Has the Shaking Begun? :: By Jim Towers

I awakened this morning; it was 3:33. The dream I awoke from was about the shaking that I believe is going to take place sooner rather than later. In it I encountered certain individuals who, in their fear, were asking me to pray for them. (If you’ve never done this before in the middle of an aisle at Wal-Mart or in front of a busy grocery store, then it’s hard to imagine.) Since I’ve done so and more in real life, it wasn’t an unusual or alarming situation – even for an End Times dream.

What made these terrified people approach me was their fear of what was happening across the globe. War had broken out; and for the first time in a long time, America was at risk. I’m not going to break down the series of events or prognostications about where and when war will break out according to scripture. But I will say this:

Damascus is mentioned in the run-up to all-out war – perhaps the war of Gog and Magog; and that possibility is playing out right now, even as we speak. Not to worry though; it won’t last long, according to Ezekiel’s vision. Armageddon will last longer, but true believers won’t be around to see either; they will be raptured out of here before it hits the fan.

In any case, the people in my dream were terrified. Grown men were crying and asking me what they should do. I was taking it all in stride in the dream since I knew what was happening and why. This was the Shaking, the shaking that God was going to use to wake people up and call them to repentance. This will usher in the final great revival before all hell breaks loose just before and during the time of Tribulation.

Was I one of the old men who were to have dreams in the book of Joel?  This is the only correlation I can make with prophetic scripture.

As things heat up and war looms ever closer on the horizon, we may actually see this dream taking place on the streets of America in real life. Many will see it as a time of horror, while I see it as a time of shaking and redemption, with people falling prostrate on the very ground in repentance. It’s about time.

On movies

I deliberated about commenting on movies and books since our priority should be in getting our lives in order and making the best use of our time in these final hours. I will say this, however: the movie “I Can Only Imagine” was considered by most who saw it as a good testimony to unbelievers who would see justified hate turned to understanding and forgiveness.

On books

This Eric Metaxas guy is too pretty to be a scholarly writer, and he even has a good sense of style. (I like a guy like that.) But in his recent book “Miracles” he relates one story that I find unbelievable – one in which he seemingly extolls the money-grubbing virtue of Benny Hinn, whom anyone in their right mind would consider to be a charlatan.

Oh well, the rest was good reading, but with some testimonies you must take what is said with a grain of salt.

However, I will say this: the God who created the heavens and earth and all that’s in it can and will use unlikely people to His own ends.

May God bless you and give you a peace that surpasses all understanding.

Until next time, if there is one.


Jim Towers

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