Stop The World; I Want To Get Off! :: By Jim Towers

Years ago, I saw a movie by that title but only remember bits and pieces of the comedy. The title, however, stayed with me, and today it is being voiced by many in the Christian community. We, of course, call it the rapture or the taking away (Parousia) of the bride of Christ.

The vocalization of a desire to leave it all behind is being heard more and more as our time on earth runs out. Many Christians are afraid of what lies ahead in the immediate future. Already we are seeing people go stark raving mad in their desire to effect change one way or another. In seeking release for their demonized mind, they go about harming innocent people. You can’t be safe anywhere these days.

Several on my Facebook page are expressing the desire to be raptured now before more stuff hits the fan. Some Christians are even becoming paranoid and filled with fear. But we really should be expecting these bad things to happen according to the Bible; and if I’m right – we haven’t seen anything yet.

Today, conspiracy theorists are making wild claims about mind and population control in suburban areas, thus herding people to urban areas to be able to control them. To this I would ask, to what avail? Much of life doesn’t make sense anymore, and although life is cheap to those who would destroy it – what good is it to rule a faceless world? Nevertheless, because of Satan’s hatred for mankind and the God who created them, he does all he can to destroy them. Is it any wonder he’s called the Destroyer in Scripture?

While the latest technologies are helping people recover from maladies that inflict our human bodies, some of the same technologies are said to be targeting people who threaten the criminal deep state with exposure. Fairytales or not, in each case this craziness is undoubtedly psychological warfare with human workers won over by Satan bombarding the rest of humanity with debilitating propaganda. Money is being used to “hire” some of these workers, many of whom are just plain greedy.

Jesus hit the nail on the head when He said, “The love of money is the root of much evil.” (Notice He said LOVE of money.) Indeed, it seems everyone is getting on the greedy gravy train – straight on their way to hell. Even Jesus was sold out for thirty pieces of silver, and you know what he said about that man. He said, “It would have been better if he had not been born.”

Hopefully, the time may come when these perpetrators of fear and manipulation will themselves be caught up in their own devices, and Satan will have won the battle for these men’s souls. But rest assured, the God who creates and destroys with the Word of His mouth will eventually win the war.

The list of prophetic warnings continues to grow as one of the biggest employers in the UK is offering to implant the identity chip into its employees’ hands; and the employees couldn’t be happier. It’s already becoming the thing to do in Switzerland. These people know nothing of scripture or they would have no part in it.

A hologram of the late great singer Roy Orbison is coming to a town near you in the immediate future. Already, another hologram of the deceased “king of pop” Michael Jackson performing has been shown at the Billboard Music Awards as well as one featuring Amy Winehouse. Could this portend the appearance of the beast in hologram form during the Great Tribulation? The technology is here, and it may be used to astonish people to conform to the evil Anti-Christ’s demand to worship it. Now that idea I can live with – no fairytales here.

At this juncture, I must confess that there have been times, when weary, I have thought the same thing. But each morning we “born again believers are continually being infused with love, power and a sound mind – which leads me to another facet of this inquiry.

We Spirit-filled Christians must of necessity put on the whole armor of God to withstand the New World Order. Now more than ever we need to stick around to give light to this darkening world. What this all means is that we should be aware of these satanic devices and expose them whenever possible – even if politically correct and timid clergy won’t. And since Satan is the father of lies and is hell-bent on destroying the last vestiges of Judeo-Christian thought as well; albeit, we Christians should be able to recognize and resist him with the powerful Word of God just as Jesus did while He was here on earth.

On another front, I spoke to my “congregants” about various spiritual things at the Naples pier, addressing each one individually. We, as usual, spoke about world events as well. Being fishermen, we were also talking about the pelicans who steal the fisherman’s bait on occasion; and one old codger said, “We should roast and eat them for Thanksgiving; ha, ha, ha!” This gave me an opening to say something about the Bible. And as I stood, I addressed them all saying, “You know what the book of Leviticus says about that? (At which they all looked to me for the answer.) I went on to say, “It tells us that we shouldn’t eat Hoopoes, Cranes or Vultures.” I did this to give them thoughts about the Word of God – that they should ponder it.

I stopped by to talk to Joe at the other end of the pier, and the former baseball player welcomed my company. He was concerned about one of the conspiracy theories mentioned above, especially the big money-grubbing pharmaceutical companies. It seems his son works for one of them. He said, “How many diseases have been eradicated since the 1950’s? From early times, we cured polio and many other debilitating diseases, but since the 1950’s – not one.” He was right. Then he went on to say, “Today all we get are pills – pills that will kill you if you stop taking them.”

Thinking back, I remember reading on a prescription bottle that you could die if you quit taking the pills inside. I’m also aware of the number of people dying from overuse of opioids (painkillers). Joe told me that his son told him about these things and more. “It’s all about money Jim… It’s all about money! They get people hooked and stand to make billions doing it.”

Yes, we are living in the confusing time, a confounding time of sorrows when love and understanding are being phased out by hate, intolerance and greed while, at the same time, our opportunities to reach out to the lost are diminishing. And in doing so, God promises to give us – Power, Love and a Sound Mind.


Jim Towers

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