A House Divided Cannot Stand :: By Jim Towers

Political Correctness
We here in America have a dilemma and it could tear our country apart. The results of our mid-term elections could be our undoing. Everyone knows that conservatives far outnumber liberals; but because of voter tampering, they managed to take back the house. Not only that, but now we have an avowed homosexual, a lesbian, and two Muslims in some of the nation’s highest offices.

This poses a huge problem for the Trump administration, since now the socialist liberals have the new political puppets to fight back against well-founded allegations of wrongdoing of the previous administration. Their main objective is to bring Trump down, thus covering up their evil deeds, and also to bring the nation down to the level of a third world country.

The way things are going, and if the liberal communists have their way, we Christians stand to lose our freedoms and may soon be facing persecution. Make no mistake about it – Liberal Socialists, atheists and sexual perverts will continue to undermine American society relentlessly.

Having succumbed to political correctness, our society is beginning to unravel.

Jesus had it right – A house divided cannot stand.

Because of apathy, we are losing our country to moral relativism and a way of life where anything goes. In addition to this, false doctrine has taken a foothold in Christianity as well. There are now untold doctrines of demons – and the Catholic church is the oldest and most virulent of them all what with pedophilia running rampant throughout the so-called clergy. Among that group are Protestant heresies as well.

We Christians are, however, divided amongst ourselves, and hardly anyone understands sound doctrine anymore, even though God Himself left us the blueprint of His desire for mankind – the Bible. Our undoing is coming about by deviating from scripture or by twisting it around to say what ungodly and politically correct men think is right.

Yes, there are many poisonous interpretations of scripture in religion, and cults – many based on one man’s revelations, like the Mormons or the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Then there are so many blatant in-your-face retractions and additions to the sacred Word of God – that it’s hardly recognizable anymore.

Truth be told, far too many Christians are living under a rock and don’t know what’s going on in the real world; they are building barns in which to store their goodies and building banking accounts with an eye to the future – which is fast fading away. They think – like the man at the end of this article, that they are going to live in the present forever.

Other detractors of the true God are popping up all over the place as well. These are headed by Baphomet (the devil) and Beyoncé idol worshipers. Isn’t Satan devious? He can even appear as an angel of light. Somehow or another we’ve forgotten a verse of scripture that says, “As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the coming of the Son of Man.”

We of recent generations have let Christian liberty slip like water through our fingers because of apathy and political correctness. Sadly, the church is asleep at the wheel, and it may not be long before we careen headlong into the dark abyss of hell which is referred to as the Great Tribulation in Holy writ.

If I’ve learned anything in this life, it is that life (aside from the Bible) is unpredictable, and mankind is gullible. God, however, will lead you into all truth through the Holy Spirit if you will repent of your sinful and willful indifference to His Word and begin to read it prayerfully and thoughtfully.

Meanwhile, at my mission station, I managed to talk to and pray with two men at the Naples pier. I was talking to these two fellows at the end of the pier while seated in the breezeway there. We were talking about the state of the nation among other provocative and interesting things; and when I was getting ready to leave, I stood up and faced the two men, having been led to address Bill. After listening to his tale of woe, I said, “Bill, I’m going to pray for you tonight.” To which he answered, “But I’m an atheist.” Immediately, I said, “That’s ok Bill – God doesn’t discriminate.” The other man seated next to Bill just stood there transfixed as words failed him.

The following day, as I walked onto the pier, I happened upon a man who has been living in the community for over forty years and is a legend here in Naples. He is known for his eccentricity and devil-may-care attitude about life – even though he is approaching his eighties.

In talking to him about this fragile life, this man tried to appear to be ditzy, answering my inquiries with mumbo jumbo – it wasn’t working. He had tried every tactic to get me off his back, but I felt he was worth saving since he wasn’t harming anyone but only deceiving himself that his wealthy, laid-back life was going to last forever.

After laughing at his jokes and comedic jargon, I got down to brass tacks, stood up and prayed for him – asking that God would open his eyes to see the folly of his ways in ignoring God and his own mortality.


The wildfires in California could be God’s way of bringing people to Himself. After all, who are the victims going to call on – Baphomet, Allah, Buddha, the pope, Obama? – None of these can save, and it could be that this is God’s doing in order for people to look to Him for help in this sticky situation – a situation from which there is no escape for those without Christ. Also, on the world stage, it looks like war is imminent between Israelis and Palestinians.

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Jim Towers

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