The Lie of Toxic Masculinity :: By Rob Pue

There’s a new “buzz phrase” going around these days – and it’s catching on, becoming another MOVEMENT – promoted by Leftist, “Progressive,” feminist activists. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. It’s called “Toxic Masculinity.” “Toxic Masculinity” is a new mindset these “progressive” feminists are attempting to force into the cultural talking points, which vilifies traditional manhood and all things “masculine.”

The Leftists have been incredibly successful over the past few years in pushing their crazy ideas. What was once UNTHINKABLE in America has now become the “norm.” Good has become “bad,” and BAD has become “good.” While most of these ideas are only accepted now by a small but VOCAL minority, if things do not change, it won’t be long before this nonsense is embraced by an overwhelming majority… like everything else they’ve come up with.

So what IS “Toxic Masculinity?” According to FEM Magazine, “Toxic masculinity harms all genders. It promotes sexism, misogyny, violence and rape culture, while enforcing dangerous stereotypes of masculinity and femininity. It is a fundamental pillar in the patriarchy and its normalization throughout cultures demands action. Next time you hear comments that promote toxic masculinity, remember to call them out; taking actions to disband this mentality are necessary in order to dismantle the patriarchal structure.”

There you have it, in their own words…. the ultimate goal is the demise of manhood, the dismantling of what they call the “patriarchal structure.” In other words, “Men BAD, women GOOD.” More division.  You see, the Left is not content to divide us by ethnicity, religion, or political ideology. Now they must ALSO divide us by gender, which I find ironic, because it is these same Leftists who want us to accept as fact that there are now as many as 13 different “genders” – an insane idea which they insist we must all embrace as truth. And WOE to the poor soul who makes the “mistake” of calling someone by the “wrong” pronoun!

FEM Magazine goes even further in their fight to destroy manhood. In an article from December of 2016, they wrote, “Machismo leads to homophobia, sexual harassment and murder, as violence becomes a channel through which to acquire control.”

And so these radical feminists are now portraying men as sexists, misogynists, rapists and murderers.

It was not long ago that it would have been unthinkable for people to accept the idea of “transgenderism,” much less the idea that there are now THIRTEEN distinctly different “genders.” But now, “transgenderism” is being forced upon an unsuspecting but largely apathetic populace under the force of law… “Get your mind ‘right’ and accept all these different genders or you will pay the consequences.”

Isn’t it interesting, though, that the same people who want to vilify males as rapists and murderers are the same ones who want to do away with the TRUTH of the matter, which is, there REALLY ARE only TWO genders: male and female. For goodness’ sake, even the ANIMAL world understands this! You do not see male dogs confused over their gender. You don’t see male birds confused over their genders.  God made all created things male and female. One is not “better” or “worse” than the other. On the contrary, the TWO (and there ARE only TWO) different genders were designed by God to COMPLEMENT one another.

Are there men who abuse women and act wickedly? Absolutely, and that is behavior that we have NEVER accepted in civilized society. Abusers of women and children and those who are bullies have NEVER been considered “good” men. They have been looked at as the rude, crude JERKS that they are.  But the same can be said of women. If you have any doubt, just look at the recent Women’s marches that have been taking place around the nation, ostensibly to support “women’s rights.” Consider the foul-mouthed speakers at their rallies and the mean-spirited, hateful vitriol that flows from their mouths as they proudly wear their “vagina hats!” Most of these feminist activists are more vulgar than any men I have ever known. Yet THEIR actions are considered just fine – simply because they are female….

But wait a minute: I thought we were not supposed to focus on gender. I thought there were 13 different “genders,” and all of them were “equally good.” But it turns out, I guess, TWELVE of them are “good,” but ONE is very, very BAD. It is very, very BAD to be male or “masculine.” That just cannot be tolerated any longer. Masculinity, they say, MUST BE DISMANTLED, along with our “traditional patriarchal structure.” The clear and obvious hypocrisy of the Left never ceases to amaze me.

There is no question that manhood is under full assault in America today. Just like the LGBT movement, the idea of “toxic masculinity” is now becoming more and more widely accepted. And as usual, it starts with the indoctrination of young boys in preschool, grade school, middle school, high school… and then this idea that masculinity is a horrible, awful thing is solidified in their young minds in college. This is why we are seeing more and more young “men” embracing feminism, dressing – and acting – more and more like women. I dare say that MANY young men in our public colleges today are, in many cases, more feminine in their behavior than the young women are. They have been indoctrinated WELL by the propaganda that has been drilled into their heads all their lives.

Let me ask you a question: If you wanted to bring down a nation; if you wanted to DESTROY a nation from within, how would you start? By destroying the natural family. By twisting the truth and deceiving the minds of millions of young people over a period of just 12-16 years, the time it takes for a child to go through public school and college. Drill your lies into their heads for just 16 years and you can fundamentally change an entire culture and society. Mission accomplished.

This is what has taken place in America. The first step in destroying the natural family was to bring down the HEAD of the family, the Dad. And so, not so long ago, we began seeing fathers portrayed in TV sitcoms and movies as bumbling fools and idiots. Not so long ago, we began drugging our children – mostly young BOYS – to alleviate the “problem” of ADHD. (By the way, have you noticed there aren’t many young GIRLS who have ADHD and must be drugged with Ritalin?) No… It’s always the BOYS who suffer from this malady. If they act too masculine or display too many male traits in school, that is simply unacceptable. And “for the good of the child,” they tell us, “they must be treated for ADHD.” And so we drug our children on the advice of the so-called “professionals.”

We’ve been lied to, folks. We’ve turned our children over to the mercy of the almighty State; and after 12 years of public school and 4 years of college, and much medication, our boys finally manage to “get their minds right.” Now our young men eagerly join the Women’s marches, the “pride” parades, and embrace transgenderism. Not to mention the holocaust known as “a woman’s right to choose.” Now they dress like women, act like women, and speak like women.

These are not the young men of that Greatest Generation that fought for freedom in World War II. My own Dad left school at the age of 17 and enlisted in the US Navy. He was among our fighting men in the South Pacific, and HE WAS THERE when we liberated the Philippines. Can you imagine a 17-year-old boy doing such a thing today? Or, are they more likely to join ANTIFA and wreak havoc on their own country? Or simply sit at home and watch porn and play video games in their Mom’s basement while wearing their “skinny jeans,” painting their toenails and poofing up their hair? You tell me.

It goes without saying; they have also abandoned the God of the Bible. If they have any “faith” at all, it’s in some weird religion. Many young people today worship the Earth. Many worship the pagan “goddess” of feminism – or as they are now calling it, the “Gynarchy.” Many seek out Satanism, eastern mysticism or ancient demons masquerading as “angels.” And many are simply atheist or agnostic. This is the easiest route because it gives them the perceived “freedom” to do as they please. Like the Satanist Aleister Crowley wrote, inspired by the devil himself, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.”

So to bring down a nation without firing a shot, first you destroy the family, and you start that by destroying the head of the family – the Dad. Then you feminize the boys, and confuse their minds, so that many of them actually believe they were meant to be girls. Those who still have a little common sense left find themselves in deep, dark turmoil in their souls. They instinctively KNOW they are male, yet they are not allowed to BE male. Everything all around them in the culture tells them “masculinity is BAD!” They are so conflicted in their spirits…. and then we wonder why we’ve seen such a dramatic spike in the suicide rate – especially among young men and boys.

There is NO SUCH THING as “Toxic Masculinity,” friends. God made us male and female. And make no mistake: there are only TWO genders, designed by God Himself to complement one another. Even our physical anatomy proves this out. DIFFERENT, but equal… and BOTH ARE NEEDED to procreate AND to raise spiritually, mentally and physically healthy children to be responsible, well-rounded adults.

When my children were young, they would walk BETWEEN my wife and me, and each of us would hold one of their hands. My wife would hold our kids’ left hand, and I would hold their right. Because a child NEEDS BOTH PARENTS to feel safe and secure, and to grow up healthy in mind, body and spirit. Two men cannot do that. Nor can two women. It takes a Mom AND a Dad.

“Toxic Masculinity” is a lie from the pits of hell. It is so sad for our young men. They are ashamed of themselves just because they are male… and if they happen to be WHITE males, then they’re even more ashamed, because as we all know now, the Leftist mantra has been: “white males are BAD, ‘people of color’ – especially ‘WOMEN of color’ – are oppressed victims who must be PROFUSELY apologized to and then celebrated, worshiped and adored.”

Meanwhile, our families disintegrate, relationships between fathers and sons are destroyed, the minds of our young people are radically confused and twisted, and suicide rates are increasing exponentially.

“Toxic Masculinity” is a lie. It’s just another brick in the wall the Leftists are building to further divide us and separate us from the truth, from rational thinking, from God’s natural order and design. When a nation no longer accepts and follows God’s natural design, it reaps the consequences, which are too many to mention; but suffice to say, we are seeing all those consequences play out in living color before our very eyes this very day. So how’s that working for us?

But what IS true masculinity? What is the role of the man in God’s natural order?

First, the man is to submit to God, his Creator, follow His commandments, and with the guidance and counsel of the Holy Spirit, take up his cross daily and follow Christ. He’s to be the husband of one wife, taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. Once united to his wife in Holy Matrimony, he is then to be the MINISTER of his home – the spiritual leader. He is to SERVE his wife, protect his wife, and provide for her. He is NOT to use his authority as head of the household as a tyrant, but rather as a SERVANT.

Then, together, the husband and wife are to be fruitful and multiply. As the wife follows her husband as he follows Christ, the children then see modeled for them how to “do life right.” They grow up with a Mom and a Dad in the home, actively involved, guiding, nurturing and training them up in the fear and admonition of the Lord…. as Jesus said, “teaching them to obey all He commanded.” THIS, my friends, is what makes for a strong, solid FAMILY; and the family is the FOUNDATION of a civilized nation.

Destroy the family, and you’ve destroyed the nation. The first step is taking down the head of the home, the man… the husband and father.

So men: do not let the agenda of pop culture shame you because of your gender. STAND UP! BE the MAN God created you to be, with all the attributes and virtues of a REAL man of God. Remember, it only took 12 men – Jesus’ 12 disciples – to turn the whole world upside down. So embrace the freedom you have in Christ – or perhaps a better way to state it – embrace the DUTY you have been given by God Himself, to be counter-cultural, world changers, watchmen on the walls and truth tellers.

I can tell you, this will not make you “popular” or well-liked by most, especially those in your own home, your own church. But as you live out and model true masculinity, those around you will begin to “get it.”  Real men love babies; real men stand up for those unjustly led to slaughter. Real men push back and fight evil. Real men protect, lead, provide for – and SERVE – their wives and families. Real men have a PURPOSE, ordained by God. Be a REAL man.

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