Memoriam for Mindy Silva

Mindy Silva, a Rapture Ready guest writer, passed into the presence of our Lord Jesus, on August 10, 2018, after a protracted battle from a terrible disease. I (Paul Dudash, her husband) contacted a member of the Rapture Ready staff and asked that a brief notice of her passing be posted on the website, an easy and simple request; just another ‘task’ on a do list of all the things that must be done by survivors when one passes from this life. I was asked instead to begin the process by submitting something about Mindy. What? That was not part of my task list of things!

Then let me begin:

Her life was not simple or easy, those that knew her know well that meaning. She was brilliant and humble, always seeking and following God’s Word for her life. He blessed her with many gifts, yet one stands out above all others: her love of writing and sharing the love of God through her amazing gift. She never sugar coated or slopped the syrup in her writings, something about eating too much honey, comes to mind.  While being outspoken she was never harsh. Her professional career was as a senior human resource manager for several federal agencies. Her decision process never started or ended from a point of view of compromise or an implication of such from authority, but on the written regulation of policy. Sounds like a great policy and practical training for those of us who walk in the Word. We plan our way but the Lord directs our steps was never truer for one such as me. He directed me to Mindy Silva, I am honored and humbled by that direction; I shall miss her greatly.

Rapture Ready note:

Mindy will be missed by us all. We are immensely Blessed by her having devoted her talents and Christian love to us at RR and to all of those she touched through her writing. Her dedication to her Lord’s Work means her Rewards in Heaven will be Great. –Todd, Terry