Spunky, the Miracle Dog :: By Jean-Louis Mondon

This true story is dedicated to my daughter Giselle.

This is the amazing story of a little dog named Spunky who belonged to a friend of ours. At that time, my two children and I had moved to Hendersonville and had gotten acquainted with Spunky. Giselle, my daughter, was particularly fond of Spunky. One day the little dog disappeared, and in spite of all that we did to find her whereabouts, our search was unsuccessful.

About 9 months after her disappearance, my two children and I were invited for dinner at our friend’s house. Around the dinner table, ready to start, I suggested that each one say a little prayer of thanks for God’s blessings. Then came my daughter Giselle’s turn. She was only 8 years old at the time. She just whispered this simple unexpected prayer from her heart: “Heavenly Father, I really miss Spunky; could you please bring her back? Thank you for your love, amen!”

For a few seconds, my adult mind was musing: “Oh what a cute little prayer, while at the same time doubting that the Lord was going to do anything. In my mind, her request was apparently for no less than a resurrection since Spunky had been missing for 9 months. As far as I knew, the little dog was dead. After all, my adult and skeptical reaction was natural.

Next morning, at 7:30 AM, I dropped the children at the school bus and left for work. As I was turning from the gravel driveway onto the main road, guess who I see in the middle of the road about 200 yards away? Spunky, together with two or three other wild dogs that were crossing the road!

Ouch! The Holy Spirit smote my heart in a strong, inescapable, convicting manner. His still small voice whispered a few words of rebuke: “You have been walking with me for so many years, and you know my word so well. Yet your daughter, an 8-year-old child, asked me a blessing in faith and love; and here is the answer right in front of your eyes. Jean-Louis, you are lacking in faith, a childlike faith like that of your daughter.”

Woe is me… once more I was in the dog house… being spanked by the Lord! Right then and there, I had to confess my lack of faith, asking forgiveness for my cynical attitude and asking Him to grant me the faith of a child.

This couldn’t have just happened by coincidence. After all our human efforts, we couldn’t find Spunky, but God is attentive to respond to the call of a small child, even to the arranging of what seemed an impossible circumstance. He knew exactly where Spunky was and guided her steps in my path precisely at the moment I was leaving for work. A few seconds before or after, and I would have missed her because the pack of dogs was running across the road. Can you imagine?

Spunky looked skinny and mangy. Her fur was missing large clumps of hair and was full of fleas. She acted as if she didn’t recognize me. Still, under the effect of the amazing surprise, I took her back to our friend’s house. After several weeks of treatment and care, she regained her good health, a normal weight and her happy, spunky disposition.

You can imagine the joy we felt and the gratitude towards our Good Shepherd who cares not only about His lost sheep but also about their lost dog!