Being Human Is Tough Business :: By Jim Towers

We come into the world as innocent infants, wailing our entrance into this wonderland of existence – that is, if we were born before this world went crazy in its desire to eliminate life and we weren’t aborted.

Most of us were adored and cared for tenderly by our mothers. We cried to get attention and maybe some food. Then again, maybe our diapers were soiled. It wasn’t long before we began to recognize things: first our mothers and fathers, then our surroundings. Soon it was Grandma and maybe Grandpa whom we recognized and began putting the pieces of the worldly puzzle together. Before much longer, say a year or two, we began walking; or should I say – beginning to walk.

Now life began to take on new meaning. We made it this far, then our next few steps were growing up. After a few bumps and scrapes along the way, we were beginning to know right from wrong and the matter of making the right choices – although this recognition is waning in today’s world of lawlessness.

Life became exciting as we explored the limits of our existence and began to learn many things about love and hate, good and evil. (Notice I said evil this time.)

At six, you had your first fight with a bully and won. The next fight was also a victory, but then you had your nose bloodied and lip busted. On top of that, your dad spanked you – for losing.

Already loving to read, you went to the library for a book on self-defense.

At ten, you discovered girls and found them to be delightful but hard to understand.

After that, life began to be really interesting with its demands and decision-making. God was introduced into your life by Grandma, who always prayed about everything and talked about God all the time.

“Oh, so that’s what this life is all about? Nice job, God. Talk to you later; I’ve got things to do, places to go and things to see.”

During your teens, you barely gave Him a thought; you were too busy living life to the hilt. You had never met any Christians who took God seriously, but you somehow knew there was a powerful and mysterious God and Savior who lived somewhere in the heavens. (The heavens declared his glory; no one had to tell you that.)

After high school, life took on new meaning, namely work and responsibility; although I must concede that far too many young people these days have never done an honest day’s work.

Next comes the urge to merge; and you’re not very selective, relying primarily on lust. The fun soon ends, and you’re stuck with someone you hardly know. There are exceptions of course, but these are rare in a society where the divorce rate is the same for Christians as for secular society.

You go to college, find a career that doesn’t quite pan out. ….Have you ever noticed that trouble lurks around every corner? At any rate, we work and toil, and worry about our chosen job or career, our children, the future and the state of the nation. Indeed, there is much to be concerned about. Albeit, some of us make it through unscathed, because of a strong constitution or faith, while others flounder, grope, play the lottery, or wish for death. On a smaller scale there are those born with a silver spoon in their mouths and those who seem to just cruise through life carelessly, feeling they can repent at the last minute of their lives.

Even our president (as wealthy as he is) continues experiencing tremendous pressure from his enemies to step aside and let them take over again. And this is a man who has done more for the country in less than one year than the last three presidents combined. He must have a lot of people praying for him. A lesser man would have quit by now. After all, who needs the hassle when he could just as easily play golf for the rest of his life and let the country descend into the hell it is becoming.

Jesus said, “In this life you will have trials and tribulation, but fear not, for I have overcome the world.”

What!? What is this Son of Man talking about? That statement appears to be paradoxical; at least it was for me. For many years I begged for companionship after my second divorce; and although I rubbed shoulders with the stars in the movie industry, I failed to find it among the many pretty people. God just didn’t care to answer the way I thought He should. Could it be that He wanted me to find contentment in Him alone?  (I did…eventually.)

Although He doesn’t always answer the way we think He should, Jesus listens because we are His; and at the appropriate time, He will answer in one way or another – for the better. Today I just discovered why God needed me to stay single; it was so that I could console and minister to others without the burden of a committed relationship.

I should be at my wits end after trying to swim upstream against the current. Consider that my efforts in getting my book published have been met with indifference, my movie project is dead in the water, and I have developed sciatica for the second time this year. Still though, I stand firm on the promises of God and am determined to do what I feel called to do for the kingdom of God, since I know that “all things work together for those who love God and are the called according to His purpose.”

If you know the Bible, then you should know that God chastises those he loves. However, if you are pleasing to Him, then he will certainly show you favor in some way. For example, peace is a very valuable commodity that can’t be bought at any price. Jesus said, “I will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee.” (I haven’t lost a good night’s sleep in over forty years.)

By faith we believe what the scriptures say about this: “Casting all your care on Him; for He cares for you.” Better than all that is that we will live eternally – if we have received Him as Lord and Savior.


Jim Towers

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