May 14 :: By Jim Towers

Note: As I was finishing this article, an unprecedented military strike by Iran against Israel took place, with 20 rockets fired from Syria. A report from Amir Tsarfati of Behold Israel stated, “Israeli army spokesman: No Iranian rocket fell in Israel! Four were shut down and the rest fell within Syria! The Israeli response was unprecedented – over 50 Iranian targets all over Syria were attacked – headquarters, rockets storages, bunkers, air defense systems, radars, rocket launchers, logistical centers, intelligence gathering centers – were all destroyed! Israel alerted the Russians minutes before the strike, following Netanyahu’s meeting with Putin.”

May 14: Remember That Day

According to news sources, this is the day the U.S. will move our embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv. In doing so, it would legitimize the Jewish state of Israel once and for all. Can you imagine the chagrin and anger this will pose to the Palestinians and their Muslim brothers in the Middle East when we side with Israel in that longstanding feud? Already this Brotherhood of Muslims stands poised at the borders of Israel to invade and take over that tiny strip of land they claim as their own. That day, May14, will soon be upon us.

It was seventy years ago that Israel became a state after the Second World War, fulfilling a prophecy of Isaiah that says the Jewish people would be brought back to their homeland once again – for the final time.

God seems to delight in using these special numbers so that his people will take notice and to let us know of His all-knowing Omniscience. He also does this so that we may be aware of the signs of the times. God likes to work with numbers such as three, seven, forty and seventy. Now, don’t get me wrong; I’m not a numerologist nor a gematria expert, but this shouldn’t seem strange to Bible students.

Muslim military forces planted at strategic points on the border of Israel are waiting for this event; and being embarrassed by recent events, Russia may just step in as well, along with their ally Iran. The embassy move could very well be the beginning of the war of Gog and Magog, or at least a prelude to that biblical event. If this holds true and war breaks out, then we can be sure that these are the last of the last days, even though no one knows the day or the hour – only the Father, our Creator, just as Jesus said.

We Christians who believe such things may even be held in contempt by many people, including the “brethren.” Like the Bible warns, there will be self-righteous scoffers in the last days (I know; I’ve met them) even in the church.

Let’s just suppose that this Muslim confrontation is a prelude to/or the actual war of Gog and Magog (many other factors appear to be confirming this).

First, the rebuilding of the temple may be a result of this skirmish happening. Perhaps the Muslim Dome of the Rock will be destroyed by an errant missile, making it possible to do so. Who knows? In the meantime, a 6.9 earthquake on the island of Hawaii caused the eruption of a volcano that has begun destroying a portion of that island with lava. On our mainland, our own geyser “Old Faithful” (created from an extinct volcano) is coming alive as well, while earthquakes continue to rattle the nerves of the citizens of California. Recently, more than 200 earthquakes struck the Canary Islands. Earthquakes continue to intensify everywhere.

Secondly, our bombastic and fearless president may be setting the stage for the end of the church age, even while the Democrats are intent on driving him from office one way or another.

Then the anti-Christ will take center stage of world events, and is a person who doesn’t subscribe to the deity of Jesus Christ. He will be a narcissistic and charismatic man, drawing many people to himself to worship him. The False prophet (the present and very liberal Pope?) will aid him. All the elements and players are now in place.

Of course, I am only speculating since I don’t consider myself a prophet, but it sure seems to make sense to me. If this be the case, I would urge all half-baked Christians, agnostic and apostates to repent and be ready for any eventuality. May 14 is right around the corner.


“The Spiritual Man” is a short book written by a Chinese Pastor by the name of Watchman Nee, who died in 1972. It is a thought-provoking look at what the scriptures have to say about the Christian life. Even though it is a very deep writing, it is only this man’s thoughts. And even though he doesn’t stray from sound doctrine, you too can know these things by reading scripture for yourself. You don’t need a doctorate to do so. The Holy Spirit will lead you into all truth. Just ask God to fill you with His presence after receiving Christ.


“The Remaining” was a recent release that used special effects and realistic footage to relay the prophetic message of the tribulation period, albeit the series of events depicted in the film may be somewhat off. But they made a valiant attempt to warn the viewers of the impending prophecies, mainly from the book of Revelation, with trumpet blasts, huge hail stones falling from the sky, and a lot of demonic activity.


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