely despite their treasonous behavior. This is a very dangerous fault since, in so doing, our county will be facing collapse if we Christians don’t wake up from our apathetic slumber and speak up to stem the tide.

As we look out on this vast illiterate, obstinate and degenerate world, we can only hope to escape the havoc and societal breakdown that is coming upon us. And, while it’s true that some are doing good and redeeming work, they are becoming as scarce as hens’ teeth.

It’s hard to believe we are finally here at the crossroads of life, having to decide which way to go. Do we follow the unregenerate crowd or stand up for what’s right and good in this darkening world scene?

To those who still have half a brain I would say REPENT!  It is fast becoming your last chance to get it right and to find redemption through faith in Christ Jesus.


With the rapture drawing ever closer, we must pull out all the stops to bring in the unsaved.


Jim Towers

You can reach me at jt.filmmaker@yahoo.com  www.thepropheciesmovie  or www.dropzonedelta.com warriors following Christ.