Comparisons Part II :: By Denis Bowden


The church left us by the Apostles was corrupted and tainted almost before the inspired testimony of these Godly men and the original adherents of the faith were dead.

Amongst the first decisions of those that took unto themselves that which was not theirs to take (i.e.; the body of the church in terms of its teachings), was the perceived necessity to oversee the expulsion of the Jews for (amongst many of their perceived ‘sins’), their refusal to recant the old sacrificial system based upon the law.

Yes, they offered conversion but the Jews quickly saw the pagan intrusion into the early church and wanted no part of it. Thereby, the Jews avoided the new faith like the plague. Besides, I believe it would have soon have become apparent that conversion was to be an either or entity: recant every aspect of Judaism and live the life of a Gentile or the ‘welcome mat’ would quickly be withdrawn.  No real Jew would accept this. And were the roles reversed, neither would we if another faith sought to convert us forcibly.  We Gentiles who have come out of the Reformation have had a bitter taste of this with Rome’s attempt to punish our own alleged ‘apostasy’ through the Office of the Inquisition.

It is interesting to note that this Vatican Office still remains alive and well. Shades of things to come perhaps?

And ultimately, as Rome began to dominate in terms of episcopal oversight from the time of Clement as its dominant Bishop, the Gentiles were in (along with most of the special feast days and celebrations and practices afforded the old gods), and the Jews were definitively OUT. And so it has remained.

Even today, in their desire to retake what the Crusaders could not hold against the Arab, the papacy sits in Jerusalem’s center like some great, fat, malevolent spider from the Lord of the Rings Saga.  They have bought up most of the Jewish holy sites not contested by their allies (the Arabs), and it is in my mind that Jerusalem is to be the new center of Roman Catholicism (minus the Jews of course).

It is in this light that the papacy’s illuminated alliance with Islam should be viewed. The target was and remains the annihilation of the Jews and removal of every vestige of their existence from Israel.

In their denial of eschatology, the fallen church (arch-typically of all the off-shoots of Roman paganism) is puffed up with vain arrogance and the nonsense of philosophical and ‘scientific’ justification. Led by the papacy, the religious world, most of it now falsely claiming Christ,  is clearly and deliberately guiding multitudes to perdition.

To complement their denial of Jesus (whom truly, they have long supplanted), they bathe themselves in the ‘splendor’ of paganism and, in doing so, have restored to favor worship of the old gods.

The satanic sacrifice to these gods NEVER departed from the World. Even more recently, it has been revealed that these foul practices are alive and well within Rome and much of the Reformed Church in the form of gross sexual depravity and the abuse of children.

It is also now a matter of public record that the fastest growing church in America (probably across the Western world) is dedicated to the worship of Satanism, and there is a growing preoccupation with the Black Arts (Black Magic).

Referring again to Rome, it is interesting to note the testimony of Rome’s own former priests and nuns who have come out of this Godless nation and its delusion of secular grandeur.


When God, in His righteous wisdom, gave of Himself through His own godhead, becoming man (pure in righteousness), it thus pleased Him that the man (Jesus/Yeshua) would become the divine means of reconciling the state of fallen man.

He died for the sin of all men who in repentance (through faith in His sacrifice of paschal purity) believe in Him. That belief always leads to Trust.

We who trust Him fall on our knees and worship Him as the one true God and LORD of all.

The basis of our faith is Jesus, the Christ of God, and Him crucified and risen to sit at the right hand of God, the Father Almighty.

Though He shall come to judge the quick and the dead, until He comes, Jesus remains the absolute, total focus of our faith. Without question and with complete trust, we believe and accept that Jesus is as He said—God incarnate, ‘that no one comes to the Father except through the Son.’

O thou pagan Rome, how thus have you erred! The bones of the papacy lie in state in sepulchers of carved magnificence, but their souls dwell in Hell in recompense for the theft of the church and the multitudes unknowingly cast down with them.


(Extracted from ‘Got Questions’).

Unlimited atonement says that Jesus died for everyone but that only those who respond in faith will reap the benefits of His sacrifice. In other words, Jesus’ death was sufficient for all, but only effectual for some (those who have faith). If Jesus did not die for everyone, the reasoning goes, then the offer of salvation is empty, because the non-elect cannot be saved. The teaching of unlimited atonement is based on verses such as 1 John 2:2,

He is the atoning sacrifice for our sins, and not only for ours but also for the sins of the whole world.”

The offer of salvation is universal—to all who will believe (Romans 10:1113). We also know that, regardless of how broad Christ’s atonement is, it is limited in some respect—it is effective only for those who believe (John 3:18).

“Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God.” — source

This teaching is rejected entirely by the secular world and even some of the allegedly evangelical as they sing their mantra of ‘Gentle Jesus meek and mild.’ For the World wants a prophet or a means of salvation that will overlook their excesses and denial because, HE DIED FOR ALL!  Personally, my interpretation of this cry of the unsaved/unrepentant is that ‘He died for me and no matter what I’ve done or continue to do….ah is saved!’

Such a Jesus (as reconstructed by this evil World) turns a blind eye to all our excesses and particularly our general record of denial, because, you see, ‘HE LOVES US!’ God help them. Truly are they lost! Indeed, they were never found.


Jesus, as the Cornerstone of our faith in God, is vehemently renounced by the secular. In the current ‘falling away,’ this teaching is also reduced in potency to almost tokenism by the denominational church. Increasingly, as the papacy strives for ‘ecumenical reconciliation,’ new interpretations of scripture are being published through the medium of papal encyclicals, given to ease the transition back to ‘mother’ church.

Mankind has worked long and hard to substitute a foul and corrupt facsimile of the true Church.  However, the true church of believers is easily identified. It is personified by repentant, broken sinners, who have confessed their faith in Jesus with their mouths and placed their trust in Him. We trust no theology except be it taken from the pure fruit of a literally understood and interpreted Bible.

Therefore, look upon the fallen World’s efforts to offer us alternate ‘way’ to God, through the use of allegory and a disregard for prophetic eschatology, with utter contempt. Neither should you expect to find Jesus conducting you to Heaven via Climate Change, Social Justice, Gender Re-identification, Justice for those of the Homosexual Life-style or practicing the code of Politically Correct Social Interaction.

He who was and is the Cornerstone of our faith is being removed and replaced with worship of mankind himself. Mankind, under the thrall of Satan, presently uses the above alternatives to replace our true Cornerstone: Jesus. And the adherents of this base copy are seen to be co-conspirators (either actively or by their tacit silence) to the murderous sacrifice of the many. I shall cover this point shortly.


I well remember being a wedding guest whilst a marriage was conducted by a Roman priest. Being Anglican, I looked at what we called the Communion Table but which Rome identifies as ‘the High Altar.’ As my gaze rose, I was confronted by the Cross; and transcending the statuary of the crucified Christ, rose another. It was the statue of the crowned ‘Queen of Heaven’ – in the Latin, Regina Caeli.

The worship of Mary, the earthly mother of Jesus is a wicked abomination. It is the re-introduction of the pagan worship of Ishtar going back to the dawn of Babylonian civilization and substitutes the veneration of Mary. Originally, gross sexual orgies connected with rejuvenation of the Earth for the sowing of crops, and later at harvest, were attributed to the Queen of Heaven.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, was not a ‘Queen.’ Little is known of her later life following the crucifixion of Jesus, except that Jesus commended her into the care of his beloved disciple. However, in 1954, the Roman Catholic cult associated with her veneration and prayers took another decisive turn. The papacy decided (in its great inspired wisdom), that there being no evidence to the contrary, she was taken up into Heaven as was her Son Jesus, and now sits with Him as ‘co-regent.’  If it wasn’t such a serious issue of apostasy, you would have to laugh at the unmitigated gall of the papacy and the ‘princes of the church.’

Perhaps the most unconvincing thing about Catholicism is the propensity of the papacy to make it up as they go. As the pope is venerated in god-like status, how can you deal with that?

Watching the staged public appearances of the popes, there is no doubt he is considered god-like in religious stature and he is worshipped. Mind you, we live in a generation where worship of royalty, celebrity and sports stars now manifests itself as a spiritual sickness. And yet, the Royal King of Kings who should be venerated, worshipped and adored, languishes in the stone-cold hearts of the masses.


No better example presently exists to contrast the worship of God, through the medium of Jesus, with the worship of self, than the millions of the unborn, murdered even as they are forcibly extruded from the womb.

We mourn our fallen warriors, and rightly so. However, who mourns the sad, pathetic carcasses of those who could also have contributed so much had they not been ‘terminated?’

In this respect at least, Rome professes its continued objection to the practice of abortion, though I confess I would like to know the theological grounds for their objection, such is my general suspicion of their motivations. And no, I harbor no hatred of Catholics. I love them whilst experiencing sadness and despair for what, more than likely, will become their ultimate destination.

So perverse has our misconception of Godly understanding of good and evil become (for we now deny even that anything is intrinsically evil, and generally speaking, maintain all is ‘good’), that we here in Australia, in my home State of New South Wales, have just had a ‘wonderful,’ rush of illuminating blood to the head, and into that, erroneously passing itself off as intelligence.

We recently had a young, male hood crash into a car through his felonious driving. In doing so, he killed a pregnant mother-to-be (the baby almost at full-term). When the police did not charge him with manslaughter of the ‘unborn’ child, there was and is still a major furor and public outcry.

Everyone, including the relatives, is saying, ‘Why wasn’t it an offense to kill the baby?’

Ah…but here’s the rub.

Many, many, moons ago our great legal minds aided by the pinheads of our secular political ruling class, decided (in their wisdom) that, until a baby within the womb is fully born and takes its first breath, IT IS NOT A HUMAN BEING.

Homicide, you see, whatever its ilk, is the KILLING OF A HUMAN BEING BY A HUMAN BEING.

See the conundrum? Can you also see how easily Western society (because most countries have similar laws governing the commission of capital felony) got itself around the moral question of aborting the unborn? The unborn are NOT human; they can legally be dispensed with.

And yet, within their heart of hearts, this writer implicitly believes, that most people well know that a child lives from the moment the spark of life is ignited within the womb in the wonder of conception.

And within this divine miracle of physical rebirth of the race of man, the genetic, pre-coded DNA, designed and created by God Himself, is laid down along with its designated markers. These innate markers are deliberately placed to define your unique physicality, sex and character. We have become a living entity from that moment, truly conceived by the Holy Ghost.

The mantra sung by the anti-Christ doctrine of secularism sings, ‘every woman has the right to terminate a non-living entity and rid herself of it from her body.’ This is seen as an inalienable ‘right’ by this fallen generation.

It prompts the question, ‘What do they think was planted in the womb…some sort of non-specific, benign tumor?’ But of course, they have to dehumanize the living entity of the unborn to condone their act and thereby come to terms with what their soul tells them is an act of unmitigated evil.  How else could they live with themselves? We, all of us, abhor harming others; we loathe the act of murder, and we mourn the suicide. God help us, how can we remain so blind?

I well remember a mate of mine (an old merchant mariner), who had been a regular China hand, visiting this great country on many occasions on various vessels. Going back up the Yangtse River in the late 1990’s, he said to me, “Nothing has changed; I still saw dozens of little female babies in swaddling, floating downriver to the sea!” Chinese society still wants only boys so that the family had a son and heir. Murder of unborn and newly born knows no racial borders.

There is one who knows. It is Satan, the enemy of God’s own creation, humankind. Displaced from his place serving God in Heaven, then seeing man raised higher than the angels, he is consumed with utter hatred of our race. He applauds our destruction. He delights in his attempts to thwart the plan God has to restore and reconcile Man. He will do anything, stooping to any length, to cause us to destroy ourselves. And the most successful way to do this is to convince us that there is no basis for us to understand the concept of evil; because any action we take, or indulgence of the senses we wallow in, is not only good…this is how it was meant to be.

This is spewed from the mouth of he who tempted Eve.

The Fall Genesis 3:

“Now the serpent was more crafty than any of the wild animals the Lord God had made. He said to the woman, ‘Did God really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden’?” (Genesis 3:1).


Mothers whose children are stillborn are often observed to deeply grieve and participate in ceremony to formally inter their ‘babies.‘ They grieve for the dead; not the unborn. Oh…what evil, two-faced creatures we are in our choices and the denial of good and evil.

Perhaps the strangest part of this evil phenomenon of baby slaughter is that western society, with its falling birthrate, has many decent folk looking to adopt kids and give them a great upbringing.  And we venerate our own kids, giving them all that we humanly can whilst, at the same time, claiming that ‘we are pro-abortion.’ How spiritually sick is that?


So let me end where I entered. Scripture, all of it, is divinely inspired. It is an integrated narrative in which we witness the hand of the Living God revealing Himself to mankind.

God, in His infinite wisdom, exercises His will through related Dispensations so that we are able to clearly ‘see’ not only how events came to pass, but what has still to happen as He continues to ‘move’ His creation towards reconciliation and restoration. The effect of this is that, in literal understanding of the Bible, we not only view the past, we see His plan for the future.

In our understanding of Dispensations, we also see why it was necessary for Him to give of Himself, through His own Godhead, as the unblemished paschal lamb. Only this way could one sacrifice for all by the approved method be accomplished. That is by the ‘spilling of blood of the unblemished.’

The system of animal sacrifice thus came to an end, having fulfilled its divine purpose. Given the huge number of animals that the system demanded, it is fitting that God saw fit to replace it with just one to suffice for all repentant mankind and for all sacrificial occasions.

Plain and simple, it is such a wonderful example of divine logic, though it plumbs depths that we can never fully understand.

God Himself was the paschal lamb. The secular will never get their skulls around this. The secular World of the dead and dying believe that it is the madness of extreme insanity to assume that God (even if they allow He exists) is capable of this.

The believer has no difficulty whatsoever, but then…..we poor fools are deranged by our worship of the divine and are insanely in love with Him who saved us!


Denis Bowden