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Coming Migrant Invasion: the Work of Soros and the U.N.

Three years ago, the United Nations held a meeting in September where they rolled out their Sustainable Development Goals. The projected date for the global completion of these goals was to be 2030.

The U.N. even brought Pope Francis in as a spokesperson for Climate Change. The pope used New Age terms such as “Mother Earth” and also pushed Marxist ideologies like distribution of wealth.

I will be taking information from the article I wrote in 2015:

The Agenda of Antichrist System Revealed at U.N. in September: Sustainable Development Goals With Commentary  <click to read entire piece

In the aforementioned article, I listed all of the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals); but for the purpose of this article, I will only insert the goal which has to do with forced migration – along with my commentary:

“We recognize the positive contribution of migrants for inclusive growth and sustainable development. We also recognize that international migration is a multi-dimensional reality of major relevance for the development of countries of origin, transit and destination, which requires coherent and comprehensive responses. We will cooperate internationally to ensure safe, orderly and regular migration involving full respect for human rights and the humane treatment of migrants regardless of migration status, of refugees and of displaced persons. Such cooperation should also strengthen the resilience of communities hosting refugees, particularly in developing countries. We underline the right of migrants to return to their country of citizenship, and recall that States must ensure that their returning nationals are duly received.”  – from U.N. SDG 2015

As the reader can clearly see, the U.N. openly admits that they will be compliant in many ways to ensure that migrants are safely transported from their countries of origin to their destinations. source

If the reader wishes to view the entire article which contains all of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, you can see them here.   <click here

Today I read a piece from which contains information from leaked documents from the U.N. that both George Soros and the United Nations are deeply involved with this migrant invasion heading for our border.

I want the reader to understand that the reason that Soros and his cohorts from the U.N. want forced migration has nothing to do with humanitarian concern for people. It has everything to do with destabilizing nations with migrants who do not want to assimilate into the society of the country.

One only has to look at Europe to see the devastating effects of forced migration. Look at London, whose mayor is now a radical Muslim. The countries of Europe have no-go zones where Muslims live, and the police are not allowed to enter. In other words, these “migrants” are taking over. It’s called political jihad.

We do not know how many jihadists are among the 14,000 migrants from Honduras. Before this caravan started out, 100 ISIS members were flagged among the migrants and were incarcerated.


Leaked Documents Prove Soros’s Open Society Is Working With UN In Supporting Current Illegal Migrant Crisis

(Gateway Pundit) – The United Nations admitted on Sunday that they are assisting the illegal immigrants and caravans from Central America making their way to the US southern border.

The UN admitted in today’s news article that they have mobilized extra staff and resources to assist the illegal immigrants in the caravans.

UN News reported:

A priority for UNHCR, which has mobilized extra staff and resources to help those making the journey in Mexico’s southern borderlands, is ensuring migrants are informed on their rights to asylum. In an agency video, a UNHCR protection associate said many migrants were simply unaware asylum was an option.

UNHCR spokesperson Adrian Edwards told reporters in Geneva earlier this week that transit and destination countries must consider their human rights obligations ahead of immigration status.

“UNHCR would like to remind countries along this route that this caravan is likely to include people in real danger,” Edwards said.

“In any situation like this, it is essential that people have the chance to request asylum and have their international protection needs properly assessed before any decision on return or deportation is made.”

Also in 2016, obtained a leaked document from the Soros Open Society Foundation that reveals their close links to UN migration representative and former Goldman Sachs executive Peter Sutherland.

The George Soros Open Society also claims that through Sutherland they are able to influence international migration policy due to the current migrant crisis.

The leaked documents and today’s UN report show the George Soros Open Society is working behind the scenes with the United Nations to assist illegal migrants like the caravans marching to the southern US border. reported:

George Soros’ Open Society Foundation admits influence and incredibly close links with UN migration representative and former Goldman Sachs executive Peter Sutherland in leaked document.

The paper, which told of how the migrant crisis presented an “opportunity” for the foundation to extend its global influence and attract more money, mentions Sutherland’s pro-migrant work. The foundation notes that through Sutherland they have been able to advocate at an “elite level” behind the scenes.

Open Society is one of the contributors to the Columbia Global Policy Initiative (CGPI) which hosts Mr. Sutherland and claims that through Sutherland they are able to influence international migration policy due to the current migrant crisis. On the United Nations website, Sutherland is described as a “strong advocate for promoting practical action to increase the benefits of migration” and has routinely made comments against national borders and national sovereignty in Europe. Sutherland has even called for the European Union to “undermine the homogeneity” of member states.

Sutherland has even gone as far as defending all migrants regardless of whether or not they are legitimate refugees, saying, “We’re not just talking, either, about refugees. We’re talking about economic migrants, many of whom could be the future, and some at the present… are survival fighters. They’re not to be dismissed as an irrelevance.”

On Sunday, Fox News and Fox Business announced they had banned frequent guest Chris Farrell for making false accusations against Jewish billionaire and Democrat donor George Soros this past week on “Lou Dobbs Tonight.” On the Thursday broadcast, Farrell accused Soros of funding the migrant caravan that left Honduras earlier this month and is currently traveling through Mexico toward the U.S. border.

Maybe FOX News should reconsider their decision.  source

Brethren, do you see how crafty and sneaky Satan truly is?  Even Fox News is backing off of reporting on Soros. Why? Because he is a Jew! But this man is EVIL to the core of his being – Jew or not.

People in my family think that Soros is a wonderful, big-hearted philanthropist, always looking out for the underdogs in society. This could NOT be any further from the truth!

Soros is a Globalist, and the election of President Trump in 2016 threw this man off his game in a big way.

The Left see these migrants as potential illegal voters – that’s it. They care not for their welfare. These people are being used.

Please pray for everyone involved in this “invasion” coming closer and closer to our border. Pray for the people – many of them have absolutely no idea that they are being used as pawns by the globalists. Pray for the border patrol and for the military called in by Trump to help secure the border.

Pray that this does not turn into a bloodbath which the Leftist media will use against our president.

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Shalom b’Yeshua


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