Netanyahu’s Message to Christians :: By Daymond Duck

On Dec. 25, 2018, Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu delivered a short one minute and fifty-two second pre-recorded video message to Christians in the United States and all over the world “from the Holy Land, from Jerusalem.”

His message can be found by clicking on this link.

Mr. Netanyahu’s brief Christmas greeting contains several statements that are worthy of notice.

For one thing, he said, “We’re (Christians and Jews) united in a shared destiny.”

Despite dozens of prophecies, including some by Jesus, Paul and some of the disciples, some people believe the Church has replaced Israel.

The destiny of the Church and Israel is different in some ways (Rapture, Tribulation Period, etc.), but in many ways, we have a shared destiny (same Saviour, serve the same God, etc.).

Mr. Netanyahu also said, “We live in historic times. The ancient prophecies are being realized. The people of Israel have ingathered their exiles, come back to the Promised Land, built Zion, reunited our eternal capital, Jerusalem.”

Mr. Netanyahu realizes that the rebirth of Israel in 1948, the return of millions of Jews to the Promised Land, the rebuilding of Jerusalem in the same place and the reunification of Jerusalem in 1967 are historic events, and he knows that they are more than that.

They are ancient Bible prophecies that have been literally fulfilled before the very eyes of many in this present generation.

Some don’t like it, some want to plunder Israel, destroy her and seize Jerusalem, but there is no denying that these prophecies are in the Bible and they have been fulfilled.

People would be wise to read what the Bible says will happen to those who try to reverse these prophecies, and get on God’s side before it is too late.

Mr. Netanyahu also said, “The American Embassy was just recently moved there (to Jerusalem) in a historic move by President Trump. This is all important. What we’re witnessing is the dream of centuries, the dreams of millennium being realized.”

The historic U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel by relocating our embassy to the Holy City, was more than the fulfillment of Bible prophecy by one nation or one man.

It is a promise of God that brought hope to millions of Jews for thousands of years.

It is also God’s response to the prayers of many generations of Jews.

Mr. Netanyahu also said, “Only in Israel has Christianity blossomed in the Middle East. We understand our heritage, we understand our common heritage and we understand our commitment to a common future. We’re united in a shared destiny.”

No nation in the Middle East is as hospitable to Christians as Israel is.

Israel’s hospitality comes from what the Scriptures say about the history of our two faiths, and Israel is committed to the teachings of Scripture.

In closing, the Bible tells Christians to love people, including the Palestinians; but that doesn’t mean that the Palestinians should get part or all of the Promised Land, because God gave all of the Promised Land to Israel forever.

Many people support the Two-State solution, but there cannot be a Two-State solution without dividing Israel.

The God that fulfilled the promises mentioned in Mr. Netanyahu’s message said He will drag the world into the Battle of Armageddon for dividing Israel.

Israel has many faults, but those who oppose God on the title to the Promised Land have a greater fault that the Mighty God promised to deal with in a terrible way.

Prophecy Plus Ministries, Inc.
Daymond & Rachel Duck