God is Moving :: By Daymond Duck

Legitimate prophecy lovers know that God is moving toward a definite goal or objective: the fulfillment of every jot and tittle of His Word.

Pres. Trump’s decision to quickly pull all U.S. troops out of Syria is an example.

First, prophecy teacher and ex-military man Sean Osborne reminds us that Israel is protected by God, that God is in control and this is part of God’s plan.

Pres. Trump can’t do anything without God’s permission.

Second, prophecy teacher Amir Tsarfati said God is moving and America’s withdrawal will speed up the Battle of Gog and Magog.

Many students of Bible prophecy have expected the Battle of Gog and Magog to happen for a long time, but it hasn’t.

It will happen when God gets ready, and the U.S. withdrawal could be a signal that God is getting ready.

Sen. Marco Rubio said, “Iran will step up activity in southern Syria (near Israel’s border), which will elicit increased Israeli strikes that could lead to a new and far deadlier Israel-Hezbollah war.”

He is probably right, and stepped up activity by Iran will speed up the Battle of Gog and Magog.

It seems reasonable to believe that this stepped-up activity will come in the next few weeks, not the next few months or years.

Third, in the Battle of Gog and Magog, the merchants of Tarshish and all of the young lions (perhaps England, the U.S. and others) stand around and ask questions about taking a spoil and a prey without helping Israel (Ezek. 38:13).

The Scriptures infer that God will cause Israel to face her enemies alone (without the U.S. and others) so that God will get the glory and not others (Ezek. 39:6-7).

Fourth, the removal of U.S. troops from Syria will open the door for Russia, Iran and their Islamic allies to rapidly (means very fast) build up their forces for an attack on Israel, and we know that God said Israel’s enemies will ascend and come up like a storm (Ezek. 38:9) which suggests that they will rapidly (means very fast) gather for a last-ditch effort to plunder and destroy Israel.

Fifth, Israeli officials are stunned over Pres. Trump’s withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria which means God is pushing Israel to put more reliance on Him and His promises and less reliance on Pres. Trump and his promises.

Sixth, Prime Min. Netanyahu said Israel will protect herself, but according to the Bible, Israel will be protected by the archangel Michael (Dan. 12:1), and Russia and her allies don’t have a chance.

Seventh, it was reported that the diplomats working for the U.S. State Dept. in Damascus will also be withdrawn.

The presence of U.S. diplomats in Damascus could be one reason why Israel has been reluctant to bomb some parts of Damascus.

Praise God for removing America’s diplomats from Damascus before that city ceases to exist in one night (Isa. 17:1, 14).

Come to think of it, withdrawing our troops from Syria before Israel drops a big bomb on Damascus could be a good thing.

Eighth, Pres. Trump wants to strengthen America’s forces in Iraq which is the same thing as strengthening America’s forces closer to Iran.

Those who believe the ancient city of Babylon (in Iraq) will be rebuilt might find this intriguing because the security of Iraq impacts the security of Babylon.

In a related matter, God told Gog to prepare for the Battle of Gog and Magog, and to be a guard unto her allies (Ezek. 38:7).

It has been reported that Russia is allowing Iran and Iranian-backed groups to move around in Syria under the Russian flag.

The Russian flag probably won’t protect Russia’s allies from Israeli bombers, and it definitely won’t protect them from the wrath of God (Ezek. 39:1-6).

Finally, as I am writing this, the U.S. government is in a partial government shutdown.

Every U.S. citizen needs to understand that globalists are using immigration to destabilize nations and create a crisis that will allow them to bring in a world government.

Globalism and open borders (not the cost of a wall) are the real issues that led to the partial government shutdown.

True Christians don’t need to be concerned about a world government, but multitudes, including many immigrants, will be beheaded by that government.

Those who oppose world government need to stand behind Pres. Trump on the shutdown and border wall issue.

One reason Pres. Trump gave for withdrawing U.S. troops from Syria is the cost in terms of U.S. troop lives and U.S. taxpayer dollars.

Too many people are ignoring these costs and the costs of illegal immigration to our school systems (teachers have to speak foreign languages), food and utility assistance, healthcare systems, law enforcement, the lives of U.S. citizens, etc.

If we are close to the Rapture, we are close to a global economic collapse.

The U.S. owes approximately 22 trillion dollars, and interest rates are rising (possibly making it impossible for America to get out of debt).

The U.S. can no longer afford to police the world; educate, feed and doctor millions of immigrants; and we definitely don’t need to forget that God will take care of Israel.

Prophecy Plus Ministries, Inc.
Daymond & Rachel Duck