Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing :: By Jim Towers

More and more wolves are sneaking into our churches, learning institutions and government. Take for example the over 300 Catholic priests that are systematically raping our children and making them emotional cripples and eventual God haters. These are people who claim to be the voice of God.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: perverts, pedophiles and other evil people are well-entrenched in our society’s sub-structure and are destroying our country and people.

A retired neighbor is a very devout Catholic, and she takes great pride in being one. She once told me that a friend of hers had won a lottery and invited her to Rome to meet the then pope. This meeting was the highlight of her life. She says that, when she met the man and looked into his face, he had the most beautiful blue eyes you can imagine. All the while I’m thinking, what has that got to do with anyone’s depth of faith? I’ve got to set this poor woman straight, I thought.

For the past several days, the reports are coming in concerning the over 300 Catholic priests accused of pedophilia in Pennsylvania. There are fifty states in the union which means that, even if there are half that many in states of the same size, it would amount to thousands of these perverts being well- entrenched in that religion. What better way to have your cake and eat it too – and they get paid as well – to say nothing of the perks. The Apostle Paul warns us that there would be great apostasy in the last days, and indeed there is. This spiritual shaking may add to the great falling away of many believers that is also prophesied in the bible.

These wolves in sheep’s clothing have destroyed the emotional lives and faith of many children and should be held accountable; but it shouldn’t be surprising that they may only receive a slap on the wrist, as usual.

A few months ago, a number of priests were found to be pedophiles in Venezuela and Brazil. The pope condemned their actions, and the offenders dropped off the radar – melting back into the crowd. Chances are they will be transferred to other localities – as is their way of covering things up.

I had been thinking of a way to tell my neighbor without destroying her so-called faith based on tradition, heresy and pomp. I finally found the right words to tell her today. (Apparently, God had set up this divine appointment for me.)

After I complimented her on her jogging apparel, I said, “Did you hear about the priests in Pennsylvania?” She said, “Yes, I know all about it; my priest was practically in tears and begged us not to leave the church. He said they were going to do something about it.” I thought too little, too late; this great charade is over – or should be. Her Catholic church has a thousand or more members.

The next day she was back in her church and is there right now even as we speak. I intend to find out what was said and done and will report what transpired. I may even go there myself to hear firsthand what is being said and proposed. I also plan to invite her to my church, First Baptist of Naples, to get some sound Bible teaching. Then it’s in God’s hands. I hope she agrees to come.

The Catholic church is in deep trouble.

Our learning institutions are also bedeviled by these perverts who are teaming with atheists as well, even in seminary. It’s hard to believe that the first learning institutions in the USA were begun to honor God – most of them Christian schools.

The following comments are excerpted from the Tea Party Tribune (with a correction since Linda Harvey is no longer an LGBT activist, but is now a Bible-believing Christian):

“President Obama’s Safe School Czar wrote the forward to a book called, “Queering Elementary Education.” Through the promotion of the gay lifestyle, along with confusing young children of their sexual identification or classification, these children are left confused and vulnerable to sexual predators. Linda Harvey, a [former] LGBT activist…stated, “It’s all part of a plan to introduce sex to children at younger and younger ages to convince them that normal friendship is actually a sexual attraction.”

Many may not know that pedophiles have protected status since “sexual orientation” is protected under the Matthew Shephard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act.  When Republicans attempted to remove pedophilia from protected status, the Democrats objected and defeated the amendment with Alcee Hastings (D-FL), stating that all alternative lifestyles should be protected under the law.

The Democrats know a push for legalizing pedophilia opens the door for Sharia Law and even approving child marriage. More “gay” friendly laws lay the foundation to accept pedophilia, as the term “minor-attracted person” is being introduced. There are those who are even advocating the legalization of child pornography, contending that it helps prevent pedophiles from becoming child molesters.

These children are victims and live a secret life of fear, confusion, and even suicidal thoughts, while another secret society of Democrats is pushing a secret agenda to protect and promote pedophiles at the cost of our children.

Source: http://www.teapartytribune.com/2018/08/21/the-democrat-ring-of-pedophiles/

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