Cunning As Serpents :: By Jim Towers

Jesus told us to be cunning as serpents and harmless as doves.

With the word of God being ignored and replaced with man’s vain imaginings, idol worship and desiring to have our own way, they are prone to become bipolar, severely depressed and/or altogether deranged, as this young man in New Zealand apparently was.

Thus, in light of the Christchurch slaughter, we find ourselves facing a dilemma. Islamic worshipers were attacked by a lone gunman – as far as we know. Although his motives weren’t clear, he was obviously deranged, as are many in today’s world. All too many have an agenda bent on destruction, and they can no longer control the satanic impulses that compel them to do evil. Such is the case with Jihadists. Albeit, we Christians who have the Holy Spirit abiding in us should have a degree of self-control.

(Not all Muslims are terrorists but their theology commands that they hate Christians and Jews, whom they consider infidels. Many Muslims, like Christians and Jews, do not practice their faith even though they call themselves so. They are Muslims, Christians and Jews in name only).

So how then do we respond to those with whom we have issues, those who would harm and kill us? It isn’t easy, since our first instinct would be to retaliate in kind; nevertheless, God says to love our enemies. As hard as it sometimes is, we are to emanate Christ in our lives, and be peace-loving and forgiving individuals – it is not an easy thing to do.

We condemn the actions of others, and sometimes justifiably so. We sometimes have hard choices to make; but speaking for myself, I wouldn’t think twice in protecting my family members and friends by whatever means possible. This for me is permissible since king David, a man after God’s own heart, was a warrior.

While passing judgment on others, let’s not forget that we were at one time an enemy of God ourselves, which brings to mind the next little story.

I recently asked God to let me be in His will throughout the day as I awakened. Little did I know to what extent He would use me.

I go to a local park where once a month they have a “yard sale” where people in the community can come to sell discarded items and such. Since I enjoy encountering people to share my faith with and pray for, I look forward to that event.

Jehovah’s Witnesses have set up a tent there to promote their errant man-made theology, and it was grating on me to do something to counter them. Accordingly, I set up a ten-by-ten-foot tent and posted big signs that said “Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest – Jesus,” and another that said “Jesus said, I am the way the truth and the life; no man comes to the Father but by me.” Sure enough, one of the Jehovah’s Witnesses came over to investigate.

Being too busy to talk to him (because I was witnessing to a young homosexual), he only read the signs, and I saw him slither way out of the corner of my eye. Thus, I was confronting evil on two fronts as I let God do the discerning and judging, knowing I was doing the right thing.

Surprisingly, the young man revealed that another young man at the sale was also a homosexual. The two were friends.

Since I had dealt with homosexuals in the past, I did the best I could (in a loving way) to share the Gospel with the one while the other one wanted nothing to do with me.

Using scripture, I solemnly revealed that we are all sinners in need of forgiveness – me included. I spoke of repentance and faith. When the young man said he was a Catholic, I cautioned him to read the King James version since the Douay Rheims and the Catholics’ other booklets were faulty. I also let him know that Muslims also use prayer beads much like the rosary. He in turn told me he was appalled by the pedophilia taking place in the church by the priests!

We talked intensely for about an hour as the time flew by, and we finally had to go our separate ways. But before I left, I asked if I could pray for him, asking God to open the young man’s eyes in seeking God’s face. He acquiesced, and I said the prayer for him right out there in the open – for which he thanked me. And then I left, but not before giving him my card. The young man (E.) mailed me that night to let me know he was going to find a Bible.

What a day, and all because I asked God to use me that morning to His glory. That divine appointment made my day.

Movie and book critique

The movie “Evidence for Exodus” was for me entertaining since I love archaeology; but as for helping us Christians in our present situation, it was lacking in substance. Incidentally, one of my favorite books on that subject was “The Gold of Exodus” written several years ago which was more thorough and compelling. You can find it at your local library.


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