Dropping Like Flies :: By Jim Towers

Like it or not, we human beings are dropping like flies. This life is temporal and was never meant to be all consuming. We are only here on a trial basis – those who would acknowledge our creator and those who will not. We are given seventy-something years to do so, or even more by reason of strength and respecting one’s parents. Of course, there are many other lengths of days for many other reasons; but seventy is the norm for most of us, as the scriptures point out.

Life is exciting for most of us with much to discover and experience. Many of us are overtly enamored with life and all the goodies it offers, especially in our country of plenty. Money and power are often at the top of the list with pleasure running close behind.

Sexual pleasure is all too often abused by people with no self-control. Our political leaders are at the head of the line. Pedophilia and infidelity even permeate the church.

With our fun-loving endorphins just waiting to be stimulated, we humans find ourselves in a dilemma. The struggle to overcome these normal desires is sometimes overwhelming to those of us trying to please God. Christian maturity is a growing process – one that takes prayer and a drawing ever closer to God the Father. Only we who know God through Christ Jesus should be able to surmount these foibles through the Spirit. After all, the fruits of the Spirit are Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

In talking to my good neighbor, who is about my age, about such things, he said, “I never think about death or religion – just about what I enjoy doing – after all, once you die it’s all over. (I will address his response the next time we talk with this verse of scripture: “It is appointed once for man to die, but after this the judgment.”) Even as evangelical as I am, I didn’t think of it at the time.

Both he and his brother are agnostics. The last time his brother and I talked, he said, “I don’t believe in talking snakes.” He said this in referring to the book of Genesis that I was telling him about in casual conversation. I was startled by this man’s assertion and let it go – for the time being.

These two guys had no religious upbringing, or I surmised; but I know that when the time comes they will run to me for spiritual advice. Where else can a person go who is facing death or a serious illness?

But, even before the day was out, I was able to impart that verse of scripture that says, “It is appointed unto man once to die, but after that the judgment” to my happy-go-lucky neighbor. As we stood around talking in his front yard to two workmen he had doing tree work for him, I was able to take the spiritual conversation a step further as one of the workmen was a Christian. When I told the Christian workman he was a Pentecostal Christian, he was astonished to say the least: “How did you know I was a Christian?”

Although I had never met or talked to the man before, I had a distinct feeling that he was a brother in Christ. The other worker said he wasn’t one when I asked. I laughingly said he should repent. Then I pointed out that my friendly neighbor was also a nonbeliever, to which he answered, “I believe in God in my own way and received holy communion when I was a youngster.” I could have gone on and on, but I felt that I had given them all enough to chew on – for the time being.

I am surrounded by atheists and agnostics; but, since I live in the neighborhood, I must be careful about what I say and do around them. They don’t want to hear about the things of God – yet.

Still though, I have prayed for three other neighbors – in their homes. One was deathly ill, another had emotional problems and is taking medication for them, and the last one was a young man who was paralyzed in a car accident. Even though I have their respect and they are friendly toward me, they go through life as though there is no end to it and are just hoping for the best.

With everything that life has to offer, celebrities are also dropping like flies – victims to suicidal thoughts. Life without meaning is not worth living even if you have everything a person could wish for.

Recently, we’ve even seen the demise of some very famous people who have given up on life, people who should by all human standards be happy or at least content.

In doing research for this article, I found out that some of these folks hung themselves on a doorknob. This can only be done by strangulation and sitting on the floor while doing so. However, conspiracy theorists say that each of these celebrities was about to reveal the names of important people who are into pedophilia. Each of them had the means and ran with the big dogs in show business and politics. Although this theory is hard to believe, I wouldn’t put it past that group of evildoers.

In the meantime, drugs, accidents, illness, depression and just plain aging take their toll as well.

In Lynnwood, Washington, two seventeen-year-old co-captains of a high school football team died within days of one another – one of an apparent suicide caused by depression; the other of as yet unknown reasons.

“It is appointed unto man once to die, but after this – the judgment.” As grizzly and final as this statement is – it is in the infallible word of God. Therefore, a person ought to consider this fact every so often. It’s a good thing to take stock of one’s life and to get right with God. This can only be done through faith in Christ alone who “Takes away the sins of the world.” We should always be ready to meet our maker. Only then can we live life to the full.

I continue to evangelize my neighborhood and community for Christ as time runs out for us all.


“Media Madness” by Howard Kurtz is a well-written book that gives insight into how the media is continuing to play a role in bias politics. It fills the reader in on names, places and agendas.

Ending on a good note, let it be known that 31 people were baptized at First Baptist Church in Naples, Florida last Sunday. There appears to be a spiritual stirring in our community as well as the country at large. Check in on Sunday services with FBCN on the internet for the live-streaming Sunday service at 9:30 EST featuring Bible teacher and pastor, Dr. Hayes Wicker.


Jim Towers

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