A Reprobate Mind :: By Jim Towers

It’s epidemic these days; everywhere you look there is evidence of people with a reprobate mind. You’ve seen them on the internet with faces tattooed and/or with piercings throughout it. Today you can even see them with tattooed eyeballs.

Yesterday on Facebook I even saw a grown, overweight man dressed in a tutu with long stockings and a net brassiere covering his sagging man-breasts. His sported a beard, and on his huge feet he was wearing size twelve pink patent-leather women’s shoes. He looked absolutely disgusting. He was waiting his turn in front of the lady’s restroom in a department store.

In society there are some that are still able to hide behind a façade of normalcy, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Take, for example, the well-respected priests and other clergy, politicians, coaches, and other dominant figures in our culture and the world at large. They have no shame or sense of right or wrong. Indeed, there have always been such people, but did you ever in your life see so many in-your- face apostates, drug-addled people and psychopaths?

The Democrat governor of New York signed a bill that would allow mothers to abort their innocent children up to the moment of birth, and Virginia’s Democrat governor followed that up by supporting allowing the unwanted baby to be born and left to die or be killed. And others share that belief. See this article. Did you ever notice that most if not all Democrats deny the sanctity of life and instead do what they can to destroy it? This can only be the work of the devil.

With open devil worship growing by leaps and bounds, we Christians must be trying to stem the tide. Many of these people pretend to be benevolent, loving and kind, but their works belie their claim. “By their fruits you shall know them.”

Such were the people at the time of the Great flood and during the time of Sodom and Gomorrah. They were given over to a reprobate mind; their thoughts were continually evil. Life was cheap. Is it any wonder that God had to destroy them? “As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the coming of the Son of Man.”

We stand at the crossroads of good versus evil; the great falling away has begun, and soon – very soon – the tribulation period will begin in earnest. The time will come when such who practice evil will all be left behind to face the tribulation just ahead.

The Bible clearly says that, when a person insists on denying God, God in turn will give that person over to a reprobate mind, which could be the point of no return. Now that, my dear friends, is a profound thought – which brings us to this next point.

In the 1970s, psychiatric deinstitutionalization began in our country; today over 2.2 million people do not receive any psychiatric treatment at all except for medication, which they may or may not take. They have all taken to the streets, and it’s beginning to look like a scary zombie movie out there.

Since 1976, there have been 20 mass murders a year on average. J. Reid Meloy, Ph.D., is a forensic psychologist who studied them. He found that mass murderers suffer mental illnesses that range from chronic psychotic disturbances and schizophrenia to paranoid disorders. They have the paranoid, narcissistic, and schizoid traits of personality disorders. These were not normal people who simply “snapped.” Instead, they suffered for years from untreated or poorly treated mental illness. Almost half of all mass killers had depression, learning disabilities, or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Forty percent had alcohol or drug dependencies.

But regulations hinder treatment. For example, families can’t commit someone unless they’ve already proved to be a threat to themselves or someone else. Judges cannot order seriously mentally ill people to stay in treatment. People are not allowed to remove guns from mentally ill people who threaten themselves or others. Reversal of these rules would allow family members to get treatment for their mentally ill loved ones and protect society.

As if that wasn’t enough to make your liver quiver – there are multitudes of users of illicit drugs as well. Since money compels people to become dealers, the drug trade just continues to grow, and there is hardly a family in the United States who hasn’t been impacted by its proliferation and/or use. Opioid addiction is on the rise, which can lead to a reprobate mind.

Some would say that demonic possession and mental illness are two different things, but I would submit to you that a well-balanced person is one who knows Christ in a personal way and is living a Christ- centered life. Nevertheless, there are different levels of spiritual growth, attesting to the power of God’s written word – the Bible.

That being said, these same people could have lived a fulfilling life had they repented and received Christ. Jesus was always healing the demon-possessed. The demoniac in the gospel of Mark rejoiced when he was set free from demonic possession.

We can alleviate all care and troubling thoughts at the feet of Christ, casting all our care on Him and receiving in its place – wonderful peace of mind. God is the ultimate psychiatrist.


Be in the know; the internet can be a fantastic tool for research and assimilating information. My favorite webpage is Rapture Ready News, which I’ve been reading daily over the past seven years or more. In it you will find pertinent information and news stories from around the world.

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Jim Towers

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