Betrayed! Few Know it Happened (Part 1 of 4) :: By Ronda Lane

A treasonous and insidious betrayal happened here in the US recently, yet so few even know it occurred.

Have you ever been a reluctant witness? Moses pleaded with God to send someone else (Exodus 4:10-13). Jonah tried to run away from his responsibilities (Jonah chapters 1-2). I’ve been hoping ‘someone else’ would tell you. But it’s been over a month now and no-one has.

I’ve tried to set this article aside numerous times. There’s too much betrayal to even begin to cover in one article. I wanted to give up. I pleaded with the Lord. I have major health issues right now which are more than a little distracting. I asked the Lord to please find ‘someone else’ to do this job.

But the Lord wouldn’t allow me to shirk this responsibility. There comes a time when there is no ‘someone else’ but each of us, individually, are accountable to do a job the Lord calls us to do. Every day the Lord brought Ezekiel 33:1-9 to mind, several times a day. Especially verse 3 “warn the people.” Once you are done reading this series of articles (and looking up the proof provided), I do hope you’ll also be compelled to “warn the people.” No one else is telling them.

What am I talking about? Laws were passed under our noses, laws that are open border/amnesty laws. Laws that prohibit building a wall (or any type of barrier) along most of the southern border. Laws that are sure to cause more harm to children, human trafficking, kidnapping, street crime, and more. Laws that tie the hands of Homeland Security (and all its departments such as: ICE, Border Patrol, the Coast Guard, et al). This is just the tip of the iceberg.

What? Those are quite a lot of accusations. Wouldn’t you have heard about it on the ‘news’? Wouldn’t everyone be talking about it if these accusations were true? Wouldn’t someone have told you?

Sadly, that’s part of the betrayal as well. We already knew mainstream media is sold out to the far-leftist/globalist agenda. But surely there are still some ‘conservative’ media outlets who should have told us, right?

Prior to this bill being passed, I only found two sources warning about it. There may have been more. But due to censorship on all search engines today, it’s impossible to find relevant results in some instances. That is by design, of course.

Here are the two sources who warned about the bill before it passed Congress and was enacted into law. The first one is a video from CRTV/Blaze TV (I apologize to anyone who doesn’t have a Facebook account; I couldn’t find it on the free videos on the CRTV/Blaze site, and don’t have a paid subscription). The host also mentioned an OAN segment; and once again, I couldn’t find that either (OAN is another paid subscription I don’t have, and it wasn’t available in their free content):

Click on this link: White House Brief Video, Border Bill

Here’s an article from Breitbart that was written prior to the bill being passed. They rightly predicted that this bill will cause the largest surge of border crossers ever:

Click on this link: Experts: GOP/Dem Deal to Spark ‘Largest Surge’ of Young Border Crossers ‘Country Has Ever Seen’

I couldn’t find any other truthful coverage of this bill. Not even FOX (we’ve seen them take a hard left also). But equally as shocking was that after this bill was passed on 2-14-2019, there have been nothing but crickets. The media blackout and/or censorship of this bill is as troublesome as the bill itself.

Not only does it bear witness to how much censorship has gained ground in the media and online, but so too does it demonstrate how badly Congress (and globalists) want to hide this egregious betrayal from the public’s eyes.

As is often the case, when Congress wants to pass something particularly nasty, they do it while much of the citizenry is otherwise distracted. Congress committed its worst betrayal upon us on February 14, 2019, when “HJ Res. 31” was passed. A very vile Valentine’s day gift.

But we can’t blame it all on media. We may not want to hear this, but you and I bear some of the fault as well. Why? We’re not reading the bills Congress passes.

Congress is counting on a population who gets their ‘news’ from TV and newspapers rather than actually reading any Congressional bills themselves. And with good reason. Bills are written in ‘legalese’; very dry; boring; and with uncut paragraphs that can run for several pages in length. Who has time for that? Apparently, not many.

Worse, this particular bill is over 1,000 pages (hard copy) in length. It’s eight bills rolled into one. As soon as people see how long it is, very few are willing to even begin to read it. Sadly, Congress has achieved the desired outcome. Not many have read this bill. And thus, the US citizenry doesn’t even know that the worst open-border bill has been passed without most of us even knowing!

The first response you may have is to dismiss these accusations. I assure you the accusations are true. We are going to get into the proof shortly—the actual bill itself with page numbers, sections, and subsections noted for you so you can quickly read each section of the bill we’re soon to examine.

In all honesty, it’s much worse than I can bring forth in one article, or even in this four-part series. There are hundreds of betrayals within this bill. We’ll only have time to look at and consider the ramifications of a small handful of betrayals within the bill. The ramifications of each new law also need to be digested as these are as important as the wording of the bill itself.

It will then be up to each of you to perform your own due diligence and read as much of the bill as you can, if possible.

In this part (one), we are going to delve into only one of the hundreds of betrayals within this bill. In the next two parts of this series, we’ll look into a few more. We’ll also look at the ramifications of each (which takes longer than reading each part of the bill itself). Then, in the final part of this series, we’ll explore scriptural warnings and instructions.

The bill they passed is called: “HJ Res. 31″ – 116th Congress, Consolidated Appropriations Act 2019.” Here is the link to the PDF copy of the bill: Click here.

We’ll be using the PDF file because it has page numbers we can reference. The PDF file is 465 pages in length. All of the original (1,000+ pages of hard copy) are included. It’s just been minimized in text size to reduce page count. (We can enlarge the text size by using the “+” sign on right of PDF screen.)

Before we get into the bill itself, I’d like for you to keep five key points in mind during the entire time you read of these betrayals:

First: Globalists often attempt to soften or hide truth by changing words. For example, they will use the word “undocumented” or “alien” when they are actually speaking of “illegal aliens.” Make no mistake; the “aliens” they are speaking of in this bill are indeed “illegal aliens,” even if they’ve tried to soften that truth by dropping the word “illegal.”

Second: We already know that the left has been sold out to globalism and open borders. That should come as no surprise. But we’ll need to recognize that the majority of Republicans in both the House and Senate also voted “yea” on this bill. An overwhelming (over 2/3rds) majority.

Eighty-seven House Republicans voted in approval to pass this bill! (Keep this in mind after reading the betrayals within this bill.) I was shocked by who some of them were. You can see the House ‘roll call’ vote at this link.

Third, we voted in a majority-Republican-held Senate to keep the Democrats in check (or so we thought). We certainly didn’t expect the Senate Republicans to cave into an open-border globalist bill. Yet only ten Senate Republicans voted “Nay” on this bill! It passed the Senate with an overwhelming 83 “Yeas” to a mere 16 “Nays” (six of which were Democrats). You can see the Senate ‘roll call’ vote at this link.  

So much for the Republican-majority Senate keeping the Democrat-majority House in check. It didn’t happen. We voted them into office to keep the left in check. Yet they betrayed us.

Fourth: This bill passed Congress with an overwhelming (over 2/3rds) majority. When a bill passes Congress with that much support from Congress (2/3rds or more), then the President cannot veto it! He can attempt to veto it the first time, but if it goes back on the floor and still receives a 2/3rds or more “yea” vote, then it becomes law regardless of whether the President vetoes it or whether he signs it or not. With that in mind, President Trump signed the bill. The bill is now law.

Fifth: Some folks are counting on Pres. Trump ‘fixing’ this by executive action. The President has declared a “National Emergency” and is trying to divert funds from military spending in order to “build the wall.” But it can’t be fixed this way. And very little (if any) wall will be built. Why?

This bill is now law. The Supreme Court is bound by Constitutional oath to uphold law (even if they don’t like that particular law or numerous laws). We’ll soon see that, within this bill, there are hundreds of miles on the southern border where no wall (nor partition of any kind) can be placed. That is now law. We’ll also see that, in Democrat-controlled regions on the southern border, those Democrat officials have been given the power to veto any wall in their district/area. Again, that’s now law. There are many more stipulations and regulations within this bill that prohibit the building of a wall of any kind. The bill is now law. (We’ll get into those in part two of this series.)

As we’ve seen with prior executive action during the Trump presidency, far-leftist-activist judges will attempt to overrule the president’s executive action in lower courts. They will then slow-walk the appeals process to try to keep it from getting to the Supreme Court before 2020.

Then, when and if it finally makes it on appeal to the Supreme Court, the president’s stated desires cannot be upheld. Why? Because even though we now have a supposedly ‘conservative’ majority of justices on the Supreme Court, they are sworn by oath and the Constitution to uphold law. This bill (and all its egregious burdens) are now law. Executive action can’t override law, especially now that Congress has made so many prohibitions specifically about any border wall (or barriers) as well as the amnesty provisions (we’ll also look at within the bill). These are all now law.

With just “the wall” issue alone, this bill guarantees there will be more gaps and holes than wall. That’s like having no wall at all. Common sense dictates that if there are numerous gaps and holes in any kind of partition, the illegal aliens will simply flood through those gaps and holes, skirting any areas where any form of barrier is.  So even if the president gets funding out of the military budget, and even if he uses the military itself to build a ‘wall,’ there won’t be many places a ‘wall’ (or any kind of partition) can be built along our southern border, due to the prohibitions in this bill which are all now law. (And law is what the Supreme Court must uphold.)

But the wall issue is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more egregious betrayals within this bill. In fact, it’s an open-border, amnesty-for-most bill. Think I’m exaggerating? I only wish I were. Once we pick apart this bill, you’ll see it with your own eyes.

With all those things to keep in mind, let’s now delve into the bill itself. Here’s the link again, so you can check the accusations with the proof in the bill’s text.

Open Border/Amnesty:

I’ll copy/paste most of the paragraph we’re discussing for this one section alone. This one is so egregious that we have to see it ourselves. There won’t be space in this series of articles to paste the bill-wording for the remainder of the other issues we’ll delve into within this bill. But page numbers, section, and subsection numbers will be given for the others.

Pages 12-13 – Section 224 – Subsection (a):
(a) “None of the funds provided by this Act or any other Act, or provided from any accounts in the Treasury of the United States derived by the collection of fees available to the components funded by this Act, may be used by the Secretary of Homeland Security to place in detention, remove, refer for a decision whether to initiate removal proceedings, or initiate removal proceedings against a sponsor, potential sponsor, or member of a household of a sponsor or potential sponsor of an unaccompanied alien child.”

This one paragraph has numerous ramifications we must pick apart and look at. Who is an “unaccompanied alien child”? An illegal alien child who is not traveling with their biological parents. A “sponsor” is an illegal alien adult unlawfully coming into this country and who will now be using “unaccompanied [illegal] alien children” as their pawns. (It gets worse.)

Remember how outraged we were about anchor babies and chain immigration? This is even worse. Remember how outraged we were about ‘catch and release’? This is even worse! Now the anchor child doesn’t even have to be related to the illegal alien adult. Now the adult illegal alien can’t even be caught (nor arrested or detained), but only released here on US soil (No “catch” / only release). They can’t be deported or even have deportation “removal proceedings” initiated against them! All they have to do is bring someone else’s child (not their own biological child) along with them. But it gets worse…

They don’t even have to have that child present with them. They simply have to claim they are a “potential sponsor” of an “unaccompanied [illegal] alien child,” and POOF – the adult illegal alien can’t be detained, arrested, or deported when they simply make that claim (whether true or not, no proof needed)!

If you’re not upset or if it hasn’t sunk in yet, please re-read the above paragraphs. Why? Children are going to be used as pawns and as ‘get out of jail free cards.’ These illegal alien adults will use children to gain unrestricted entry, amnesty, exemption from deportation, exemption from even being detained! All the adult illegal alien has to do is grab a child (who doesn’t belong to them biologically) and claim they are either a sponsor or “potential sponsor” of that illegal alien child!

Let’s pick it apart further. This is going to cause all of the following to skyrocket: kidnapping, human trafficking, child prostitution, pedophilia, more drug cartels and gangs (including MS-13 and others) endangering children, and even death of children. I can’t bear to think about what those drug gang-bangers will do to a child after they’ve used them as pawns to get into this nation.

We already knew that the left doesn’t care about children, no matter how many times they orchestrate false narratives for the camera crews. The left is passing bills for late-term abortion in several states. The murder of healthy and viable babies is now ‘law’ in those states (and many are soon to pass more). Even worse, they openly admit that they have no problem with the murder of babies even after live birth!

We can see that the left doesn’t care for anyone else’s children; they murder their own! But what of Republicans in Congress? How could they have signed onto and voted in approval of this bill? It doesn’t take much critical thinking to realize how many children will be permanently harmed or even murdered because of this bill. Adult illegal aliens using children (now not even biologically related to them) to get into this nation and stay.

Why not take time to look at those ‘roll call’ vote tallies again? It sickens me to realize I voted for some of those Republicans who voted “yea” on this bill. We’ve been betrayed by Congress. Yes, even the majority of Republicans in both the House and Senate.

This open-border amnesty bill (now law) guarantees there will be many more criminals in our streets with no way to deport them, much less even arrest or detain them. So too have those illegal alien children been betrayed by Congress. Many will suffer and die because of this bill.

Welfare records for illegals off the table:

Here’s another insanity within that same part of the bill (at the end of subsection a): Congress also stipulated that any information gathered by “Health and Human Services” (the Welfare Department) cannot be used to find, track, detain, or deport illegal aliens either.

Think about that by itself: Are US citizens allotted that same privilege? Are we exempt from law enforcement (local or federal) using Welfare records? No, of course not (and no one should be; a crime is a crime). But illegal aliens are now exempt! So not only has Congress given illegal aliens rights, but they’ve given them rights over and above what is given to legal US citizens!

Criminal Records:

We also note that in that same part of the bill (in subsection b; 1; A-D), if a background check turns up a felony or aggravated felony pertaining to: child abuse, sexual violence, child pornography (et al), then the rules of subsection (a) won’t apply. Sounds good on paper, right? But not in real life. Here’s why:

Let’s say an illegal alien adult male desires to come into this nation with unfettered access. Let’s call him “Pablo” (to reduce words, simply so I don’t have to call him “the illegal alien male adult who is coming here” dozens of times).

Let’s say “Pablo” brings a child with him, and that the child has no biological relationship to “Pablo” whatsoever. “Pablo” will be using that child as a pawn to keep from being arrested, detained, or deported. The child is considered an “unaccompanied [illegal] alien child” under this bill.

Example #1: Let’s say “Pablo” does have a criminal felony or even an aggravated felony (from a US court of law), wherein he was convicted of either child abuse, sexual assault, child pornography, kidnapping, or all of the above. How would Homeland Security (or any of their agencies, such as Border Patrol or ICE, et al) even know, or be able to find out?

After all, they cannot detain or arrest “Pablo” long enough to even look to see if he has a criminal record, since “Pablo” is bringing along a child with him. Due to this bill, they won’t be able to detain “Pablo” long enough to even run a background check.

It’s also very unlikely that an illegal alien who is also a convicted felon (much less one who is convicted of an aggravated felony) would be carrying a valid ID on him. Many of them purchase fake ID’s, or carry none at all for this very reason.

Example #2: Let’s say that “Pablo” has never set foot on US soil prior to today. If so, he couldn’t possibly have a felony or aggravated felony (from a US court of law) for any of the crimes listed. But let’s say “Pablo” did commit any of those crimes (such as child abuse, sexual assault, child pornography, kidnapping, or even all of those) in another nation – whether it be Mexico or any other nation he originated from.

In this example, let’s say “Pablo” was also a pedophile, drug pusher or drug kingpin, and cartel or gang member (in addition to the crimes listed above). Again, how would Homeland Security even know? They wouldn’t have access to all other nations’ criminal court records, nor would they even be able to detain or arrest “Pablo” long enough to even try to find out his true name and history.

Example #3: Let’s say “Pablo” had indeed been convicted of child abuse, sexual assault, kidnapping, child pornography, illegal drug pushing, and was a known cartel or gang member as well in another nation. Even if Homeland Security had proof of that, it wouldn’t matter because “Pablo” hadn’t yet been convicted of any of those crimes in a US court of law. No US felony or aggravated felony charges.

Now can we see why the wording of this bill is so detrimental to society? It’s an open-border/amnesty provision for any illegal alien who comes here dragging along someone else’s child (a biologically unrelated “unaccompanied [illegal] alien” according to this bill).

It also doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that this is going to cause many more crimes against children. Illegal aliens will be trying to find (or kidnap) illegal alien children to use as pawns in this horrific loophole Congress has just provided them. Human trafficking, kidnapping, pedophilia, child prostitution, abuse of children, and even murder of children is going to escalate rapidly.

Let’s not forget that these illegal adult aliens are already criminals who are breaking the law by coming into this nation illegally, hence the word “illegal alien” (which Congress tried to soften by simply calling them “aliens”). This bill gives these adult illegal alien criminals a free pass for bringing children in without their parents. It’s a ‘get out of jail free card’ since such illegal alien adults cannot be detained, arrested, or deported as long as they drag along someone else’s illegal alien child!

One more consideration: It’s not just Mexican and South American illegal aliens and drug cartels we’ve got to worry about. Islamic terrorists will use this loophole also. Even though the ‘news’ agencies operate under a blackout pertaining to Islamic terrorism these days, we haven’t forgotten who committed 9/11, and we recognize that Islamic terrorism continues on (even worse) today. Both media blackouts and censorship have become extreme regarding Islamic terrorist acts.

Look at how the ‘news’ agencies already cover up Islamic terrorist crimes. Even when the terrorist openly shouts something that sounds a lot like ‘Aloha Snack-bar’ (Yes, I know that’s not the exact wording, but I refuse to even repeat that vile lie they claim which means their false ‘god’ is “greater”). And even when they openly admit they are killing people for the cause of Islam and what is mandated in the Quran. We aren’t allowed to even speak the truth about it! It’s censored into oblivion.

Look at how the left (and media) are currently covering up recently elected Ilhan Omar’s previous antisemitic tweets (which have ‘disappeared’ from Twitter since she deleted them). Nonetheless, many saw her vitriolic anti-Jewish remarks. Link here.

In some nations it’s already a criminal act to even speak the truth about factual Islamic terrorist events. The UK’s Tommy Robinson is just one of the thousands whose voices are being censored and suppressed. Robinson was even arrested for speaking the truth. Most of you know the back-story of what happened to Tommy Robinson in the UK. But if not, here’s a 7-minute video which sums it up (along with an article). He was indeed jailed afterwards as well: Link here.

FOX has taken such a hard-left turn that even Judge Jeanine Pirro has been censored and put in a “time out” of punishment for daring to speak truth about Omar’s antisemitic speech and the fact that it stems from Islam. Read about it at this link.

Will the US Congress soon pass a bill silencing US citizens from speaking out against factual crimes committed by illegal aliens here in the US as well?  Will they demand we be silent about Islamic terrorism as well as illegal aliens? They already attempt to cover these things up in the ‘news’ by claiming it was merely “workplace violence,” or some other outrageous lie. There are so many source examples we could pick from. Islam and illegal aliens have more rights than the rest of US citizens. Let that sink in: more rights than legal US citizens! Congress is refusing to uphold the Constitution.

After seeing how this open border/amnesty bill was rammed through, and the subsequent media blackout pertaining to this bill over the last month, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Congress could also pass laws prohibiting us from speaking truth about Islamic crimes (as well as crimes committed by any illegal aliens).

The left is already pushing for illegal aliens to vote. Even though that also is entirely anti-Constitution. After reading the details of this bill, I’ve little doubt that it’s soon coming. Read “Pelosi Calls for Illegal Immigrants to Have the Right to Vote” at this link.

Can we count on Republicans in Congress to keep the left in check? Absolutely not. Look again at the vote tallies for this bill alone. Don’t forget that over 2/3rds voted “yea” for this open border/amnesty nightmare. The GOP has sold us out to globalism!

It’s hard to believe that we’ve only covered one paragraph of this nasty bill within this lengthy article. The ramifications of that one paragraph have only briefly been touched upon in this article. We didn’t even get to the devastating ramifications of how this bill will enable much more street crime and illegal drug activity. There just isn’t enough space here to go into further detail about that now.

In the next part (two) of this series, we’ll continue looking at this bill and the ramifications of it. The next items up (in part two) are how the “wall” has been prohibited by Congress within this bill. And we’ll also look at just some of the hundreds of ways Congress has tied Homeland Security’s hands.

We must keep in mind throughout this entire series that these things all tie in with scripture (which we’ll examine thoroughly in the final part of this series). The globalist government of the end times is forming now. All nations will fall to globalism. We’d hoped that a Republican Senate would keep the left in check. But we’ll see how that isn’t happening.

We’ve been betrayed! But we don’t have to be deceived. We’ll uncover the shameful hidden works of darkness and bring them to light while reproving them! Tell others what happened. The ‘news’ media sure won’t.

“And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret. But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light” (Ephesians 5:11-13).