Terry James’ and Douglas Hirt’s new Millennium series “Dream Doors

  ***Terry James’ and Douglas Hirt’s new Millennium series “Dream Doors”***

Special Notice to Grandparents: My first thought in wanting to do a series of fantasy  on Christ’s 1000 year Reign was that this would be a great way for grandparents to get their grandchildren interested in what being a Christian ultimately means. –To teach them who Jesus truly is in all of His Honor and Glory.

Douglas Hirt, my long-time friend and one of the best novelists in the nation and a devoted Christian, and I have teamed up to produce the” Dream Doors Adventures” series.

These stories are set in the time of the Millennium, the most wonderful time of all human history, according to the Bible. Doug and I truly believe the Lord’s Great Hand is in the writing of these adventures of the children who populate  that future time.

We prayerfully hope that through these stories the young ones you love so much will get a deeper understanding of the Sunday School stories they are taught at church. Our intent is to ignite their imaginations through Holy Spirit Influence when you and their parents read to them –or they read for themselves– the actual Biblical accounts of the stories these tales of fantasy represent.

The first story is “Adam’s Apples”. More about which, below…
I’m confident that you will enjoy these adventures as much as will your Grand kids.
The books are available in both paperback and in Kindle. The links to order are at the bottom.  –Terry

              “Dream Doors Adventures, Book one: Adam’s Apples”

Adam Beam, a young boy, and his sister, Zonia, live in a future time, born in an era of a Utopian world.

The children live in Glorania, the capital city of New Eden, where the Great King rules an almost perfect planet.

There are no dangers  to face in this new world. Adam’s pet, Toby, for example, is a Siberian tiger weighing 1000 pounds.

Adam and Zonia go through a “Dream Door” into the past, as part of Adam’s “Explore Time” (school classroom) adventure, the method by which children of New Eden Time learn history. They pass in and out of Dream Doors by means of the “Dream Doodler”, a marvelous instrument that can draw a picture in mid air. The children can jump into the picture they draw, to take them wherever they want to go.

They use the Dream Doodler by imagining the scene, then pointing and waving  the Dream Doodler, thereby creating the other dimensional  “Dream Drawing.”

Each child chooses which historical era he wishes to explore. He chooses who will travel with him.

Adam chooses his sister and Toby, his pet tiger, to go back to the “First Time”.

There they meet with a variety of ancient dinosaurs, and dragon-type beasts. Since these are vision-experiences more than reality, the children are never in actual danger, but can be recalled by Explore Time teachers, or can Dream Doodle themselves out of trouble at any moment they choose.

Adam and Zonia are directed in their adventure by a “Brighton”, supernaturally endowed people of New Eden time, and by “a “Lighton”,  a magnificent, huge, glowing figure who can appear when necessary, but who, for the most part, communicates cerebrally with Adam, and sometimes his younger sister.

They are given a mission, to retrieve a sack full of apples, which have supernatural purposes, but which have been stolen by “Evols” and “Slegna”, who are evil counterparts of the Brightons and Lightons.

Adam and his sister meet children of the era, all of whom are terrified, at first, of the tiger, who quickly wins their confidence and affection.

The children of New Eden Time, and of The First Time, soon meet with Grandfather Adam, who tells them of the apples. Adam Beam and Zonia go on a quest to find Grandfather’s lost apples.

There’s never a moment during the Millennial Reign of King Jesus that’s not filled with adventurous excitement!

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