Aborted Baby Parts Fused With Rodents :: By Geri Ungurean

When I first read about this, I had so many emotions running through me – I could hardly breathe. When I calmed down, I began to see a Truth in this unimaginable horror. That truth was this:

Scientists and others who say that they do not believe in God are LIARS. They believe that He is there, but they HATE Him. Why do they hate Him this much? Because they want to figure everything out, and they know they cannot.

And what better way to demonstrate this hatred of God and his creation than to purchase parts from aborted babies and then fuse these with RATS?

Judgment on America

Another thought I had after reading this story was that God’s FURY against America must be overflowing at this point. And again, as I stated in a previous article, His fury is just as fierce (maybe more) towards those of us who belong to Him who are becoming desensitized to abortion and the purchase of parts from aborted babies.

“For the time has come for judgment to begin at the house of God; and if it begins with us first, what will be the end of those who do not obey the gospel of God?” (1 Peter 4:17).

WHERE is the Outrage?? 

Are pastors speaking about the NY “Murder” Law from their pulpits? I don’t have a number on this, but I think that I can safely say that most pastors wouldn’t touch that with a ten-foot pole. This also goes for the purchase of baby parts and fusing those parts with rats and mice. Will a lot of pastors speak about this? I don’t believe they will.

Some pastors are more concerned about keeping their 501C3 status so that Uncle Sam won’t take a portion of their money. I’d love to see a letter written by our Lord Jesus to that church!

From thesun.co.uk

“Mutant Mice: Aborted Babies’ Body Parts Fused with Mice to humanize them for grim “Frankenstein” experiments in U.S. Labs

Abortion clinics have been supplying researchers in the United States with terminated fetuses, parts of which are then fused with rodents as part of a bid to stamp out diseases and save millions of people.

ABORTED babies are being used in macabre experiments in the US that involve grafting dead fetus parts onto mice which are then used to test drugs.

Documents seen by Sun Online outline procedures that involve cutting out glands and livers of unborn children and then fusing them onto lab rodents.

The use of aborted baby body parts and stems cells has sparked anger among anti-abortion groups in the United States, and it has been dubbed “Frankenstein” science.

And shocking undercover footage has led the Donald Trump administration to reassess if the practice should be continued at all.

Clinics are supposed to ask if they would like to donate tissue, but it is unclear whether the parents are aware their dead children’s bodies are being used in this way.

But what is known is that abortion clinics are supplying the fetal body parts, although they are not allowed to sell them.

Phelim McAleer, who has produced the film Gosnell about a rogue abortionist, told Fox News: “Aborted babies’ bodies are a very valuable commodity in today’s America.

Research institutions, elite universities, medical centers pay a lot of money for baby parts.” (emphasis added)

Undercover footage in an abortion clinic run by Planned Parenthood shows dismembered aborted babies, with arms, legs and other parts.

They were being shown to pro-life activists from the Centre for Medical Progress who were posing as buyers.

The Sun Online has chosen not to show the graphic footage because it is too distressing.

[**Too distressing? How about the distress of the murdered pre-born child? **My comment]

Planned Parenthood has denied profiteering from the sale of body parts; but it did say mums can give permission to donate their unborn fetus, which it said was common practice in such clinics.

Spokesperson Eric Ferrero said in a statement: “At several of our health centers, we help patients who want to donate tissue for scientific research, and we do this just like every other high-quality health care provider does.”


The controversial use of body parts is being spearheaded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), which is part of the American government which is ploughing $98million (£75m) of taxpayers’ money into using aborted babies in the name of science.

But addressing Congress in December, NIH director Francis Collins defended the practice.

He said: “There is strong evidence that scientific benefits come from fetal tissue research, [which] can be done with an ethical framework.”

[**Dr. Francis Collins claims to be a Christian. I wrote him a strong letter about this].

Ross McKinney, chief scientific officer at the Association of American Medical Colleges in Washington, D.C., insisted fetal tissue is “an important resource for biomedical research.”

In Science magazine, he said: “Fetal tissue research is already subject to a robust ethical and legal framework, and research that continues to meet those standards should be continued.”

But in December the Trump administration halted buying any more fetal material and is currently reviewing the practice.

Government-backed research projects are now having to rely on frozen stocks.

The Department of Health and Human Services cites “serious regulatory, moral, and ethical considerations” for the move. source

Brethren, I cannot find any more words to place in this article. We know that we need to pray.

PRAY that our precious Lord Jesus comes SOON!

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua



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