The Titanic and the Rapture :: By Sally Law

The Titanic and the Rapture
She was the most luxurious ocean liner ever built. No expense was spared, as her guests were among the earth’s wealthiest and most distinguished. Archibald Butt, aide to Presidents William Taft and Theodore Roosevelt, was on board as well as John Jacob Astor with his newlywed wife. Millionaire Benjamin Guggenheim along with Macy’s Department Store partner, Isidor Straus, and his wife were guests aboard this 7.5 million-dollar floating palace that would sail the North Atlantic, departing from Southampton, England and scheduled to arrive in New York City.

Postponed by six weeks, she did finally set sail April 10, 1912—the R.M.S. Titanic.

Her cargo was what you might have imagined or heard of through stories and movies. It is really difficult to recreate the excessive opulence that resided in this floating paradise by book or cinema. Two squash courts and equal Turkish baths. A first-class parlor ticket was a mere $4,350.

First-class passengers were given the royal treatment, dining amidst hand-carved mahogany-paneled walls which adorned the main dining hall that served the elites.

The food was sumptuously prepared—for every meal was a feast, usually up to eleven courses. The men would adjourn for exotic cigars and more drinks in the private, lavish smoking lounges after the dining experience. From there they could retire to their palatial parlor rooms, if they had one of the four of these, and enjoy a stroll on the Promenade Deck.

There were thousands of bottles of the finest wines, champagne and ale the earth had to offer. Meat, caviar, cheeses, poultry, produce and eggs were loaded onto this floating food emporium.

Second-class passengers were given a decent passage but certainly not the first-class experience described. The third-class passengers were on the boat locked away and housed in rows of bunk beds in overcrowded rooms, strategically located near the engine room in the lowest part of the ship. The noise was said to be deafening. However, everyone on the Titanic ate well. But the poor and desperate were aboard this steamship as well, making her way across the icy waters of the North Atlantic – many hoping for a new life in America.

So much wealth and prominence aboard. So much food, drink, jewels, and excess of every kind. Read the list of what was loaded and packed for this trip if you are curious—it’s astounding. I don’t know how it all fit inside this massive boat along with all the people, but it did.

The ship’s architects and builders were very proud. It was reported in newspapers worldwide and by word of mouth to be—unsinkable. Really?

That attitude was prevalent across the ship’s builders, crew, staff and those sailing aboard. Pride of life and the pride of accomplishment. Very few seemed to sense what was truly valuable aboard this vessel—this floating mega-ship. The true value is always going to be things that are eternal, not temporary….like that of a human soul. Many on this day overlooked this fact, but thankfully, not everyone.

This wrong attitude was reflected in the ship’s lack of safety equipment—mainly, the lifeboats. The ship was originally equipped for 64 lifeboats; but because of esthetics and appeal to the first-class passengers, only 20 were ready and mounted for the maiden voyage. This was not nearly enough to save the lives of the 2,229 passengers and crew members gliding through the icy waters of the northern Atlantic near Newfoundland’s Grand Banks. The ocean water in this area was around 28 degrees Fahrenheit. The only reason it’s not frozen over at that temperature is because of the salt content.

Unknown to Captain Edward John Smith, as the ship is breezing through the frigid arctic air on the night of this disaster, is a scientific theory that suggests the moon’s extremely close approach to Earth on January 4, 1912. It created such strong tides that it sent a cluster of icebergs southward and into the Titanic’s path. This is a theory— but very believable to me because of the power of a Supermoon and its effect on the tide. The Titanic is headed this night—right into the clusters of icebergs. Captain Smith was forewarned, however, about the existence of icebergs in this area.

I’m not sure how the lookout missed a 100-foot tall iceberg towering above the water. It seems like many had trouble doing their job when it really counted on this fateful evening. I read in one account of this story that the binoculars used by the lookout were not sufficient or even used.

Since they were determined to have a first-class experience, why not a first-class pair of binoculars? Possibly, two?

Added to the overall deficit, no one called for a lifeboat drill or made sure each boat was manned with at least two able-bodied persons who were able to row. To frost this cake of complete unpreparedness, the lifeboats were not filled to capacity—one boat reported having only three first-class passengers. Of the 18 lifeboats that were launched, most were only halfway filled. Of the two small boats that were considered reserve boats, one flipped upside down as it was hastily loaded into the waters.

The ship grazes the giant iceberg at 11:40 p.m. on April 14th. Many accounts recalled it sounded like the ship ran over millions of marbles. Many were aware that something was wrong. But, not wanting to alarm the passengers, it was not disclosed what had truly taken place and that water was pouring into the lower chambers of the ship. People are told in first-class to get their life belts on and head to the upper deck. Even the crew comes across as being just precautionary. People remind themselves and others that the Titanic is unsinkable, boasting of its watertight chambers.

At 2:20 a.m. on April 15th, 1912: after breaking in two, she sinks to her ice-water grave carrying with her the lives of those not spared in the lifeboats. Of the 2,229 passengers, only 706 survived— the majority being women and children.

Two ships received signals that were able to help: the Californian and the Carpathia. The captain of the Californian heard the report from his crew of the flares signaling distress from the Titanic, and chose to go back to bed. No kidding.

The captain of the Carpathia confirmed he heard the report from his men that the Titanic was, indeed, in trouble. Upon the confirmation of the report, he made a giant U-turn and came straight away as fast as he dared through treacherous waters, and arrived miraculously at around 4:00 a.m. His passengers doubled-up their occupancy and willingly gave their rooms to the survivors of the Titanic. What a captain and ship! Real heroes!

This sinking was a real surprise to many all around the world. Fake news is not something new. Many newspaper outlets reported the Titanic did sink, but there was no loss of life—The Detroit News, was one of those. Somebody apparently called them on it, and they fixed their giant blunder. It’s always best to get your news correct instead of being the first to print.

We have a day approaching that will be very much like the sinking of the Titanic. It will be unexpected and not prepared for by millions of people. It will catch those of this world off guard and unaware. It will be like a punch in the gut that takes away your breath and knocks you down. Some think that their lives are unsinkable. They will be just as bad off as those on this ill-fated ship.

Captain John Smith was warned about the existence of icebergs and the treacherous waters he was navigating into. He thought his ship was above such things—like possibly sinking. He could have diverted the ship southward to avoid the suspected icebergs.

From the Chicago Examiner dated Thursday April 18, 1912:

Operator on La Bretagne Tells How Messages Were Sent in All Directions From Near Cape Race.
New York, April 17—Captain Smith of the Titanic had warning of the danger ahead of him in the giant iceberg that sent his vessel to the bottom of the North Atlantic. As a matter of fact, the Titanic relayed the warning to the shore.”

People of this earth have been forming this attitude for some time now—and it seems to be accelerating here in the end times. Everything will continue just as it is. Nothing forecasted in the Bible is ever going to happen. There is no such thing as the Rapture….and on and on.

The day of the Rapture will probably be a normal day. People working, planning a wedding or getting married that day. Some may be vacationing or at school. Flights and buses leaving and arriving at terminals. Coffee shops and commerce will be bustling with patrons and business. It will happen so fast—in the twinkling of an eye. Gone in an instant—those Christians, those deplorable Jesus people—they are all gone.

Fake news will again get the attention of the world as speculation and lies of our whereabouts abound. Alien abduction for sure. A giant hole appeared in the universe and disposed of those who were unworthy to live here. The biggest thing to explain is the disappearance of children and babies. The chaos of the world will be felt by every single person—just like every single person on the Titanic was affected forever. It will be the same on this day and at this time in the future.

When the Titanic went down, those watching in horror noticed the last flickering of the lights as they went out completely. Total darkness followed, allowing for the darkness of the ocean at night to engulf them. A wealthy lady in lifeboat #8 had a small battery-powered light on her cane which she waved in the air throughout the night, hoping a vessel would see and rescue their struggling group.

It will be same on the earth. The light of God’s presence will be removed as the restraining power of the Holy Spirit will be departing with the Christians, sending the world into a darkness it has never seen before, nor ever will again. There will be those who find Christ during this time after the Rapture. It will not be easy—not at all. The world will descend quickly into spiritual darkness, and a very wicked man will rise to power to fill the huge vacuum that was created by the Rapture and the absence of millions of men, women, children and babies.

It’s not going to be much longer, as I see the Day of the Lord approaching. The only clue we have of the Rapture is that we can see that this day—the Day of the Lord—is coming upon the world.

Jesus will appear in the sky and call those in Christ both dead and still alive to come up with Him in the air. We will rise to Him and be with Him forever.

My daily prayer is that today, if you hear His voice, you will respond. Believe and receive the good news of the love and salvation of Jesus Christ right now if you have not done so. Come with us who believe upon Jesus Christ—you won’t regret it!

Jesus answered, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me”

(John 14:6).

“That if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation” (Romans 10:9-10).

Sally Law

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