Why Continue? :: By Dennis Huebshman

James 3:1-2 “Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers and sisters, because you know we will be judged more strictly. For we all stumble in many ways. If someone does not stumble in what he says, he is a “perfect” individual able to control the entire body as well.” (emphasis mine.) Anyone of this earth who says they are perfect is someone I want to avoid. There was only one person to have lived on this earth sin-free, and He is presently seated at the right hand of the Father in Heaven. Jesus is the only one that can make the perfect claim, and Him I will follow.

If anyone ever sees a message that supposedly is from me, and there is a claim that I never made any errors, throw it away – it’s counterfeit. My Lord and Savior knows all of my imperfections, yet He also knows my motives are pure in presenting His word. Although He gives me the inspiration for topics to post, any typos or other errors are mine alone. I take Galatians 1:8-9 very serious; “But even if we or an angel from Heaven should preach a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be condemned to hell.” For emphasis, the warning is repeated in Verse 9.

If you look at articles that are being posted on Rapture Forums and Rapture Ready by various authors, you will see a pattern that flows with one very obvious overall message – Jesus is our Lord and Savior; He died for our sins; He did so willingly; He was raised from the dead by the Father, and all who call on Him (confess we are sinners in need of His mercy) will be saved. Also, He will be coming for us soon.

There are other “teaching” points and news of current events, but this should be the absolute main purpose for any message there. I truly enjoy reading all the posts from the other authors. One thing is, we all use the same scriptures for the main points, and that’s exactly the way it should be. After all, our source is the true and holy word of the Lord God Jehovah, and He would not deceive us in any way (Titus 1:2). I do not put myself in the league of many of these very talented persons, but am humbled that messages to me from the Father are being posted.

The world is getting closer to the point where Christianity will not be tolerated. There are false prophets and antichrists giving out their “good news,” but it’s their version and is distorted. The “many ways to heaven” statement is totally false. John 14:6 shows this in one verse: “Jesus said I am the Way, the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father except through Me.”

Acts 4:19-20 “But Peter and John replied, whether it is right before God to obey you, rather than God, you decide, for it is impossible for us not to speak about what we have seen and heard.”

Knowing how the world is shifting to the left and Christianity is being attacked, I refer to Romans 1:16, “For I am not ashamed of the Gospel, for it is God’s power for Salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.”

Luke 9:26 “For whoever is ashamed of Me and My words, the Son of Man will be ashamed of that person when He comes in His glory and with the glory of the Father and of the Holy Angels.”

Romans 6:23 “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

We are in the times spoken of by Jesus in Matthew 24:5-8 and by Paul in 2 Timothy 3:1-4. Ever since the last presidential election, and more recently the nomination and appointment of a Supreme Court Justice, we have seen a side of many people that is definitely evil-inspired. We even have members of congress that are saying our president needs to be impeached and also his choice for the Supreme Court. First, there are no impeachable offenses, so this is just damaging rhetoric which is inciting people to revolt.

The real issue that should be dealt with, and to the full extent of existing laws, is the open call for our president and/or any of his staff to be assassinated. There are laws against this, and they should be enforced, no matter who violates them.

More and more, social media is being used to ridicule Christianity and to try to draw people to the dark side. Only those of John 8:12 can really see the difference. “Then Jesus spoke out again, I am the Light of the world. The one who follows Me will never walk in darkness, but will have the Light of Life.” Those of the world – followers of Satan – are being blinded to anything that is Truth, and do not accept Jesus as their Savior.

John 8:32, 36; “…and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free… If the Son therefore sets you free, you shall be free indeed.” Even though the final antichrist is still being held back for the moment, there are forces at work all over the world that are preparing the way for his arrival. Just over the past decade, there have been changes in the world’s attitudes that would’ve been unheard of earlier. All the abominations spoken of in the Bible are being presented as the “new-normal.” The “did God really say” syndrome is gaining speed, and anyone who disagrees with being “politically correct” is labeled a hater.

So, why do we continue to put messages out there, leaving ourselves open to criticism and ridicule? Because Jesus told us to “…work the works of Him who sent Me while it is day; night is coming where no one can work” (John 9:4).

The main goal of all Christians is to try and open the hearts and eyes of our loved ones who have not accepted Jesus in order for them to avoid the eternal darkness. Our time here is getting shorter by the hour; and one day soon, the Trumpet/Shofar will sound, and the shout from the Arch Angel will signal all true believers that it’s “Homecoming” time. Our heavenly reunion will be absolutely wonderful, and will be even better if all of our loved ones are there.

It’s an individual choice that each person must make on their own. Acts 2:21 and Romans 10:13 both say that, “All who call on the name of the Lord, will be saved.” Until anyone takes their last breath on this earth, there is still that opportunity.

There are those who truly believe anything biblical is foolishness. Until he was converted on the road to Damascus, Paul was a persecutor of any who professed to be a believer of the Christ. People were martyred because of his actions. However, once Jesus entered his life, Paul declared Him to be the true Messiah all the way to his martyrdom.

For whatever reason He has, God is allowing time for everyone to accept His Son, and be saved. He wants to give a chance for all to call out to Jesus and have eternal life with Him in Heaven (2 Peter 3:9). However, 2 Peter 3:10 will take place, and judgment will come to the earth. The 7-year Wrath will be far more horrible than anyone can imagine. Eternity in the Lake of Fire will be even worse than that. Therefore, we continue with the hope and prayer that souls will be turned away from the darkness and into the Light.

Please reconsider whatever reason you may have to delay, and call out to Jesus today. There is no third option, no matter what any false preacher may tell you. Re-Read John 14:6 and know “the only Way” will accept you if you call out to Him.