Every Day :: By Daymond Duck

It is not too unusual to hear someone say, “Bible prophecy is shaping up or being fulfilled every day.”

This is a day-by-day report of events from Mar. 24–30, 2019.

Sunday, Mar. 24: Sean Osborne (escatologytoday.blogspot.com) wrote that some are anticipating violence over Pres. Trump’s recognition of the Golan Heights as sovereign Israeli territory.

Monday, Mar. 25: Pres. Trump signed the document recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. Prime Min. Netanyahu was in Washington, D.C. for the signing; and violence erupted when terrorists fired a rocket from Gaza into Israel that struck a house and injured seven people including two children.

Mr. Netanyahu cut his visit short, ordered the deployment of two divisions of troops to positions near Gaza, and called up 1,000 reservists. 60 more rockets were fired into Israel, and Israel struck dozens of targets in Gaza.

Tuesday, Mar. 26: Terrorists fired 30 more rockets into Israel; the IDF struck 15 more targets in Gaza; and Prime Min. Netanyahu deployed more troops to positions near Gaza.

An anonymous senior terrorist was quoted in a newspaper as saying Monday’s terrorist attacks on Israel were ordered by Iran.

Officials in Egypt confirmed that the Iranians instigated the violence against Israel.

Wednesday, Mar. 27: Terrorists fired more rockets into Israel; the IDF struck more targets in Gaza; the IDF launched a major attack on Iranian targets in Syria; and some reports said there were loud explosions at Iranian sites in Syria for several hours.

Thursday, Mar. 28: Prime Min. Netanyahu continued to strengthen Israel’s forces near Gaza; he said an invasion of Gaza is a last resort; and he said Israel will continue efforts to prevent Iran from building up its weapons and forces in Syria.

Friday, Mar. 29: Palestinians and terrorists tossed hundreds of firebombs and grenades at Israeli troops, and these were answered with tank-fired shells directed at terrorist targets in Gaza.

Throughout the week, Egyptian negotiators tried to broker a truce; however, the terrorists kept upping their demands, including issues concerning the Temple Mount and Jerusalem—the cup of trembling, but nothing could be worked out.

Terrorists threatened major demonstrations along Gaza’s border with Israel, and Prime Min. Netanyahu warned that one mistake could lead to war.

Pres. Trump issued an order for U.S. maps to show that the Golan Heights are part of Israel.

It was reported that the Arab League has scheduled a Sunday meeting to criticize Pres. Trump’s recognition of the Golan Heights as Israeli territory.

According to the writer, the Arabs criticized Pres. Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, but they didn’t do anything about it.

It is the writer’s opinion that they will do the same thing regarding the Golan Heights: criticize Pres. Trump, but not do anything about it because they need U.S. and Israeli help in dealing with Iran.

Saturday, Mar. 30: There were demonstrations on the border; explosive devices and grenades were thrown at Israeli troops; the IDF fired shots and used tear gas; some people were injured (one critically).

Sunday, Mar. 31: Egyptian mediators were finally making some progress toward a truce, but few people believe the terrorists and their Iranian instigators will keep it for very long.

This is the point: When the disciples wanted to know the signs of Jesus’ coming, He said there will be wars and rumors of wars, and He told them to watch the Fig Tree (Israel).

Every day could be a day that someone does something that starts a war with Israel or a whole series of wars with Israel that relate to end-of-the-age Bible prophecy.

One mistake could be the beginning of a major event that will draw in many nations and signal that the latter days have arrived.

All of the signs suggest that people need to be ready, and the only way to be ready is to truly accept Jesus.

God didn’t reveal these things to scare people.

He revealed these things to show people that He is real; He is alive; He is still on the throne; He is in control and His Word is true; and He is demonstrating this every day that goes by.

Prophecy Plus Ministries, Inc.
Daymond & Rachel Duck