Politics and Religion :: By Jim Towers

There was a time when people used to say, “I don’t discuss politics and religion.” Today, only a fool would say that. It is finally dawning on us how critical it is to have political discourse as pertaining to religion. Like it or not, these two are intrinsically entwined.

Christianity, Judaism and Islam are the prevalent religions in our society, with the first two being the foundation stones on which our country is based; yet, you will notice how Islam wants to take over and impose its will on us. Ironically, the communist far left is in coordination with Islam to create the perfect storm against us right-thinking people. We are fighting an uphill battle, and we can’t give an inch lest they take a mile.

Corrupt politicians are being indicted every day now, and we are just beginning to scrape the surface. If President Trump had not been elected, we would still be in the dark about how rampant corruption is in government.

At the same time, there is a movement underfoot that would have us believe that within the next few days or weeks many criminal and treasonous politicians are going to be tried by military tribunals just waiting to bring them to justice.

The worst-case scenario of the fallout from this prosecution is one where the left will retaliate by the prompting of their corrupt leaders, which are already inciting violence to cover their seditious and evil acts before they are outed.

There are possibly even plans to off the president before he can rein them in, and they have a lot to answer for.

Pedophilia, bribery, drug running, subversion, the persecution of innocent people and treason are but a few of the previous administration’s crimes. If these pedophiles, criminals, perverts and the hard left had its way, all Christian churches would be burned to the ground. They don’t want any rules or regulations; they want to be free to pillage, rape and rage against those who would do right.

Our country stands at a crossroads; and as everyone knows, civil war brings about death and destruction. It is the worst of all outcomes. Just look at communist Venezuela, Cuba and the French revolution in which many people died.

We must not let foolish, self-seeking, drug-addled, car-burning, and looting radicals rule the day.

We will all have to give an account to Almighty God for our actions or inaction on judgment day.

We Christians must take to the poles and vote in great numbers come November to protect our rights and way of life. If not, then we must face the grave prospect of losing the right to pursue happiness and practice our faith… We have an obligation to our prodigy to do so without fail.


Jim Towers

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