Has the Terminal Generation Arrived? :: By Daymond Duck

Jesus said, “Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh: So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors. Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled” (Matt. 24:32-34). Several Bible verses identify Israel as the Fig Tree (Hos. 9:10; Jer. 24:1-7).

Some prophecy teachers call the generation that sees all of the signs being fulfilled “the terminal generation” (the last generation of Christians or the generation of Christians that is alive when the Rapture takes place).

There are different ideas about the length of a generation and when to start counting on the terminal generation (1948, 1967); but some prophecy teachers believe a generation is 70 and perhaps up to 80 years (Psa. 90:1-10), and some start their countdown on May 14, 1948 when Israel (the Fig Tree) became a nation again.

Concerning this, Hal Lindsey recently made an interesting statement, “No matter how you define a “generation” (and there are multiple definitions), 70 years means that the major part of it has passed and there can’t be much left.”

This is the point: No one knows the day or the hour, but everyone needs to be aware of the possibility that it is very close and the importance of being ready.

First, the destruction of Damascus (War between Israel and Syria; Isa. 17), the destruction of Iran’s nuclear reactor (Elam; Jer. 49:34-39), and the Battle of Gog and Magog (Russia, Iran and others attacking Israel; Ezek. 38-39) could be very close. If they are, this would be a clear sign that the latter days and latter years have arrived.

Russia is threatening to deploy some of its latest state of the art missiles (the S-300 system) around Damascus and some of Syria’s airports. Israel said if those missiles are used against Israeli jets, Israel will blow them up.

Israel’s Ambassador to the UN recently told the UN Security Council that Iran controls 80,000 Shiite militants in Syria that have been trained at a military base slightly more than five miles from Damascus.

On Apr. 26, 2018, U.S. Sec. of Defense James Mattis told a U.S. congressional committee he believes “a military confrontation between Israel and Iran in Syria is becoming increasingly likely.”

The next day, it was reported that there are rising concerns at the Pentagon that Iran could strike Israel “in the coming days.”

An aircraft carrier, the USS Harry S. Truman, was ordered to stay on alert in the area.

On Apr. 29, 2018, U.S. Sec. of State Mike Pompeo visited Israeli Prime Min. Benjamin Netanyahu.

Mr. Pompeo expressed strong U.S. support for Israel’s right to defend itself and apparently gave permission for Israel to take on Iran in Syria if Israel needs to.

That night (Apr. 29, 2018), Israel struck several military bases in Syria. It was reported that 26 troops (perhaps 18 Iranians) were killed and about 60 others (Lebanese, Iraqis, Pakistanis and troops from Afghanistan) were wounded.

One explosion was powerful enough to register 2.6 on the Richter scale. The New York Times reported that 200 Iranian missiles exploded.

The next morning (Apr. 30, 2018), Prime Min. Netanyahu placed an unusual call to Pres. Trump. Then, a large number of Israeli weapons were spotted heading north. Then, Mr. Netanyahu convened an emergency meeting of his security cabinet.

That night, Mr. Netanyahu addressed the Israeli people. He revealed that Israeli Mossad agents had gone into Iran and captured thousands of Iranian documents and CD’s that prove Iran is lying about its efforts to develop nuclear warheads.

Needless to say, the Ayatollah and some of his Mullahs are very upset.

Several excellent prophecy teachers believe Mr. Netanyahu was giving Pres. Trump and world leaders the information they need to justify their withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear weapons deal and to justify an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities if Iran restarts them.

It is impossible to predict how all of this will play out (a limited skirmish; or the destruction of Damascus; or the destruction of Iran’s nuclear reactor; or an incident that leads to the Battle of Gog and Magog, or what); but the situation is boiling, and many prophecy teachers think Hezbollah, Iran or Israel could soon launch a pre-emptive strike. The possibility exists that all of these things will be fulfilled before it ends.

Second, for whatever it is worth, Pres. Trump’s deadline for world leaders to fix or nix the Iranian nuclear agreement will be up on May 12, 2018.

Pres. Trump has said that he won’t renew the agreement, Iran is threatening war if he doesn’t, and France is saying war is a possibility.

The Ayatollah wants to trigger the Tribulation Period and help his Mahdi win the Mother of all Battles (Battle of Armageddon).

Third, concerning a peace treaty, in Dec. 2017 it was reported that some Arab nations were telling PA Pres. Mahmoud Abbas and the PA leadership to stop criticizing Pres. Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and to get on board with his proposed Middle East Peace Plan.

Some reports said Mr. Abbas and the PA leadership were told that if they didn’t cooperate, they could be replaced with people who would cooperate.

Mr. Abbas and his team of leaders aren’t cooperating – and they are citizens of Jordan, not Israel.

No reason was given, but on Apr. 25, 2018, it was reported that King Abdullah II of Jordan has notified Mr. Abbas and his team that they will soon be stripped of their Jordanian citizenship.

It is unclear how this will impact Pres. Trump’s peace proposal, but Mr. Abbas and his leaders will soon be visitors in Jordan, not citizens of Jordan, and the Temple Mount is currently under the control of King Abdullah of Jordan.

On Apr. 30, 2018, it was reported that Pres. Trump will probably release an outline of his peace plan shortly after the U.S. embassy is moved to Jerusalem on May 14, 2018.

The word “shortly” is vague, but it indicates that a peace proposal that at least some Arabs seem willing to accept could be on the table soon. The response of Israel, Iran and others remains to be seen.

Fourth, the fact that Israel could hack into thousands of Iranian documents is evidence that world leaders will soon have the ability to track buying and selling.

Fifth, on Apr. 25, 2018, it was reported that the U.S. will place a Mezuzah (a small case or tube with a very tiny parchment scroll inside) on the doorpost at the entrance to America’s new embassy in Jerusalem.

The words of God found in Deut. 6:4-9 and 11:13-21 will be written on the scroll, and one of the names of God (Shaddai) will be visible through a small opening in the case or tube.

The meaning of Shaddai is vague, but some think it means “God is the Guardian of the Gates of Israel.”

Mezuzahs are used to remind those that enter and leave a building that the Jews have a covenant with God and the occupants of the building observe a special set of God-given rules, rituals and beliefs.

 Posting a Mezuzah on the doorpost of the U.S. embassy won’t enhance America’s relationship with God, but it is good to have a government that understands what a Mezuzah is and that it is willing to place God’s name and portions of Holy Scripture on the doorpost.

No one knows, but I believe the terminal generation has arrived, and God will bless those that bless Israel. It is possible that God has placed many conservative Christians in the current administration for such a time as this, and it is good for America to be on Israel’s side.

Prophecy Plus Ministries, Inc.
Daymond & Rachel Duck