Warning Signs: Current Events in America and Prophecy :: By Bill Wilson

The headlines we are reading and hearing are about division, obstruction, and revolution. The Democratic Party, led by socialists and communists, have commandeered the media stage with accusation after accusation, investigation after investigation, pitting citizens against citizens, social position against social position, race against race, ethnicity against ethnicity, projection of bigotry, hate, racism, and phobias. This country is divided by a minority of bullies who are dead set on toppling the world’s greatest country and pillaging it of its wealth and resources. America is in a battle for its very soul, for its very existence. A specific future event related to Israel may determine the outcome of our nation as we know it.

In 2005, when President George W. Bush coerced and pressured then Prime Minister of Israel Ariel Sharon to remove some 8,500 Israeli Jews from Gaza, the United States embarked on a collision course with the one true God. It was within a few days that Katrina hit the US coast. Inside of six months, Sharon suffered a stroke and died in 2014 after lingering in “a persistent vegetative state.”

America elected a sympathetic Marxist Islamist as president who promised “A New Beginning” with Muslims in his first major speech in Cairo. Israel came under constant attack as that president supported the Muslim Brotherhood-inspired Arab Spring rebellion of anti-Israel interests across the Middle East. During that time, America suffered with national disasters, high unemployment, rising national debt and a host of political disruptions.

President Donald Trump has been a strong supporter of Israel, reversing the political and spiritual direction of the previous administration. He has restored relations, recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and has moved the US Embassy there in a historic reversal of previous presidents. The United States has seen a turnaround in its economy, yet the lingering political disruption has accelerated. The combination of the communistic insurrection fomented by the Democratic Party, the soaring national debt, and one explicit decision by Trump in the near future might form a perfect storm that could determine America’s position in prophecy.

If Trump’s Middle East peace plan seeks to divide Israel with a Palestinian state, there will be consequences. The stage is set with political unrest, economic imbalance, and spiritual emptiness to severely cripple America. These conditions, if they came to maturity simultaneously, could remove the United States from effectively standing in the gap for Israel, which in turn could clear the way for the end-time beast to arise.

As promised by God in Genesis 12:3 regarding Israel, “And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curses thee…”

The warning signs are here before us. We need to stand as Christians ought to stand, pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and act as God would have us act. We can’t stop the march of prophecy, but it is far better for America to be on the side of God when the Messiah returns.

Have a blessed and powerful day,

The Daily Jot Staff