Tempted? :: By Jim Towers

Are you tempted to do Satan’s bidding? Are you living under a cloud of despair over sins you’ve committed? We are all constantly being tempted to do wrong by the Tempter, and most of us can usually justify our every inconsistency when we submit to the temptation. God, on the other hand, expects us to resist the inclination to do wrong. Jesus said, “Resist the Devil and he will flee from you” – simple as that.

Christian believers must understand that this is a normal phenomenon that all humans must contend with. You are not alone; we all go through temptations. Even the Lord Jesus was tempted by Satan (but never once submitted). To be sure, no one is perfect; that’s why Christ had to die for us.

Nevertheless, we continue to falter and submit to the wiles of the Tempter. Throughout the world, some are even worshiping Satan openly while others serve him unwittingly. As a matter of fact, there is a growing need for exorcists around the world today. His greatest disguise is to have us believe he doesn’t exist.

Many hide their fidelity to the Tempter in the guise of well-doing, as is the case for many in all walks of life. These are usually those who don’t know scripture rightly or who refuse to acknowledge Almighty God and/or His Word. However, we Christian believers know or should know the wiles and tricks of the Devil by being called to “Be sober, be diligent, for Satan prowls around like a roaring lion seeing whom he may devour.”

The Bible says that temptation is inevitable and common to us all. “There hath no temptation taken you, but such as is common to man, but God is faithful who will not suffer you to be tempted above that which you are able…” (KJV).

While it’s true that a spiritually mature Christian has less and less temptations to contend with (been there – done that), many still grapple with apathy and or plain laziness in doing God’s will; and all too often, all they concern themselves with is football. Albeit, while they may be saved because of God’s provisional grace, we tend to take that grace too lightly.

The Tempter has a big bag of tricks that he uses to trick us into sin. He tempts us with lust for illicit sex, love of money, and with the pride of life. Satan is sneaky and knows our every inconsistency, and he sets out just the right bait for each individual. Following the bait, we can be deceived at any time; and so it is best to stay in close contact with Christ who is our salvation and advocate with the Father, interceding for us when we do fall victim to the Tempter’s devices.

The Tempter also puts fear into our hearts through worry – (fear of future events to harm us). But again, Jesus said, “Don’t worry about anything, but through prayer and supplication – with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.”

But then again, if you don’t experience temptation, then maybe you aren’t worth the devil’s time in fooling with you – and so he lets you go about your merry way – with no conscience or guilt over your missteps. This is a grievous malady and slippery slope to severing your relationship to God – that is if you truly have one.

To be sure, God is true to His word and we are saved by grace through faith; some of us will barely make it to heaven. Is that what Jesus spoke of when he said that some would make it to heaven – as if by fire?

The Tempter is also the accuser of the brethren and would have us lay awake at night, accusing us of wrongdoing – real or imagined; but we who know God and His word have God’s promise to forgive us – if we confess our sins and repent.

“If we confess our sins, God is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

Remember, the Bible says that God even cares for sparrows; how could He not care for you? You are His prized possession, the pinnacle of His creation.

All of humanity is precious to God; but since He gave us free will, we must make the decision to believe in Him and His Holy Word (The Bible) or to fall for the temptations of the Devil. There isn’t much middle ground here. This is the decision all humanity must make. This world is only the testing ground for you to decide which way to go in pursuing it. Although life sometimes seems like a mindless game, it is the only way for our all-seeing God to know where we stand; and only after we receive the gospel can we live life as it should be lived. That is with power, love and a sound mind – as well as one without fear.

Walk with Him, talk with Him, tell Him your troubles and concerns – He’s always wanting and waiting to hear your voice call out to Him.

“Study to show yourself approved, a workman that need not be ashamed, rightfully dividing the word of God.”

Learn of the Tempter’s devices to do us harm, and learn to live by God’s many promises made to us by reading the Bible.


The book Ashamed of the Gospel by John E. MacArthur is excellent reading; and even though it was published in 1993, it is still as relevant today as it was then – maybe even more so. The author speaks of trends, merchandising and entertainment that are used as tools to bring people into the church (some of whom are really seeking the truth that only the Gospel can give), institutionalizing them instead of letting the word of God convert them into powerful saints. All too often, the result is that they burn out.

The writer states that, “The very reason people love sophisticated religion and highbrow morality is that those things appeal to the human ego. At the same time, worldly wisdom scoffs at the gospel precisely because it confronts human conceit. The gospel demands that people acknowledge their sin and spiritual impotence. It humiliates them, convicts them, and calls them sinners. Moreover, it offers salvation as a gracious work of God – not something people can accomplish on their own. In every way the cross crushes human pride.”

Good Bible teaching by Senior Pastor Hayes Wicker can be had by tuning in to www.fbcn.org livestreaming on the internet each Sunday morning at 9:30 EST.

“Casting all your care upon Him for He cares for you.”


Jim Towers

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