But, It’s Only One Vote! :: By Dennis Huebshman


It’s soapbox time! The election that is coming up in November is probably one of the most crucial of our time. The radical part of the liberal left has gone so far away from the center that it’s hard to believe this is still America. They were so certain that the 2016 presidential election was in their pockets, they just can’t come to grips that their candidate and way of life lost. We are at another critical time that will determine the fate and future of the United States.

The conservative right accepted the two terms of the previous president without any rioting, even though we did not agree with his many anti-American ways. We came together for the last election and voted for, and received, change from what was going on. America elected a business-person, not a politician; and so far, it has worked in our favor.

For over two years, we have witnessed increasing threats and violence to a degree that has surpassed the Vietnam War protests of the 1960’s. So-called “famous” people have even called for the killing of our current president and other members of the Conservative Party. Whether they were joking or not, it is unlawful to make threats against our government people. They had made jokes, right up to the election results, that Trump would never be elected. But he was! A nominee for the Supreme Court was treated in a manner that reached an all-time low. The fact that he was finally confirmed by the Senate has not put the issue to rest.

The time has come to put an end to all this riotous and ridiculous behavior. Our president needs to unleash every legal avenue available, and meet all threats or violence with arrests and full prosecution under existing laws. When a member of congress or any of their staff, their family and friends cannot even enjoy a meal in public without being totally harassed and threatened, it has then become an atmosphere of pure evil.

The arrests and prosecutions need to be extended to any member of Congress that is advocating violence and rioting, no matter what party they belong to. This would include any past president, Cabinet member or anyone in either House today that is using their position to incite such negative behavior. The majority of Americans on both sides of the aisle are getting fed up with the radical horror show. By the way, it’s obvious all of this is being funded through some very wealthy outside sources who are winning in their efforts to take this country down.

Getting back to the election, this is not the one to sit on the sidelines at home and think it doesn’t matter if you vote or not. To not vote is the same as giving your consent to all the illegal activities that are happening. Can you just imagine what a major statement it would make if all Christians would just get out and vote? When someone says, “It’s only one vote,” imagine that statement multiplied by several million voters.

In the past, one vote made a real difference:

English is the official language of the U.S. because of one vote in 1776. The alternative was German; and ironically, the one vote cast to break the tie was a German person who preferred English over his native language.

In 1800, one vote elected Thomas Jefferson instead of Aaron Burr. Five states gained statehood by one vote: Texas 1845, California 1850, Oregon 1859, Washington 1887 and Idaho 1890.

In 1868, President Andrew Johnson was acquitted from impeachment by one vote. In 1876, Rutherford B. Hayes was elected as president by one Electoral College vote that was cast by an Indiana congressman who had won his election by one vote.

Ladies, you got the right to vote in 1920 with ratification of the 19th Amendment. Tennessee was the last state needed, and it ratified it by one vote. (My mother’s home state!)

There are many other examples, but one that stands out is that Adolph Hitler got leadership of the Nazi Party in 1923 by one vote.

There is an atmosphere in our Capitol that they know what you need more than you do, and they are trying to control every aspect of your life. Many have forgotten they are there to work for us, and are supposed to represent us. Many have been there for so long that any change from the status quo threatens their rich lifestyle. They would have you believe they understand and are concerned about your financial status. Our president is not about politics as usual, and this is driving some of them crazy.

When the left is “caught” in activities that are illegal or immoral, they have a tendency to sweep it under a carpet. Yet, when a conservative is even “accused” of an offense without any viable proof, it gets shouted from the rooftops and blown all out of proportion. Sadly, there are those who will follow the radical way without even thinking for themselves.

To prove we have the capacity to think for ourselves, there needs to be a good showing by the end of Election Day November 6. I prefer the convenience of early voting and, Lord Willing, will have already cast my vote by then. If someone does not vote, they have no room to complain about the outcome later. How you vote is your personal business, but please vote!

One more point: for anyone to even hint that it is OK for non-citizens (illegals) to vote is ludicrous. There is a member of the House of Representatives who, on several occasions, has said we have to ensure the “constitutional rights” of illegal aliens. My obvious question is, what part of “illegal” does she not understand?

There are even states and some cities that are trying to pass voter laws that allow non-citizens to vote. To put it bluntly, this amounts to treason. I defy any U.S. citizen to try and vote in any Latin American country, Iran, Syria, Russia, Turkey and on and on. Even with all the voter fraud that has been discovered to have taken place in the last election, the outcome was conservative. I believe it was God-inspired, and He is giving us one more chance to get our act together before unleashing all the end-time scenarios.

Socialism is being painted as a utopia with the government supplying everything. An obvious question is, “Who will pay for it?” Ask the residents of Venezuela how it’s working for them.

Jesus and Paul spoke of the times of the last days, as I have addressed before. Matthew 24:4-8 and 2 Timothy 3:1-5 tell about the way people will become and what the world will be changing to. God is allowing for the preparation for the arrival of the evil one, and producing an atmosphere that will welcome him (2 Thessalonians 2:9-12).

Believers see what’s happening, even though the world is turning against us. This is not a new concept, as Jesus spoke of the hate for Christians about 2,000 years ago. It’s the intensity that’s increasing. John 16:2 and 33 says, “They will put you out of the synagogue, yet a time is coming when the one who kills you will think he is offering service to God… I have told you these things that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have trouble and suffering, but take courage, I have overcome the world.” (emphasis mine)

The ones who are getting radical about anything that’s Christian are doing a service for god – their god, Satan. There is a definite divide between good and evil that is getting wider and wider. As we approach the call of Believers Home (Rapture), it will become even more blatant, as those who hate us aren’t even trying to disguise their actions. They are buying into Satan’s lies and influence, and their choices will catch up to them in the end.

We still need to be in prayer that the radicals will turn back and accept Jesus as their Savior before it’s too late. Jesus even prayed for those who were crucifying Him, and one soul gained eternal life at his earthly death on the cross beside Jesus.

For anyone who is reading this who hasn’t asked Jesus to save them, my prayer is that you open your heart to Him and let Him heal your soul. Just admit you have sinned, as we have all done so (Romans 3:23); ask His forgiveness and accept His free gift that He gave at Calvary. Truly believe He is your Savior; and if you sincerely call on Him, you will be saved (Acts 2:21 and Romans 10:13). Time is getting short – it could be today.