I Never Thought I Would See the Day (Part 2) :: By Jan Markell

Last November I wrote an article listing a number of things I didn’t think I would see in my lifetime. Prophecy Update even turned it into a short video that almost 200,000 people have viewed.

Now six months later, I’ve come up with another list of unbelievable happenings that I never thought I would live to see. Sure, we live in crazy times. A lot of things the Bible predicted are now happening at break-neck speed but it still leaves me speechless.

Here’s my updated list I never thought I’d live to see:

• Churches would not just recognize the Islamic holiday known as Ramadan, they would join in on the “celebration” while hundreds of innocents were being killed at the very same time.
• Women’s sporting activities would be curtailed because transgenders can now participate as women even though they are males.

• The WWII anti-Nazi term “the resistance” would be applied to those opposed to a U.S. President — Donald Trump.

• Lucifer would get his own TV show, first on the Fox Network and now on Netflix. In fact, he is glorified as a good guy — handsome, charming, and funny. Some day Christ-rejecters won’t be laughing.

• Netflix will also have an animated drag queen series for children. (But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea: Matthew 18:6).

• I would turn on any form of media and the only story being talked about would be President Trump — and always in a negative light! Can’t the Left give him an ounce of credit? And what about all the other significant stories the media is just ignoring?

• My tax dollars would be spent to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars to better understand why lesbians are obese.

• Seven out of nine Supreme Court Justices would all agree on a religious liberty case — Colorado baker Jack Phillips. There is hope for our Republic!

• Public libraries in my neck of the woods — the Twin Cities — would have “drag story hours” with cross-dressers — for little children. Talk about the return of the Days of Noah.

• The Department of Homeland Security would announce that it intends to compile a comprehensive list of hundreds of thousands of journalists, editors, bloggers, and folks like me. They will collect any “information that could be relevant about them.”

• The residents of Gaza would take Japan’s gift of kites for the children of Gaza and use them as incendiary devices to burn down southern Israel. (And Israel is to make peace with such barbarians?)

• Wiccans and pagans had a scheduled gathering in Maryland. God had other ideas. He caused a flood to cancel the event.

• Christianity would literally be expelled from public schools but Islam would be taught and praised.

• The Left has gone apoplectic about the separation of kids from parents at the border but defends and even celebrates the permanent separation: Abortion.

• Private conversation would be at risk thanks to Alexa, Google Plus, our iPhones, and more, literally spying on us. Today’s world has no secrets.

I have left so much off of this “I never thought I’d see the day” list that it grieves me. You have a saturation point. I don’t want to push you that far. But I suspect eve George Orwell would be shocked at the tide of our times!

The Bible says there would be a day when good would be called evil and evil good (Isaiah 5:20). We are there. These happenings remind us that we’re not in Kansas anymore and things are all falling into place!

God is using the negative as a megaphone to say that “I am coming soon!”

Look up. Our redemption draws nigh.