Not Surprised :: By Daymond Duck

Several things appeared on websites and in the news this week that may have surprised some people that don’t know anything about Bible prophecy, but they didn’t surprise most of those that study the subject.

Prophecy students were not surprised because we have been told to watch for certain things; we can see them beginning to come to pass, etc.

For example, one article said Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman recently met with a group of Israelis in Cairo, Egypt.

This meeting may have surprised some people because Saudi Arabia and Israel don’t have diplomatic relations, but it didn’t surprise some students of Bible prophecy because the two nations will settle their differences and sign a peace treaty at the end of the age.

Also, be aware that representatives from five Arab nations recently met with Israelis at the White House to discuss peace between Israel and the PA.

A second article said, “The PA leadership is terrified that many of the Arab countries will support the Trump plan, thus abandoning their Palestinian brothers.”

This probably surprised some people because several Arab countries have supported the PA with millions of dollars every year for several years, but the PA position is deceitful.

The Arabs haven’t abandoned the PA. The PA has slowly moved away from the Arabs and toward the Iranians (the Iranians are Asians not Arabs).

The millions of dollars in Arab support have bought very little PA loyalty.

Iranian proxies are killing Arabs in Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Yemen, etc., but the PA has been increasing its ties with Iran.

A third article said, “A number of Arab countries have advised Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to accept whatever US President Donald Trump proposes in the context of his long-awaited Middle East peace plan.”

This probably surprised some people because the Arabs are upset with Pres. Trump for declaring that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

But the Arabs need U.S. help to stop the development of Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

They are more concerned about the survival of their Sunni religion and nations than they are about the PA demand for Jerusalem.

A fourth article said Turkey, Russia and Iran will hold a summit in Istanbul in April. Why? To discuss what to do about Syria and other regional matters (Israel).

This might surprise some people because Turkey is a member of NATO, but it doesn’t surprise students of Bible prophecy because they know that these three nations will be allies during the Battle of Gog and Magog.

A fifth article quoted Prime Min. Netanyahu as saying, “At the moment, there is no concrete American peace plan on the table.”

This may have surprised some people because we keep reading that Pres. Trump’s Peace Proposal will come out soon, he is ready to present it, etc.

But it is not really surprising, because it has been reported that when Pres. Trump’s Peace Proposal does come out it will have been pre-approved (by Arab nations, but not PA).

Getting pre-approval in the Arab nations on some issues has been thorny.

This also explains why some PA officials are accusing some Arab nations of colluding with Pres. Trump to impose a peace treaty on the PA.

A sixth article concerns Iran’s claim that it has become too powerful for the U.S. and Israel to attack her.

This may surprise some people, but not students of Bible prophecy. Gog and his allies (Iran and others) will think that they are powerful enough to destroy Israel and get away with it.

A seventh article is like the last one: Vladimir Putin and Russia are beginning to look invincible.

This may surprise some people because they thought Russia was done with when the Soviet Union broke up.

But it doesn’t surprise students of prophecy because they know that even if Gog and his allies are more powerful than Israel, they are not more powerful than Israel’s God; and they are headed for an overwhelming defeat.

In fact, the more powerful they become, the greater the glory that God will receive.

This is the point: Things are changing fast in the Middle East. The changes are taking the nations closer to the prophesied events; but instead of coming in at a snail’s pace, they are coming in like a flood (or birth pangs).

Prophecy Plus Ministries, Inc.
Daymond & Rachel Duck