Betrayed! Few Know it Happened (Part 2 of 4) :: By Ronda Lane

In part one of this series (at this link), we briefly delved into one of the hundreds of betrayals made against the US citizenry in a recent bill which passed Congress on 2-14-2019.

The bill is called: “HJ Res. 31 – 116th Congress, Consolidated Appropriations Act 2019.” Here is the link to the PDF copy of the bill, which we will continue to discuss today:

In part one, we examined the open-border/amnesty provision within that bill. Please read part one first, otherwise it will be hard to follow along here in part two.

Today we are going to get into the laws enacted in this bill that prohibit the building of a wall (or any type of barrier) along much of the southern border. And we’ll delve into the numerous ways Congress has tied the hands of Homeland Security (and all its departments, such as: ICE, Border Patrol, et al).

In part three, we’ll briefly investigate other bills which recently passed Congress, along with strategies and tactics being used right now that work hand in hand with this bill to bring in globalist government. And in part four we’ll examine Bible prophecy, scriptural warnings and instructions to the church. 

We also must keep in mind that after this bill was passed, the media has been silent about it. The censorship and media blackout being as troubling (if not more so) as the bill itself, as it shows just how far gone our ‘free press’ is, being bought out and controlled by globalist interests (Yes, even FOX).

As we digest this information, we must remember that this bill is now law. We saw in part one who voted for this bill, and the links to the ‘roll call’ were provided. We expected Democrats to sell us out to an open-border platform, as they no longer even try to hide that’s what they desire. But more troubling were the number of Republicans in Congress (an overwhelming majority) who signed onto this bill and voted “yea” on this globalist nightmare bill.

In part one, we also looked at why President Trump couldn’t veto the bill (because Congress voted with an over 2/3rd majority to pass it). Nor can President Trump ‘fix’ this, nor override it with executive action (such as the “National Emergency” or garnering funding from the military budget). We’ll see in this part the numerous prohibitions within this bill against any type of partition along most of the southern border.

Now let’s look at the bill itself. Page numbers, sections, and subsections are provided.

No Funding for US Border wall (Yet funding for other nations’ border security):

*** Page 16 – Section 230 (a) and (1 and 2) – allots the only money within this bill given for any portion of southern barrier at all. But it’s not a “wall” at all; it’s “primary pedestrian fencing, including levee pedestrian fencing.” And it’s specific to one fifty-five mile stretch of the southern border.

This funding is not for new barriers, but simply to replace one that’s already dilapidated and in dire need of repair. They allot $1.375 billion for this one 55-mile stretch of fencing. But wait! It’s not even all (nor even most of it) used on fencing; instead Congress earmarks $570 million of it for “non-intrusive inspection equipment,” and $725 million of it for “security technologies and trade and travel assets.” (None of that is a wall, or even fencing).

In subsection A; 3 they grab more of that money ($33.5 million) for “station facility improvements,” and $14.8 million for “field operation facilities.” Not much left after that for the actual fencing, is there?

But it gets worse. Congress then takes more out of that initial amount by giving $222 million of it for “humanitarian need” on the border. What a slap in the face! Not only is Congress taking money away from any barriers being built, but is also handing over money to aid and abet illegal aliens in the process!

Even as outrageous as that is, it’s a small drop in the bucket compared to the billions of taxpayer-funded dollars these illegal aliens will receive for food assistance, housing subsidies, and medical assistance. Programs of which they are not entitled to under our own Constitution.

*** Page 9: Section 202 – does guarantee money for Puerto Rico’s Border Protection. Including such border protection as “procurement, construction, and improvements.” With a further stipulation: “when necessary to maintain operations and prevent adverse personnel actions in Puerto Rico.”

Apparently, Congress can fund (with US taxpayer dollars) barriers and walls in Puerto Rico to protect their corrupt government from their outraged citizens. But not here in the US on our southern border. Does anyone else see the insanity here?

Puerto Rico is an unincorporated US territory. However, there are many other such fundings within this bill which allot money to support the border control within other nations which are not one of our territories. Jordan, Egypt, and other nations are allotted funds for such things later on in this bill. Yet we’re not going to get into each and every one of them as it’s too lengthy to note them all (See pages: 317, 323-326, and 374, among others).

The point is this: the US Congress made sure to fund many other nations’ border control issues except our own! A contemptuous betrayal to the US citizenry.

Let’s also think about the end game here. Even if the president secures funding from the military budget (or elsewhere), this bill prohibits the building of a wall (or any type of barrier) on most of the southern border!

Wall stipulations and prohibitions – a wall with more holes and gaps is no wall at all:

Congress has taken it upon themselves to demand what types of border partitions are permissible to them and which they prohibit. You’d think they want illegal aliens flooding over our border (and by the time I was done reading this bill, that’s exactly what I believe to be the case).

*** Page 16 – Sec.230 (3) and (b) demands that barriers be (at most) “steel bollard designs” (interspersed steel slats, not concrete wall). In numerous other locations noted within the bill, only “pedestrian fencing” is permitted (at most). And in other areas, no barriers whatsoever are allowed.

Every prototype the president has approved has been nixed by Congress in this bill (now law). No form of concrete wall is permissible anywhere on the border. Congress determined this themselves. Yes, even the majority of Republicans in Congress.

*** Page 16 – Section 231 (1-5) demands that no type of barrier whatsoever (not even pedestrian fencing) be placed in five other specific areas (named in the bill), designated as environmentally protected. These include vast swaths of land on the border which are State Parks, Wildlife Refuges, Historical Parks, and even a “Butterfly Center.” Congress can claim it’s the aesthetic value of these areas in which they are trying to protect. But it’s clear that it’s illegal aliens Congress is giving protection to, not legal US citizens.

Common sense dictates that illegal aliens will skirt any areas where border barriers are and flood into these supposed environmentally protected areas en masse to gain illegal entry—without even pedestrian fencing to deter them! How does that protect US citizens? It doesn’t.

*** Page 16 – Section 232 (a-c) demands that Homeland Security reach a “mutual agreement” with all “local elected officials” regarding any physical barriers along the southern border.

It doesn’t take long to figure out that any Democrat-run area will never come to any “mutual agreement” with Homeland Security pertaining to having a wall (or any form of barrier) constructed in those areas. Those Democrat mayors, governors, and other elected officials have now been given veto power over any kind of barrier in their regions.

Besides the hundreds of miles of environmentally protected areas where no barriers can be placed, there will now also be hundreds more miles of Democrat-run areas where no barriers can be placed either. But it gets even worse!

*** Page 17 – Section 232 – Subsection (b): Congress demands a period for “public comment” regarding the areas of “pedestrian fencing.” The public will be given at least 60 days to comment on the “proposed fencing.” And then Homeland Security will only have 90 days (30 days additional) to “publish responses” to each of the comments!

Note: I’m going to use the abbreviation “HS” in place of the words “Homeland Security” throughout the remainder of this article, as we’ll be speaking of the numerous ways this bill ties Homeland Security’s hands often.

Imagine the scenario that’s soon to play out. Notice that Congress didn’t limit those who “comment” to just the people living in those areas. Imagine how many leftist lunatics and globalist-minded people all over the nation will be commenting and demanding a response. This is sure to overwhelm HS with time spent responding to each comment! And HS must respond publicly to each comment as well, and publish it in a “Federal Register.”

We can be sure that mainstream media, social media, video platforms, and all other leftist propagandists will be encouraging leftists to comment and overwhelm HS as they are now obligated to respond to each comment!

*** Page 12 – Section 222 – HS must submit an expenditure plan for any border protection (including “construction and improvements”) to Congress within 90 days after this bill goes into effect, and also no amounts can be obligated prior.

It’s easy to see that this means Congress just gave themselves the power to veto any type of wall construction and/or funding. Also, if the president comes up with a plan after the 90 days expires, Congress won’t accept it, since it wasn’t submitted via HS within the 90-day window.

This bill ties HS’s hands in numerous ways. This includes tying the hands of all departments under them (ICE, Border Patrol, the Coast Guard, et al).

In fact, there are so many instances of this within this one bill that it’s impossible to list them all in this article. But we’ll look at a few. If you have time to read any of this bill, you’ll quickly see the numerous ways HS has been rendered useless in protecting our borders because of this bill (which is now law).

Here are just a few out of the hundreds of ways Congress has tied HS’s hands:

*** Page 10 – Section 207 – subsections (a;1;2;b). This bill also demands that US Border and Customs NOT collect any types of additional fees at the Southern or Northern borders at a land port of entry. They took it so far that they even disallow US Customs and Border from even conducting “any study relating to the imposition of a border crossing fee.”

What if HS (and/or the president) had planned to charge a fee to border crossers to at least offset the cost of a wall (or any type of barrier) being built? After all, it’s because of these illegal invaders we even need such a partition. The president did promise that Mexico would pay for the wall. So, if they charged illegal Mexican immigrants a fee to cross the border, illegal Mexican aliens would be (at least in part) helping to pay for the funding of the wall. Besides, a fee would also deter many of them. But Congress made sure that wasn’t going to happen.

You’ll see time and time again within this bill that Congress has tied the hands of the president and HS in hundreds of ways. Congress should be desiring to protect our borders, not giving easy-access to illegal aliens. But they’ve given illegal aliens every advantage possible within this bill that is now law.

Why do we even have HS if they are not even permitted to do their jobs? That may be the entire point. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Congress soon demands the dissolution of all HS departments. They could pass another bill like this one and who would even know? Sadly, not many folks are reading congressional bills these days. The left has already openly admitted they want to do away with ICE altogether. See at this link.

*** Page 10-11: Section 209 – None of the funds designated for “U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement—Operations and Support” can be used to pay for law enforcement even if the security inspector general determines that the terms of the agreement governing the delegation of authority have been materially violated!

Congress is making sure no other agencies can be paid for helping maintain a secure US border. They’ve tied all of HS departments’ hands. Now they are putting the final nail in the coffin by making sure other (local, state, and federal) law enforcement agencies can’t help secure our border either. They don’t care if it does breach other agreements already made!

Is that not treasonous action? What could be more treasonous than to not only aid and abet illegal alien invaders, but to also tie the hands of every law enforcement agency in the US?

Here’s an example of how this would work out in real life: Let’s say a ‘caravan’ of illegals was breaching the US southern border en masse in a specific location. Then let’s say that, since HS’s hands are already tied (in this bill, now law) from moving agents from one location to another (so that they couldn’t immediately rally their own agents to the breached spot), that HS then attempts to hire local law enforcement to help with any particular crisis. This bill now demands that HS cannot pay these local law enforcement agencies for their time or help.

How do mainstream media and Congress deal with this? By simply lying. First, they claimed that the illegal aliens were mostly “women and children” trying to seek asylum. That lie was proven false, as the migrants were over 90% men who wanted either work or free welfare benefits. See at this link.

But then the public began to catch on to what was happening. So how did MSM and leftist rhetoric change? They simply now claim that there are no caravans and that there aren’t any masses of illegal aliens crossing our border at all! Deny, deny, lie, lie. John 8:44 tells us why.

Please excuse the outright lies and extreme leftist slant to the article I’ve sourced next. I’ve included it to show the lunacy of the left. They now say the caravans are “made up monsters” which have been “fabricated by the far right.” See at this link.

This lie-lie, deny-deny tactic is reminiscent of the Hitler regime. “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” The statement was attributed to Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels (in Publications Relating to Various Aspects of Communism 1946, by United States Congress, House Committee on Un-American Activities). Some dispute this; however, it was no doubt a tactic of the Nazi regime.

Tying the hands of Detention Centers/Detention Centers under attack by Congress:

***Page 11 – Section 210 – Detention centers cannot be funded if they receive two or more evaluations deemed “less than adequate.”

On the surface that sounds fair, right? Until we read further to see just who is “evaluating” the detention centers! Congress! Later on in this bill, Congress demands the right to visit and “evaluate” any detention center they want to, without notice. Not only so, but they are sure to bring along cameramen to film, then edit to twist what’s actually happening (like they did with the false ‘kids in cages’ nonsense which actually happened under the Obama era). That’s what will be shown non-stop on mainstream media. The lie and deny propaganda scheme continues. (See also: pg. 30 – section 532.)

***Page 15 – Section 226 – outrageous reporting requirements for detention centers. Congress demands that the director of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement not only notify Congress but also publish daily information about every detainee held. Not only that, they must make it available on a publicly accessible website. Then they must also make weekly reports to Congress as well.

These daily details must include dozens of time-consuming data: “data on aliens detained,” including daily data as well as year-to-date “book-ins”; as well as “average length of stay”; and numerous other details. In subsection C; 2; A-D, Congress also requires daily reporting of each detainee’s “level of supervision” and the “location of supervision” by field-office locale. Numerous other onerous burdens of reporting are included throughout this section.

Congress then mandates that it doesn’t matter how the “detainee” got there, whether the alien was “deemed inadmissible at port of entry,” or “arrested” for any other reason. Just lump them into one category; Congress doesn’t want to know which ones are known criminals! Why? Because Congress doesn’t want any of us knowing the numbers of criminals within those statistics either! Why else would they demand the illegal aliens be lumped together in each statistic?

Here comes the really insane part:

Page – Section 226 – Subsection B – i and ii: They then require detention centers to do something humanly impossible! They mandate that the detention centers assess and report daily on a detainee’s “level of credible fear.” Seriously? Which illegal alien is not going to claim they are “afraid” or “in fear”? And how would anyone be able to get into their minds to access such lunacy anyways? Will HS have to hire psychiatrists to determine this lunacy, or will Congress provide them with some leftover California new-age gurus to determine this lunacy of “level of credible fear”?

Next (just as much or more insane than the last), they then have to assess and report on what kind of “fear” the detainee supposedly feels. Whether it’s “fear of persecution” or “fear of torture,” etc.

Again, sheer lunacy and impossible to prove what someone allegedly “feels” from day to day.

But again, Congress is giving more rights to illegal aliens than to US citizens. They should have demanded that US citizens be assessed for our actual “level of fear” pertaining to these foreign illegal invading aliens, drug cartels, human traffickers, and other nefarious criminals pouring across our border. But again, Congress is rolling out the red carpet for illegal aliens, giving them every possible benefit they can. It’s infuriating!

As a side note: I had to step away from reading this bill numerous times. This was one of the many times. Not just because of the utter disgust, but because of the complete lunacy. Not only has Congress given illegal aliens open borders to walk across and easy access at every entry point, impossible to detain, arrest, or deport if they are towing someone else’s child along with them (as we saw in part one). But now? Now HS is supposed to read the minds of any detained illegal alien as to whether or not they are in “fear” and what exact kind of “fear” it is? And write a report about each and every detainee pertaining to these supposed “fears” daily? And publish it daily on a website as well? Insanity.

Yes, this whole bill made me question if I was having a nightmare, one of those Orwellian ‘1984’ – meets ‘Twilight Zone’ – meets ‘Outer Limits’ kind of nightmares? Am I in a coma and this isn’t really happening? Surely I’m going to wake up from this nightmare soon. This lunacy can’t be law now, could it? But sadly, it is! And just as sadly, we’ve been betrayed by Congress. Both sides of the aisle. Let’s not forget for a moment that an overwhelming majority in Congress voted “yea” for this insanity which is now law! (Proof provided in part one).

Even worse, as I kept reading about all these betrayals, I realized that not many other folks even yet knew it had happened! We aren’t hearing about it on the ‘news’ or in the newspapers. The censorship and media blackout of this atrocious bill is every bit as concerning as what’s in the bill itself. Is this Communist China? A Banana Republic? Aren’t we supposed to have a ‘free press’? Yet all we hear is propaganda or crickets.

This is why the Lord compelled me to “warn the people” (Ezekiel 33:1-9). You need to know what’s in this bill! The response I’ve received so far (prior to writing this article) when merely mentioning any of these facts within the bill has been disheartening at best. People either refuse to believe it (even when you give them page and section numbers), call me names for even telling them – or worse, they simply don’t care. I wish I were speaking of the unsaved world, but most of these folks are professing believers.

Many of them actually think ‘someone else’ is going to do something to fix it all. Do they not understand this huge insidious bill is now law? Not even a national emergency or executive action can override these laws. But since these folks didn’t hear anything about it on the nightly “news,” to them – it’s simply not true! A paid talking head spewing propaganda is where they get their “information.” The actual wording of a bill that’s now law? Sadly, it means nothing to them.

“Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth” (2 Tim.3:7).

***Page 25 – Section 503; (a); 1-5 and (b): Congress further ties HS’s hands by demanding that none of their agents may be transferred from one function/activity to any “new function or activity” without Congress’ express approval. HS cannot “create or eliminate a program, project, or activity.”

They specifically slam the president’s budget proposal for 2019, and claim HS funds cannot be used for it (which means HS employees cannot be used either) to actually do their jobs! They also claim that not even the president’s budget proposal can “augment funding for existing programs.”

Imagine if (as is already the case) a ‘caravan’ of thousands of illegal aliens were to be crossing our border illegally in one or two specific areas. Then imagine that Homeland Security (and/or the president) wanted to form a new task force specific to that area? Because of this bill (now law), it won’t be possible to use any Homeland Security agency to do the actual jobs they were hired for!

Again, we should be asking why Congress doesn’t want our borders defended? The answer is simple, but devastating. They want globalism. They don’t care about our security, and they obviously aren’t protecting our national sovereignty.

We must keep in mind that, even though we elected a majority-Republican Senate to (supposedly) keep the left in check, they’ve sold the US out to globalism, open borders, and amnesty-for-most (anyone dragging an illegal alien child along with them, claiming to be their sponsor, or even just a “potential sponsor”). They are as complicit in this globalist bill as the left is.

***Page 27 – Section 514: prohibits a “national identification card.” It’s clear that Congress had illegal aliens in mind within the context of this statement. They don’t want these illegal aliens to be in any way tracked once they enter this nation. Even though the social security cards we (legal citizens) have started out with the promise that they wouldn’t be used as a national ID, they have indeed been! The Social Security administration had to take that assertion off of the cards in the 1970’s.

So, it’s clear that Congress doesn’t mind if we (legal citizens) are tracked and identified. But at the same time, they don’t want any type of ID mandated for illegal aliens. Why? So the illegal aliens can have free range within the US, and we won’t be able to keep tabs on where they are or what they’re doing.

*** Page 93 – under “Federal Prisoner Detention”: Congress demands in this bill (now law) that only the US Marshall’s Service will be solely responsible for managing the prisoner and alien transportation system.

Note again how they’ve left that vital word “illegal” out, as in “illegal alien.” As if we don’t have a clue which “aliens” they are referring to? Just as Obama refused to say the words “Islamic terrorists” or “illegal aliens,” so too does this entire reprehensible globalist bill refuse to call them by their proper name: illegal aliens. The word games globalists play.

*** Page 124 – Section 528 (a): prohibits the DoD (Department of Defense) from housing or detaining illegal aliens in any facility in the US or its territories, other than what is already permitted by Congress in this bill. The DoD also can’t construct, acquire, nor modify any other structure to detain them either.

Over and over again throughout this bill, we see how HS’s hands have been tied. Now the DoD’s hands are tied as well. How ironic that this same bill allots funding (US taxpayer money) for detention centers in other nations who also have illegal alien problems. For example, money for detention centers are given to Sri Lanka (see pg. 341). And for detention centers in Haiti (see pg. 345). And for various other international detention centers (see pg. 354).

Airports now less secure:

***Page 11 – Section 214 – TSA (Transportation Security Administration) isn’t allowed to use airport staff, nor pay for airport staffing (nor require the airport to hire any help) to monitor exit points at the airports.

TSA isn’t allotted enough funds themselves to hire enough TSA staff to keep up with increased air travel and monitoring the exit points at airports. So how can the increased need be addressed? The bill specifically notes the Dec.1, 2013, date wherein TSA is required to keep the same levels of staff as they did in 2013. Even though air travel has increased over the last six years. Apparently, Congress would like to pretend that it hasn’t and to give illegal immigrants an extra route of entry via airports.

Why is it we gave up all kinds of personal freedoms and rights after 9/11/2001? Because Islamic terrorists used airplanes to attack the nation and kill thousands of US citizens. Yet why are we subject to such searches (even young children, elderly, very ill, and disabled in wheelchairs being patted down in private areas of their body)?

Air travel has become more than merely inconvenient to wait in lines at TSA checkpoints; often times folks miss connecting flights because of the waiting to be patted down and have our things rifled through. It would all be well and fine if they actually were looking for terrorists. We wouldn’t mind the added hoops we’ve had to go through at airports since 9/11 if they actually helped reduce terrorist activity.

Many leftists in TSA and other government agencies refuse to ‘profile’ a person who comes from an actual terrorist hotbed, especially if they are Islamic (the very ones who committed the 9/11 crimes). How does this help keep US citizens safe? It doesn’t.

Obama himself purged the words “Islamic terrorism” from public documents in 2016. It was an Orwellian attempt to cast truth down the ‘memory hole.’ Since the link to this article refuses to open (Hmm…), search for the Jihad Watch article online titled “Obama administration refuses to tell Congress why it purged references to “Islamic terrorism” from public documents.”

We’d hoped that with a different president and at least a majority-Republican held Senate, some of these Obama-era holdovers would also be purged. But is that what’s happening? Or are more globalists in Congress (and all government agencies) than ever before? All we have to do is read this bill and we have our answer.

Since TSA and others refuse to profile Islamic terrorists, whom do they target instead? US citizens. We are patted down like criminals, have our undergarments rifled through, our bags dumped out and sifted through, endure invasion of privacy during these pat-downs, etc. Those will continue for us.

Yet illegal aliens can just stroll over the border (and now through airports as well) and can’t be patted down, detained, arrested, or deported if they are dragging along a child who isn’t their biological relation along with them (as we saw in part one of this series).

Does anyone else see the insanity here? Why does TSA even bother if illegal alien terrorists can no longer be detained, arrested, or deported? Could it be that they simply wanted to take more rights and privacy away from legal US citizens while at the same time giving illegal aliens a get out of jail free card if they bring someone else’s child in with them?

Notice the word games used in the bill and on mainstream media today. Instead of the actual term “illegal,” they consistently attempt to soften the word to “undocumented” or simply “alien”? They refuse to acknowledge the very fact that these aliens are coming here illegally. And that Congress is now complicit in this illegal action! Making it as easy an access for these illegal aliens to get in and stay here as possible!

We expected it from the left. They don’t even try to hide their globalist open-border goals and ambitions. But what of Republicans in Congress? After all, they hold the majority in the Senate! Why did they vote “yea” for this atrocious open-border bill? Could it be that they are all sold out to globalism? Both sides of the aisle.

The hand-tying of TSA gets worse:

Page 13 – Section 225 – First they claim to allow TSA to conduct a “pilot program” (limited duration – test program) to screen passenger terminal areas (Section 225 – a).

But then they tie TSA’s hands in a dozen ways in the next several subsections (b-l, several pages worth), making it impossible for TSA to do the very thing Congress claims they’ve allowed them to do in subsection (a).

One of the numerous ways Congress negates TSA’s ability to screen illegal aliens is that they require TSA to notify (and receive approval from) no less than four separate congressional committees (named in this section of the bill) prior to conducting the screening. Imagine how that would work in an emergency situation? It wouldn’t.

Then there’s this little nugget in subsection (d): “No screening services may be provided under subsection (a) unless the requesting entity agrees in writing to the scope of the screening services to be provided.”

Then they add another gem in subsection (e) – that even if a special screening program were to somehow make it through all those hoops and be approved, it limits TSA to “not more than eight locations” in total! That’s for the entire USA!  And they also added that this will be in effect until 2021!

Why? One can only conclude that Congress doesn’t want TSA screening illegal aliens in airport terminals whatsoever! Eight locations across the entire US is certainly not adequate screening. And why the 2021 date? Could it be they are actually hoping for a terrorist act to be committed between now and then? Why tie TSA’s hands for that length of time? Shouldn’t they have limited it to the year at hand at most? Something doesn’t smell right; it’s this entire globalist bill that stinks!

Subsection “h” (of section 225 continued on page 14) again requires TSA to notify (and receive approval from) at least 4 congressional committees. Demanding TSA notify these 4 congressional committees within 90 days after the enactment of this bill, also to contain an “evaluation plan,” and other details of any special screening to be conducted.

It would be impossible for TSA to implement any emergency screenings following a terrorist act. How could HS or TSA know in advance (within 90 days of this bill passing) of a future date a terrorist act would be committed?  They couldn’t. That’s the point. Congress is leaving TSA wide open for illegal aliens as well as terrorist acts. Not just the southern and northern borders but airports now also!

It’s clear to see it’s not just Mexican and South American illegal aliens that this bill aids and abets in every way with easy access to get in and stay in the US, but also terrorists coming in via airports. There is no other reason for requiring TSA to get congressional approval (from four congressional committees, no less) prior to conducting a special screening, and also to limit any special screenings to a total of eight across the entire US. How on earth does that help keep our borders and US citizenry safe? It does just the opposite!

***Page 14 – Section 225 – Subsection (k). Congress made sure to tie up any other ways screenings may be completed. If TSA had thought to conduct screenings “off-site” (not within the terminal), then Congress has also nixed that possibility by prohibiting it in this subsection.

Imagine the horror if we were to have a terrorist act (committed via airplanes again – as 9/11 was) any time after the 90 days from 2-14-19? TSA wouldn’t be able to conduct any special screenings right after the event because of this bill. Even if (for example) TSA knew for certain that the terrorists came from Jordan (as an example only), they wouldn’t be permitted to conduct a special screening of Jordanian passengers (again an example only). Or from whatever known location the terrorists originated from. Insanity!

Sadly, we’ve now run out of space for this part of the article. There are literally hundreds more betrayals within this bill. Such as: Tying the hands of Secret Service. Making secrets open. Page 12- Section 221. Also reducing vehicles and equipment throughout every HS agency. Even limiting the entire Coast Guard to 25 vehicles total: page 7: under “Coast Guard -Operations and Support.”

There is also the fact that Congress broke their own rules! They are required to have at least a 72-hour period of time in order for each of them to actually read any and all bills before they vote on them. This bill (eight bills rolled into one) should have given them even more time. But they voted on it mere hours after the hard-copy printed version came out. It’s far worse than negligent government. It’s treasonous!

There are so many more things we need to look into within this bill, and the ramifications of each egregious betrayal. But we’re out of space here.

May I humbly, but urgently request that you all spend some time this week (or this month, as it’s so lengthy) reading the bill and determining the ramifications of every action demanded within it? It’s boring legalese, and wordy as well. But if we don’t inform ourselves, who will? Certainly not mainstream media.

If we have time daily to watch the garbage propaganda that mainstream media peddles, then surely we could use that time to read this bill instead? The censorship and media blackout pertaining to any facts within this bill is as troublesome as the bill itself.

And it’s not this bill alone. In the next part of this series (part 3), we’ll delve into other bills, strategies, and tactics being used to bring down this nation right now! Our national sovereignty, borders, and even our very Constitution is under attack. Yet so few even recognize how bad it is. Few even recognize this bill (alone) has been passed, much less the other tactics being used today.

This is all headed towards the global government foretold in scripture. We may have thought that a Trump presidency had staved it off for a short time. But we may have been deceived as what’s going on behind the curtain is being brought to light. This bill and many others prove Congress’ intent and actions.

God willing, we will finish this series off (in part 4) with scriptural instruction, warnings, and Biblically prophetic significance of what is happening here in the US and around the world today. God’s word has all the answers. While this may be too grievous to bear for some; too insidious to even look upon; and disheartening to know about; it’s imperative that we do look into these things so that we can be informed and warn others. (“Warn the people” – Ezekiel 33:1-9).

We are also told to make manifest and reprove these works of darkness done in secret. How? By bringing them to light:

“And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret. But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light” (Ephesians 5:11-13)