Divine Appointments :: By Jim Towers

Day after day, divine appointments seem to become more and more frequent for me. I had two in one day recently, and I expect more to come as the world spins out of control.

I’ve experienced this phenomenon in the past, but with two obvious ones in one day I feel like something’s going on. For me it raises the question, is the Lord of heaven about to burst on the scene to take believers away? God seems to be doing a mighty work through His people in these times in terms of ministry – just before the rapture. If you are in that league, then you know what I’m talking about. The Bible says, “Those who know their God will do many exploits in those days” (the final days).

Here are two examples of what I’m talking about.

We met at a barber shop; William was a sixty-year-old agnostic and a single person. Having traveled all over the world, he is apparently very wealthy. Despite this, he lamented that he had yet to find the right woman to marry. He talked about being lonesome and afraid of all the things going on in the world. I continued to let him talk. Although William was a very intelligent man, he was sorely lacking in the humanities. An obvious liberal, he attempted to defend himself for not believing in God, calling Him a criminal. Even with that foolish declaration, he acknowledged the existence of God and didn’t even realize it.

Knowing I was a believer after I clearly told him so, he was only trying to ruffle my feathers. What he didn’t know was that I am firmly entrenched in the Christian faith and will not be drawn into a foolish debate. “The heavens declare His glory.” We talked for close to an hour, and I gave the man my name and number and told him he could call me 24/7. I have yet to hear from him.

Later that same day, I met a store clerk who was ringing up a shirt I bought. He was a middle-aged black man who seemed to be in his own little world. He smugly asked, “Are you trying to appear young?” Well, I certainly don’t want to appear old, I thought. The short-sleeved white shirt is going to be used in my evangelistic outreach, and will have the title “Evangelist” with each letter written in a different color, just over the pocket. The letters will be about a half inch tall. The reason for this is to draw attention to myself to be able to share the gospel. You see, the time will come when people will reach out for answers in desperation.

As I told the clerk that I had the body of a thirty-year-old and the wisdom of an aged man, I posed for him. Then I looked him in the eye and said, “Now I’ll show you how wise I am. You are a Christian.”

“How did you know?”

“I have the spirit of discernment,” I replied. (Having talked to thousands of people in my ministry, I can tell, and I can spot a charlatan right off too.)

“Well,” he said with his head hung low, “I used to be a Christian, but I’ve been backslidden for a long, long time, and I just came back into the fold two days ago.” The man looked like a naughty puppy that had been recently chastised. I welcomed him back matter-of-factly and gave him the address of my church. The lady behind me was beginning to stir, so I left.

Most of the Christian community is living life as usual and doing nothing but grandstanding in the limelight of their supposed achievements. Others go about plundering, taking other men’s wives and living a life of ease, and this while their neighbors wallow in their grievous sins and are grasping at straws with nowhere to turn. The poor souls seem to have forgotten that churches exist, and is it any wonder?

“Laodicean” churches still insist on playing church, and most church leaders in them haven’t been called to lead others to Christ, but instead only consider church work a job with good benefits. They talk a good game and put on religious airs, cry on cue and only seek adulation from the congregants. But not all of us are fooled, especially those of us who have studied scripture earnestly and have set about making the kingdom of God their priority. Pride, money and sexual sin is rife within the body of Christ.

Pedophilia is also rampant, even among non-Catholic priests who are in that position just to exploit young men and boys. These non-repentant perverts are trying to take over the country and have even infiltrated the church.

While doing research on the internet yesterday, I stumbled upon a list of pastors (or supposed pastors) who are pedophiles. In one case, the church gave their pastor a standing ovation for admitting his heinous crime. Were they applauding his candor or what!?

Having besmirched the Christian faith, disgusting people like that make me angry, and I sometimes feel like calling some of them out by name. But Jesus said to let the weeds grow up with the grain, lest you disturb the crop in doing so. People need the hope and encouragement that only Jesus can give – not a show.

Yes, talk is cheap (Jesus said so) and grandstanding is just as bad. I’ve seen and heard it all in over forty years of evangelism. I say to all such men, “Get off your high horse and hit the dust in true repentance.  Don’t do so with fake tears and acting oh so holy. Your self-serving drama is cheap and uncalled for in these times of trouble.”

About books:

I am presently reading “Media Madness” by Howard Kurtz, and it is a very good read. With this former journalist writing the facts and clearing the media fog, I am making better sense of how Washington, DC works.  (I’ve had my suspicions of the corruption and partisanship that exists in the halls of power confirmed so far, and I’m only on page forty!)

“Fire and Fury” written by Michael Wolf is an opposing view of the Trump presidency. This man is obviously a liberal and has nothing good to say about our president, or even our country for that matter. I’ll be reading that next.


Jim Towers

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